Judgement day has arrived May 21, 2011

Just came across this site (through a facebook ad), it claims May 21, 2011 to be the end of mankind ! http://www.familyradio.com/graphical/literature/judgment/judgment.html Before this I thought such people (who write these things) were only part of movies and comedy shows. Now I know they exist in reality.

I feel alive (with Atb soundtrack)

Feel Alive – Atb PLay this track and read on: I lay on the green grass and opened my eyes to the bright sunny day. I saw the cool breeze make the greenery move and then touch my skin to make me feel alive. The colorful flowers swayed happily under the sun and i could […]

4 disadvantages of using wordpress.com

I came to wordpress.com after hearing all the hype bloggers had created about wordpress being the best free blogging platform. You’ll find many posts by bloggers of wordpress vs blogger vs livejounal vs tumblr etc etc. Mostly wordpress wins. After having used it for more than a year I’ve come to find that all that […]

The beautiful Himalayas – A poem

On a path winding into wonder touching through rain and thunder filling hearts with awe lies a beauty pure and raw  Spirit of mystic songs To the east she belongs where glimmering grass and trees Cast upon a magical breeze with a dazzling aura  exotic valleys of flora in lofty peaks covered in snow time […]