The rainbow – Poem (remake)

I fell in loveanimation4wl2
With someone in the sky above

An emblazoned mime
A traveler of time

With colors rife
The brilliance of life

Her spectrum in the air
A Secret to hidden affairs

A stream of light
Bending out of sight

Each color a different flavor
All of them I wish to savor

Like a silent train
Among clouds and rain

To where she flows
No one knows

The beautiful daughter
Of light and water

Her journey spun
From rain and sun


Many people liked my original small poem The rainbow – A poem , so I put some more inspiration into it. Tell me how you found this poem (is it better than the previous ?)

The Winged Wizard

Silent in a dark room, it was raining outside as he looked through the window.

With an impulse he stormed, heart throbbing, he smashed through the window, everything he saw in slow motion, the rain drops falling everywhere, the sad people confined in their places, the lightening in an instant disappearing.

No sun no sky, there was no freedom and someone had to standup. The falling Wizard gave a smile, spreading his wings he soared through the rain right into the black clouds, breaking all chains, he emerged above to taste the sun once more.

Now that he had conquered the sun and sky, the rain looked better with it’s soothing sweet sadness.