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I am pleased to say I have now got the Blog on an independent domain ie.

I would like to also inform the viewers and my many commentators that this Blog is only intended for purposes of explorations into the matters of magic. Among the spells I have shared there are spells I have not tried myself however have learnt of through research.

Kindly do not ask me for help, especially with personal affairs, I will not be able to help. I have never done any spell for anyone else in the past and do not intend to do so in the future.

I think the focus of this blog has been greatly shifted and misguided from the intended purposes mostly because of expectations from my viewers and commentators. I intend on focusing back towards the original concepts of exploration. In order to make this clearer I have added this to the blog subheading as well.

I hope you find the information here entertaining, intriguing and useful. Viewing and interpretation of this information is entirely on the viewers own discretion.

Wizard Spells – 3 spells to become a wizard

Anyone with enough motivation, patience and inner strength can become a wizard in real life. Magic is real, it can be done and people are doing it right now too, but I leave this topic for another time still.

Q: Who is a Wizard ?

Ans: A Wizard is a practitioner and learner of the ways of magic. He / She can be anyone who chooses to tread along this path. Wizard is basically a very broad term, older woman whose primary interest were making potions became known as witches, those wizards who indulged more into the magic of dead bodies became known as necromancers.

But generally wizards choose to learn a bit of everything and choose their own paths lead by their own interests, beliefs and morals.

Q: How can I become a Wizard ?

Ans: It is easy to start along this path but it gets difficult the more you advance and the deeper you want to go. As many restrictions, taboos and even illusions begin to hinder your journey. Then there are other beings (like Djinn or demons) who may not want you to learn the secrets of magic and hence try to confuse, scare or even hurt you !

As a starter your first step would be to at first learn something about the known history and origins of magic, from here you can deepen your research as many things will get your interest. Then learn about the different known forms in which magic has been used and is still used e.g Black magic, White magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Chaos magic, Necromancy, Tarot reading, Astrology and so on.

Some basic spells you can try to perform:

I’ve written a few tutorials on some basic level spells, some are black magic and others are just spells. Anyone can start with these spells as a beginner and then learn from his experience:

  1. Black Magic Love Spell – 5 steps (Beginner level)
  2. An Ancient Black Magic Trick To Increase Your Luck – 4 simple steps Charm
  3. An easy Black Magic trick to attract people – 8 simple steps

It’s all about your determination, once you start and persist despite initial failure (which is common), different doors will reveal themselves to you.

Black Magic Hexes

Hexes are types of spells which are generally used for a negative purpose. It is performed like any other black magic spell but here there is usually a specific and often temporary purpose the spell has to full fill.

It is like sending a guided missile with a specific purpose. For example a black magic user can cast a spell upon someone so that they has bad luck in their exams. Now this spell will find out that person and attach itself to his energy or aura. It will remain there dormant until the person enters the exam and during the exam it will activate. Now it will alter the framework of the persons luck
(read more on luck’s framework here) in such a way that chance favours him very less, to the point that he may even fail the exam !

Hexes are similar to Jinxes and curses but the former is rather weak and the later is usually very strong and long lasting.

If you were to compare them :

Black Magic Curses > Black Magic Hexes > Jinxes

Additional Information

The word ‘Hexes’ is derived from Hex which means ‘six’. Often in Black magic six sided shapes (Hexagons) are used as the basic framework for a seal. And it is through these seals most of the magic is enacted. Furthermore 666 or three sixes (or Hex-es) is the numerical value associated with the Devil, Lucifer or Satan.


How to practice black magic – Tips



Real-Spells_coverReal Spells: A stepwise guide is now available for free on Amazon from 01/08/15 to 05/08/15 Pacific Standard time. I only request readers to give a good review in return for the free copy. Get yours here


Seal of solomonBlack magic is an art and like any art it comes with practice. I am not going to go into the details of whether it is ethical or safe to be practising black magic or whether black magic works or not, these are topics left for later discussion.

Here I will tell you some tips on how to start practising black magic and how to improve your black magic abilities if you are already into the art.

