An easy Black Magic trick to attract people – 8 simple steps

This is a technique (much like black magic) which can be used to attract people with your eyes. Not only that it sort of gives you a magnetic power to pull in.

I know most of us probably don’t believe in black magic or anything like it. But this technique is not exactly some typical spell casting or witchery.

In the eastern, Islamic and even Hindu culture there are believed to be other forms of knowledge which are normally hidden from us. The knowledge of numbers and astrology come within this category.

This technique, to attract people towards you just by looking at them, comes from the same realm. It’s kind of like a training for your eyes. This may sound unrealistic but believe me it does work if done properly.

Here are the 8 step to this simple spell: (You may have to unlock them first)

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  1. Take a blank white piece of paper
  2. With a marker draw a small back spot in the center (about 0.5-1 cm)
  3. Stick this paper on a wall using some glue (the dot should be level with your eyes while standing)
  4. Now stand about 8- 10 feet away from the wall
  5. Look at the dot
  6. Keep looking at the dot using all your concentration
  7. Don’t look at anything else
  8. Do this practice daily for about 10 min
  9. Bonus : Do this for about a month or more if you like (after this there are other steps in the technique)


Some tips:

  • Try finding a wall that doesn’t have any other marks
  • The wall should preferably be white
  • Remember to put all your focus on the dot don’t be distracted
  • Try to clear your mind of every thought while doing this technique

Other benefits of doing this:

  • As you might have already guessed this technique will help improve your concentration and focus
  • It can also help you in meditating

This step is actually the first in a 3 step technique. In the complete technique you would progress from watching a dot to watching a candle flame and then to watching the moon each for a few months. It is also said that when you start to watch the moon you start seeing horrible faces which try to scare you and distract you but you can’t be scared or distracted by them because if you are then you would either become very ill or may even die. Only when you pass the last stage without being afraid do you truly get the full benefits of this technique.

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102 thoughts on “An easy Black Magic trick to attract people – 8 simple steps”

  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something….. this is great blog,, a fantastic read. I will certainly be back. 🙂

  2. Thanks, I have been hunting for information about this subject for ages you have really helped me. I am going to try this trick (I don’t think it’s black magic or can be harmful)

  3. Worst, i did that a alot earlier just to improve my concentration in studies( didnt knew about all this stuff), i dnt know about any good but surely it destroyed my way of intracting with some people, every time i talk i feel like m strongly glaring at them and couldnt break my eye contact from them neither could they(without blinking of eye). It felt sooo awkward. Now m searching ways to stop this type of eye contacts…

  4. There is no black magic in islam, only black magic in israel when king solomon hid books under his throne which was under the jewish temple

  5. it is a part of hypnatism. Nothing will work like a Manthiravathi. Mantra will work if the person who learn in proper way. I have known one guy. Real mantra practiced by him.

    1. to Gershonpaopu and all other spell casters or who wish to cast, my earnest request to you all, don’t do any spell cast. Do anyone know what actually happen?
      Look, we all are been bestowed upon by Almighty to have our share of piece, like the job we do, studies we pursue, the spouse we walk with, life style we lead, wealth we possess, blah, blah, absolutely based on our former deeds in this incarnation and many other incarnations before. And when we try to tamper it against God’s will, certainly we reap the price of it, initially very enchanting, like, what we do and desire, comes to us according to our choice, but later on, reap Havoc for such misconduct against law. Say, for instance, you want love of someone, share sexual lust with someone, curtail your enemies through spell casting blah, blah are not what Almighty or universe intended to. You must be passing through doom period now for the past deed/s you did once in one of your births. Tit for tat!
      But, when you spell cast, do you know what actually comes about? Yes, a spirit or ghost or demon or genie(Arabian term) does the work for you to please you. But, these works are not done without price. Often times, you may see some dear one of yours passes away after the cast is fulfilled or a loss of something you love or desire the most, or misery or failures start creeping in your live/s. Such or similar instances do come about because you worked against nature, Almighty, Universe, the target, your fate/ destiny to mention a few…. And, if your intention is fatal or harmful to others you must have to encounter HAVOC three times(3X). So, get rid of it. This is an earnest advice! carrying it out or not is your sole discretion…
      God bless all!
      Always remember Universe has planned something very good for you. At the days’ end you will realise it if you follow the universe…….

      1. Thank you.I have got a clear idea now what not to do in life. I was supposed to do it. But now i realise that it is against nature.

  6. one more truth about this trick is…it will give u dat attention from others…if u do it every day..same tym nd same the day u won’t do won’t stop work in bad way…for u…nd u will experience it…nd den u will come to know..dat u r stuck wud never b able to get out of it.

