Dragons Exist – 5 facts you didn’t know

Are dragons real ? Do they exist ? Did they exist in some historical time ? Could they exist, is it even scientifically and logically possible ?

These are some questions that have bothered humanity for centuries. Any human who has ever watched a mythical movie, read a fantasy novel or played a multi-player online role playing game ever in their life has thought of these possibilities. But every bright eyed man or woman, boy or girl, djinn or easter bunny who went looking for these mysterious creatures was struck down by science using logic as a weapon to prove that Dragons are only creatures of fairy tales and legends, creations not of nature or God but of humans (or djinn or Easter Bunnies depending upon the situation) themselves!

Believe it or not Dragons might exist, they could be real, they may have existed in historical times and perhaps their existence isn’t that scientifically and logically impossible ! Here are 5 facts you didn’t know relating to the existence of dragons

1. Dragons have been discovered in our times

Draco Volans (or Flying Dragons) is a species of the genus Draco (meaning dragon in scientific terms).

This species has many features similar to the legendary dragons we’ve heard about. It is capable of gliding flight, it is carnivorous being a reptile and it lays eggs. The recorded maximum length of this species is around 23 cm, now that’s a bit low for dragons right?

Well perhaps there are some secrets still left to be discovered, like may be it was evolution or even magic that got all dragons to shrink !

No this species doesn’t breath fire either but then again it might be choosing not to ? or perhaps the decrease in size has rendered it incapable of fire, probably due to decreased intelligence. The possibilities are endless.

2. Dragons are more intelligent than humans

We are so arrogant that we don’t realize there are beings even more intelligent than us. Dragons might be one of them, in many Asian cultures dragons have been associated with wisdom, intelligence and longevity, according to some legends it was dragons who first taught the savage humans how to use language.

This isn’t that hard to swallow either, think about it, why are Dragons often portrayed to be hoarding gold and riches ? They need the money to pay bills and taxes and to send their children to better Universities !

If such is the case it isn’t hard to imagine how Dragons would be capable of existing right now while hiding their presence from us (also from Djinns and Easter bunnies too). Dragons could simply go into hiding in another dimension using their super advanced technology or magic, they could even be brain washing us into believing they don’t exist. The point is humans dumb, dragons rock.

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    1. well you’re thick then
      they clearly do exist maybe just now how you imagine them to be
      live a little
      I can’t believe you’re ruining young peoples dreams, you make me sick.

  1. Hi! My name is Robert! I would love to research the existence of dragons without you! I am currently very interested in all things occult and supernatural and am trying to prove the existence of such things, so I would love to work with you!

    Email me at rhernandezzz1986@gmail.com

  2. dragons dont exist ndeed because if they do I could have come across one or had of one.if then they exist what then is there food?

    1. I think dragons mainly ate flesh because there was this recent siting of one with a horse in its mouth. bottom line is people wouldn’t talk about one if they didn’t see it

    2. Hey kid. Know the difference between “there” and “their”.
      Anyways, they don’t exist. But they could have existed in the past (why else would so many different legends and tales of fire breathing lizards exist from all around the world? The origin of those tales are also from civilizations that did not have any contact with one another. So it rises the possibility of them once existing).

  3. i BELIEVE in dragons! i intend to prove to people that they exist and can be trained. i will always be a believer !

  4. Dragons do exist, the only thing that makes me have some sense of this is because this world is very big and there are things I do not know, but I intend to find out.

  5. many a time we hav spotd a giant like creature in a form of a reptile ascending n descending frm a nearby dam.oftenly wen it does,there wud b rain..cud dat b a dragon?

  6. one suny sunday in october i was with three other grown up men just siting outside at around 2pm.all of a suden it started to rain, lightly at first.i heard one of the men saying,’look is rising up from the dam’.and when i lookd,i just saw the body really ascending from the dam,and the head of that thing was totaly concealed by a sort of a cloud.many people can also witnes what we saw that day and its a continuing proces even if we dnt knw its time of ascending again.