Know the basics first

  • Black magic isn’t a field of science and neither is it a religion, it doesn’t follow a set of fixed laws or doctrines.
  • In black magic we try to call upon supernatural forces and request them or force them to help us (depending upon the user)
  • You should know and search for the names of demons, angels, spirits, djinn, gods or whomever you would like to call upon
  • And should try to find the Sigils or Symbols of those supernatural entities you would like to call upon
  • Learn about Seals (like the seals of King Solomon who ruled over spirits and djinn)

Tips to improve your skills

  • Practice meditation as this will help improve your communication with other world entities.Try this dot watching technique to improve concentration and meditation.
  • Learn some basic spells and practice them repeatedly. I have compiled few beginner level spell tutorials here: Black magic spells for beginners
  • Broaden your perspective, try thinking out of the box. Try solving puzzles that will help.
  • Dig into the history and origins of magic and black magic
  • Increase your will power
  • Increase your power to believe in things
  • Indulge into related fields such as Astrology, Tarot reading, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, Telepathy, White magic, Spirituality and Remote viewing etc.

The fundamental rule to improve and be successful is of-coarse practice and patience.


Black Magic Love Spell – 5 steps (Beginner level)

I am going to teach you a simple black magic love spell, it is at a beginners level so anyone should be able to perform it but it will be a relatively weaker spell, in any case I can only share beginner level spells for now. If you need more advanced and powerful spells to work for you you can contact me.

Here is how it works:

1. Find the Symbol of Love (or Lust)

There are many Angels, Demons, Spirits, Deities and other beings which represent Love or Lust. You need to find a symbol (or Sigil) that represent anyone of these supernatural beings.

Some examples are:

  • Cupid – the Angel of Love (also the Roman God of desire)
  • Eros – the Greek God of Love
  • Aphrodite – the Greek Goddess of Love
  • Asmodeus –  the demon of lust
  • Erzulie Freda – the spirit of love (in Voodoo religion)
How can you Find the Sigil or Symbol of such beings ? (You may have to unlock a part of this spell below first)

[sociallocker id=”2763″]

It isn’t going to be easy as this is the part which defines how powerful the spell is eventually going to be. Since this is only for beginners here is an example Sigil / Symbol for you to use, it is of Asmodeus (the demon of lust):

Asmodeus is the demon of lust

There are ways to create Sigils yourself too, a modern way has been devised by chaos magic practitioners you can find out more here. Finding (or creating if you are capable) true and powerful Sigils is the basis for advanced level spells.

2. Print or draw the symbol onto a piece of paper

This should be simple enough for everyone to do.

3. Place the Sigil (symbol) inside Solomon’s Seal

A simple form of the seal used by king Solomon to communicate with and have control over supernatural entities is given below:

Seal of solomonDraw out or print this seal. Now draw the above Sigil (or any other you like) inside it or you can paste the printed sigil into the seal using glue (but it’s better to hand draw all of this).

4. Charge Your seal

At a beginner level you will only be able to vaguely communicate with the entity you have called upon. A simple way of doing this is sitting down in a quiet room and try meditating by making your mind empty of all thoughts OR you could try the watching a dot technique to meditate too. While doing this the Seal + Sigil you have created should be in front of you. This part will take some time and practice to accomplish.  [/sociallocker]

5. Communicate and cast your Love Spell

Once you feel you have a vague connection to the supernatural entity you have summoned, focus your mind into telling your desires to it. That is all ! Your spell has been cast.

Tip: To improve communication you can try to wear the created Sigil + Seal, all the time, by either making a locket out of it or folding it into a cloth and then tying it to your body with a string.

Some Things to Consider:

You might have realized that this way of spell casting can be used for other spells as well, you are right But you shouldn’t go onto experimenting with such spells as it can prove harmful.

The power of this spell can be increased on several levels, depending upon the experience and knowledge of the caster. A more powerful Sigil may be used, similarly a more advanced seal can also be used. Materials used to draw the symbols can be altered to increase effects. Some can even get control over these supernatural entities ! But more advanced techniques can’t be shared.

Depending upon the Entity you summoned the results can be different and sometimes even dangerous ! For example if you and your desired person aren’t meant to be together, a good spirit or god may help you move on in your life using their wisdom but a Demon may try to forcefully put your wish into action and in return may ask you to offer him something (Do NOT ever go down this lane!)

Dragons Exist – 5 facts you didn’t know (Part 2)

3. Dragons are actually humans

Given the previous account on how dragons might be more intelligent than humans it is possible dragons have disguised themselves or transmuted themselves into a human form.

