Black Magic Love Spell – 5 steps (Beginner level)

I am going to teach you a simple black magic love spell, it is at a beginners level so anyone should be able to perform it but it will be a relatively weaker spell, in any case I can only share beginner level spells for now. If you need more advanced and powerful spells to work for you you can contact me.

Here is how it works:

1. Find the Symbol of Love (or Lust)

There are many Angels, Demons, Spirits, Deities and other beings which represent Love or Lust. You need to find a symbol (or Sigil) that represent anyone of these supernatural beings.

Some examples are:

  • Cupid – the Angel of Love (also the Roman God of desire)
  • Eros – the Greek God of Love
  • Aphrodite – the Greek Goddess of Love
  • Asmodeus –  the demon of lust
  • Erzulie Freda – the spirit of love (in Voodoo religion)

How can you Find the Sigil or Symbol of such beings ?

It isn’t going to be easy as this is the part which defines how powerful the spell is eventually going to be. Since this is only for beginners here is an example Sigil / Symbol for you to use, it is of Asmodeus (the demon of lust):

Asmodeus is the demon of lust

There are ways to create Sigils yourself too, a modern way has been devised by chaos magic practitioners you can find out more here. Finding (or creating if you are capable) true and powerful Sigils is the basis for advanced level spells.

2. Print or draw the symbol onto a piece of paper

This should be simple enough for everyone to do.

3. Place the Sigil (symbol) inside Solomon’s Seal

A simple form of the seal used by king Solomon to communicate with and have control over supernatural entities is given below:

Seal of solomonDraw out or print this seal. Now draw the above Sigil (or any other you like) inside it or you can paste the printed sigil into the seal using glue (but it’s better to hand draw all of this).

4. Charge Your seal

At a beginner level you will only be able to vaguely communicate with the entity you have called upon. A simple way of doing this is sitting down in a quiet room and try meditating by making your mind empty of all thoughts OR you could try the watching a dot technique to meditate too. While doing this the Seal + Sigil you have created should be in front of you. This part will take some time and practice to accomplish.

5. Communicate and cast your Love Spell

Once you feel you have a vague connection to the supernatural entity you have summoned, focus your mind into telling your desires to it. That is all ! Your spell has been cast.

Tip: To improve communication you can try to wear the created Sigil + Seal, all the time, by either making a locket out of it or folding it into a cloth and then tying it to your body with a string.

Some Things to Consider:

You might have realized that this way of spell casting can be used for other spells as well, you are right But you shouldn’t go onto experimenting with such spells as it can prove harmful.

The power of this spell can be increased on several levels, depending upon the experience and knowledge of the caster. A more powerful Sigil may be used, similarly a more advanced seal can also be used. Materials used to draw the symbols can be altered to increase effects. Some can even get control over these supernatural entities ! But more advanced techniques can’t be shared, if you want them you can Contact me.

Depending upon the Entity you summoned the results can be different and sometimes even dangerous ! For example if you and your desired person aren’t meant to be together, a good spirit or god may help you move on in your life using their wisdom but a Demon may try to forcefully put your wish into action and in return may ask you to offer him something (Do NOT ever go down this lane!)

About Winged wizard

'Winged Wizard' is a wizard from a secret society, on a quest to find magic and the roots of magic from different places and times. The theory is that all forms of magic, witchcraft, spells, supernatural phenomenon and even religions are interlinked and are actually of the same origin. The nearer you get to that origin the more you understand the workings of everything from souls to science and from magic to life.

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      • When we ask assistance from a Demon, it is only proper to offer something in return. Be prepared to give something in return. This is something both you and the Demon should agree upon. Remember, the Elder Gods value one’s word, honesty, integrity and one’s honor as the utmost importance. NEVER agree to anything you know you cannot follow through on.@Winged Wizard, wad makes u say sir that dont demons perhaps are definately not gonna ask for anything in return??

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