    1. i want to bring someone back to me how can i do she loved me she was with me but one day she left me and never come back to me i wanna bring her back to me how can i do that there have any solution of my problem ?

  7. Sir, i really wnt to knw hw it works.. Bcoz many said both positively nd negatively.. So, confused….. Will this really help me to increase ma concentration power …. Hope tat u ll help me find a better way……!!!!

  8. Can this really work? Can the magic be performed by ordinary people like us or you need some special training in the field of magic?

  9. i wan to learn black magic….i knw it works….u cn fullfil all ur desire bt it shuld b of gud…u shuld hv all ur energy while trying dis n it really works

  10. if i will do that , surely i’ll die . please give me the explanation and one more i want to tell u . it is easy for me to do puja for goddess .the god will except me

    1. respected sir
      i am gayathri , i wanted to learn black magic because my sister is in trouble, means that she got arrange mariage after one baby girl born her husband,mothet in law, husband’s sister were giving too much trouble so kindly please i want to learn black magic help me please sir

      1. sry i can’t help you physically
        but i can help u in mentally
        as u have. already seen what ur sister is going through you must stop wasting ur time in this kind of thing and. start doing. some. good job which can help u and ur.sister to get some respect in your society ….if I have. said something please forgive me
        for contact use my no ******* (omitted)

  11. R u still there Wizard? I can’t reach you through your contact me link. Could you please give me our emai ID since I would really like to clarify few queries and learn more. I seek ur assistance.

  12. sir please tell,can I practice last step alone i,e moon watching….. will I get the trick without help of expert ?

  13. Hello sir, my name is pradyut ..m an engineering student from India (assam) . Dis days m going through vry bad lucks . I dont have many frds (nly 2 ) . I jst wanted to learn sm of d black magics . I really in need of dis . I dont afraid of any evils n spirits . I jst need tu learn black magics. I have being searching net ,google etc bt not finding d apropriate answr . Pls help me to fullfil my wish .

  14. I love someone but she ignore me after that she said she got married how to I can realised her my love pLz give me trick

  15. Hello every one my name is mark harris i want to testify of what a spell caster has done for me,i was in a relationship for two years happy with my partner few months to our wedding she left me and went after another man she never came back home again, i cry all day looking for help i have contacted so many spell caster but no result one day i was on the internet when i came across a testimony on how (omitted) helped some one to get back his lover so i gave a try and it work out for me am so happy to have my lover back to my self again thanks once again (omitted) for helping me to bring back my lover, if you are passing through the same problem or any kind of situation and you think all hope is lost my dear is not. contact (omitted) on his email : (omitted). OR you can call the great man on (omitted).

  16. When I was 22 I engaged with different community girl & that time my family members used
    black magic for separate us but i did not take any remedy against it finally we are not together. This is the only reason i am interested in this subject to know more .

  17. I have been trialing this basic technique for about three about three weeks now and am noticing a marked improvement in my powers of concentration.

    Thus far, it is too early for me to judge efficacy of the entire method, but I am very impressed by my results so far and would love to learn more!

  18. i am loving one girl but she got married and having a child but i could not forget her daily i am seeing her but i could not do anything. Atleast i want to live with her in my dream and fullfill my needs in dreams is it possible? if it is possible plz let me know.

  19. dear sir..
    I Got above information & I think it’s Good for concentration in every field…
    but one question is that, in the last when I start to watch moon why some horrible faces w’ll scared me..????
    please reply..

  20. this is so fake! the guy is just plagiarising Hindu technique to improve concentration called tratak. this won’t do shit besides that, since this ain’t black magic.

  21. Thus far, it is too early for me to judge efficacy of the entire method, but I am very impressed by my results so far and would love to learn more!

  22. I will try this. Please I am from a family where they kill each other and uses black magic to wreck havoc on each other. Nobody is progressing at all, even I have worked for 28 years plus now but I can’t afford to take care of my family. Nothing to show that I am working. Please what will I do?

  23. i suggest u that plz don’t try to do this
    bcoz it may harm u
    and even it against the law of nature
    so first u would be happy after gaining this magic’
    but later on u will have to lose anything
    bcoz no one can change the rule of nature
    and one who is against the law ,he wwll have to repent

  24. i’d like to do a black magic, so can u send me a proper tips of doing and spells which actually works on whenever i turn my luck please help me. I’ll make sure that i will try to concentrate on it please help me i want 2 turn my luck but i need very strong spells of turning luck.

  25. I have been unknowingly doing this and it has been working. I lived for everyone else for years and recently I’ve started giving no fucks and making my life better new job raise in sight

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