I feel alive (with Atb soundtrack)

Feel Alive – Atb PLay this track and read on: I lay on the green grass and opened my eyes to the bright sunny day. I saw the cool breeze make the greenery move and then touch my skin to make me feel alive. The colorful flowers swayed happily under the sun and i could […]

The beautiful Himalayas – A poem

On a path winding into wonder touching through rain and thunder filling hearts with awe lies a beauty pure and raw  Spirit of mystic songs To the east she belongs where glimmering grass and trees Cast upon a magical breeze with a dazzling aura  exotic valleys of flora in lofty peaks covered in snow time […]

The rainbow – Poem (remake)

I fell in love With someone in the sky above An emblazoned mime A traveler of time With colors rife The brilliance of life Her spectrum in the air A Secret to hidden affairs A stream of light Bending out of sight Each color a different flavor All of them I wish to savor Like […]

Mystic poetry, hidden secrets

People have long forgotten, once great poets. “O frenzied lover! Take a drought of love’s pure wine… Proclaim the secrets of the old wine seller, And like the flute bring a message from the reed bed. O call of the marching bell awake !” By Sufi Jalal-u-din Rumi (1207-1273) “I turned away from the world […]