This implies that dragons could be all around us, you might have even met one but you never realized it ! It is even possible I’m a dragon and I don’t know it yet (well I was born in the year 1988 which is the year of the dragon in the Chinese calender).

In many ancient scriptures and tales there are accounts of Dragons taking on a human form, even of dragon being trapped inside a humans body. In some occult societies it is also thought that perhaps humans who reached the highest levels of magic, intelligence or spirituality were able to transform themselves into dragons.

4. Dragons are actually Gods or Exist in the Afterlife

In many Asian religions it is believed that dragons represent the primal forces of nature and the universe. Even in western societies they were sometimes seen as God’s judgement sent upon a nation or people.

Some belief systems associate dragons with spirituality and wisdom. They are the keepers of secrets in the universe and bearers of immense power.

The Celts even believed Dragons existed in the Afterlife.

These accounts force us to consider other possibilities as well like perhaps Dragons were (and are) in fact the physical manifestations of Angels or the forces of nature. Or they are the forms Gods (who control balance in this world) take on.

5. Dragons Don’t exist

dragon do not existHaving said and considered all the possibilities of how dragons might exist it is not unrealistic to consider the alternative hypothesis that given anything is possible, Dragons might in fact actually NOT exist ! This whole concept might in fact be a fabrication of human imagination and all the stories and legends were in fact created by human gossip-ness (if that’s a term).

Someone got attacked by a lizard, he told his friend on how he managed to kill that poor defenseless lizard and the next thing you know he becomes known as a Dragon Slayer.

I am definitely not saying that this is the truth but that it is also one of the possibilities.

What a bright eyed human (Djinn or Easter Bunny) choose to believe in and what a depressed, bigoted, mature, materialistic politician chooses to believe in can be totally different and contradictory.

But that defines who we are, doesn’t it.

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I am doing some research into dragons give me your input

Dragons Exist – 5 facts you didn’t know

Are dragons real ? Do they exist ? Did they exist in some historical time ? Could they exist, is it even scientifically and logically possible ?

These are some questions that have bothered humanity for centuries. Any human who has ever watched a mythical movie, read a fantasy novel or played a multi-player online role playing game ever in their life has thought of these possibilities. But every bright eyed man or woman, boy or girl, djinn or easter bunny who went looking for these mysterious creatures was struck down by science using logic as a weapon to prove that Dragons are only creatures of fairy tales and legends, creations not of nature or God but of humans (or djinn or Easter Bunnies depending upon the situation) themselves!

Believe it or not Dragons might exist, they could be real, they may have existed in historical times and perhaps their existence isn’t that scientifically and logically impossible ! Here are 5 facts you didn’t know relating to the existence of dragons

1. Dragons have been discovered in our times

Draco Volans (or Flying Dragons) is a species of the genus Draco (meaning dragon in scientific terms).

This species has many features similar to the legendary dragons we’ve heard about. It is capable of gliding flight, it is carnivorous being a reptile and it lays eggs. The recorded maximum length of this species is around 23 cm, now that’s a bit low for dragons right?

Well perhaps there are some secrets still left to be discovered, like may be it was evolution or even magic that got all dragons to shrink !

No this species doesn’t breath fire either but then again it might be choosing not to ? or perhaps the decrease in size has rendered it incapable of fire, probably due to decreased intelligence. The possibilities are endless.

2. Dragons are more intelligent than humans

We are so arrogant that we don’t realize there are beings even more intelligent than us. Dragons might be one of them, in many Asian cultures dragons have been associated with wisdom, intelligence and longevity, according to some legends it was dragons who first taught the savage humans how to use language.

This isn’t that hard to swallow either, think about it, why are Dragons often portrayed to be hoarding gold and riches ? They need the money to pay bills and taxes and to send their children to better Universities !

If such is the case it isn’t hard to imagine how Dragons would be capable of existing right now while hiding their presence from us (also from Djinns and Easter bunnies too). Dragons could simply go into hiding in another dimension using their super advanced technology or magic, they could even be brain washing us into believing they don’t exist. The point is humans dumb, dragons rock.

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I am doing some research into dragons give me your input

Angels, Angelic Sigils, Symbols and Magic

Sigils are representations taking the form of unique symbols, of elements in magical practices. They may represent Angels, Demons, Spirits, Djinn or even humans and even thoughts and actions. More on this can be found on the Sigils Magick page.

