Love Spells eBook


Love Spells is a nice little eBook which is easy to read and will be interesting for anyone who wants to know more about love magic including types of love spells, love spells that have been used in history and how to cast an authentic love spell.

This eBook will be a great addition to your wizard library.

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Here’s a look at the topics it will take you through:

Chapter 1: Love Spell Basics

Chapter 2: The History Of Love Spells

Chapter 3: Understanding Hellenistic Spells

Chapter 4: Love Spells In The Renaissance

Chapter 5: Casting A Love Spell

Chapter 6: Love Spell Examples

Chapter 7: Tools Used In Love Spells

Chapter 8: Love Spells In Folk Tales

Chapter 9: Variations Per Region

Chapter 10: What The Critics And Proponents Have To Say

Total Pages: 34 | Format: PDF | Size: 721 KB