You can consider WingedWizard.com  as a fiction and entertainment blog. Magic is not definable in strictly scientific ways and hence the results have no guaranty or any promise of reproducibility. View and interpret the contents contained in this blog at your own discretion.

Unlike magic tricks, illusions and stage performances this blog is devoted to exploring ‘real magic’. This type of magic is usually referred to as ‘fictional’ or imaginary/ super-natural in our modern terminology. This may seem as contradictory as real and imaginary/fictional/super-natural seem to be opposite to each other, however this is not the case if you were to look at the reality of the universe as a whole, what is called ‘normally real’ is not the whole reality it can rather be defined as the easily understood part of reality or the measurable reality or sensible reality.

Here I share my explorations into the whole reality and try to make sense of the lesser understood components of our reality. I presented this in the most accurate way possible as I understand it, however I do not claim to know or understand everything about these phenomenon.

I understand most people would like to read the contents as a form of amusement or entertainment but they would be equally interesting for the more serious reader.