Angels are the creation of light and not any ordinary light, in Islamic and Christian scriptures Angels are said to be the first of God’s creation and they were created from light which is the light of God himself (that which also forms God), it is described as ‘Noor’ in Islam, a glowing, soothing, warming light that fights away darkness.

There are thought to be legions of Angels most of whom are for eternity praising their (and our) creator God. But there are some notable Angels who have specific roles and known names, these are even considered to be the higher ranking or more powerful Angels. Since names of these Angels are known, Sigils or Symbols representing them have formed which can be used to summon, communicate with or even control these Angels.

The problem lies with finding or creating Sigils that are powerful and effective enough, as there are some discrepancies regarding the real names of these Angels and even the techniques to create Sigils have also become varied with time.

In my quests I have found that time has been used like an illusion, with the passage of time the names of Angels were pronounced and spelled differently and more basic forms of knowledge the knowledge of numbers became lost or altered, hence Sigil creation techniques were also altered.

That is why finding ancient Sigils is useful as they are probably going to be more powerful, but whats even better is to find out what has been lost and to look beyond the illusions time has created, only then can one truly perform powerful magic.

sigils magick – How it works

Sigils are the pictorial or symbolic representations of elements in magical practices. Historically Sigils have been used to represent other world entities such as Demons, Angels, Djinn and Spirits with each entity having there unique symbol (Sigil). These Sigils have been used to either summon or control (as in King Solomon’s times) these beings for purposes of magick.

Some old Sigils were created by using the ‘knowledge of numbers’ (which is an ancient knowledge only a few know now) here the name of a Demon, Angel or Spirit were converted into numerical values (maths is a more basic and universal language), these numbers were then used in the creation of those Sigils.

Modern Chaos magic practitioners have adopted a technique first devised by Austin Osman Spare to create new Sigils which represent thought forms and actions the Magician wants to put into affect in the real world. In this technique the wizard first focuses on a thought, he then puts that into words, in the next stage he takes out all the vowels and repeating alphabets in the sentence and forms a single word. He now uses his creativity and imagination to arrange those alphabets into a symbol, he has now created new Sigil.

This modern technique though may be useful to some extent it is not as powerful, firstly because the language mostly used is simple English and then it is further altered to form the Sigil. That is why it is recommended to use ancient Sigils which were formed by more basic forms of language and maths, as this is nearer to the origin and hence more powerful.

It is my belief that even more powerful Sigils can be created using even more basic elements. For example when you here music a story starts to form in your mind, even though no are words said, hence a musician can form thoughts and stories by sounds alone. A master magician can then form true symbols (Sigils) by thoughts alone, this the essence of powerful Sigil Magick. It is possible some powerful sigils like those used by King Solomon to enslave demons and djinn were created by these means and it is possible there are yet even more powerful Sigils left to be discovered.

How Can You Get Good Luck – Simple trick

Luck is the framework that tells nature to follow a certain path for you and everyone has a different framework, hence a different luck. But nature is unaware of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ luck, it sees different patterns in the framework.

It is we humans that have classified luck either as being good or bad depending upon our own ambitions, requirements and circumstances.

So can a person be extremely unlucky (having lots of ‘bad’ luck) and another be extremely lucky (having lots of ‘good’ luck)? And wouldn’t that be unfair on part of nature (shouldn’t there be more uniformity and equality)? The answer is yes it is possible and no it is not unfair on nature’s part either as nature does not know.

Now the question is “How can you get good luck ?”

Most of us have heard and some might have even tried influencing our luck by means of amulets, talismans, luck charms, queen’s noses, clover leaves and rabbit’s foot. Perhaps it actually is possible to influence our luck by such supernatural means, the reason being luck is a framework and such a framework can definitely be effected if we have the right means, since science currently is unable to effect such a framework it is possible that supernatural forces might be able to effect it.

In my quests I discovered a secrete ancient technique of black magic which is very simple and only at a beginners level that can increase your luck, I have written it here

Another question is, “Can such manipulation of one’s luck have detrimental effects ?”

It can but most probably doesn’t have adverse effects because we have only changed the shape of a framework among billions of others, that shouldn’t disturb the balance of nature. But somethings we never know.