  7. I think it would be arrogant to dismiss the thought without even giving it a second thought.
    I mean people have described dragon like creatures all over the world. (European Dragon ,Chinese Dragons etc..).
    People describing the same kind of creature in different locations might not be a coincidence.
    We are so set in our ways that we dont even consider anything extraordinary.

  8. I believe that they existed because its highly possible…. I don’t think they breathed fire but I do believe that it was possible for them to have lived long ago because there are a lot of creatures like them.

  9. All my life I belive that dragons exist, and if they could be anywhere I would suggest that they would be in thy artic region or any other remote areas on earth. And another fact would be that dragons don’t only breath fire, they could be able to conduct electricity. But I don’t belve that dragons are thy only rare creatures to exist maybe leviathans also exist due to the reason they mainly live in the most deep places of the seas, so it would be obvious why we could not find them. Many they are in the bramuda triangle the possibilities are endless!!!

  10. Dragons do not exist its just mythology. The is no animal that can blow out fire, God did not create any such creature.

  11. i am 9 and have always loved to find out more about dragons they just are really cool and my friends think I’m crazy just to believe that they exist i think they still exist and i will be the one too find them again and then everyone in the world can have a dragon all to them self:]

  12. Just skimmed through I believe dragons are real however the bible is not proof of anything the bible is wrote by man it is no more true than twilight it is however can be used as a reference of the times first wrote by man which gives small amounts of data

  13. Dragon exists.they are not non fiction creature.By in time Dragon often creeped around the castle at night.In the day time they would disappear.

  14. Actually dragons do exist just not in the manner of which is believed. The flying dragon, which is a small lizard equivalent to a flying squirrel, and the komodo dragon, which is very large. And then you have dinosaurs. As well as our technology is, we can’t possibly say what they really looked like and what the physically could do. All we have is bones and maybe some DNA. Unless we went all Jurassic park then we can’t be 100% certain whether the mythical version of dragons truly existed or not. That’s like unicorns. How do you know a single horned horse didn’t exist at some point. You don’t. Crazier animals have existed in nature than dragons and unicorns. So its not hard to believe that those animals might have once existed.

    1. there is evidence that unicorns existed, but they weren’t “magical” like people say they were, they were just horses that miraculously had a horn, or horns, on there forehead.

  15. I had a dream that a dragon baby was hatched in my bedroom and unbenounced to me a friend was sending me a dragon through a spell so I’m pretty much thinking its real.

  16. this article was so bullshit that I didn’t even want to finish it……
    “Dragons could simply go into hiding in another dimension using their super advanced technology or magic, they could even be brain washing us into believing they don’t exist.”

    WHAT THE F**K???????

    1. Open your mind to other possibilities, they don’t have to be the truth but only a possibility. What you may normally believe is also a possibility, the thing to argue however might be the probability of that possibility. Hope that helps.

    2. Even though the idea seems pretty far-fetched, we do exist. Sure we don’t hide in other dimensions or brain wash you, but we are real.

  17. I do believe that dragons existed some time in the past I am watching a documentary right now called the last dragon. It proofs that dragons have or could of existed. How is it that the myth of dragons was in all cultures around the world when they hadn’t even met yet! China and Europe had myths of dragons and even the native Americans have myths about them all before Columbus went to the Americas! I do believe that dragons existed and that in the future scientific proof will emerge that every non believer will have to face even though it is already out their.

  18. i belive there lived dragons in this world and we humans are silly little fools who assumes to know that we know every thing the truth is that we only have a very little knowleage and we humans show to the world that we know every thing there are many things far beyond the knowleage of humans and it takes many lives for humans to know partially about the world there are many secrets in the world that we humans cant discover with our present situations………..i hope every body understood……

  19. I believe in dragons, but I think they are extinct. Dragons are very cultural creatures and tales of them can be found all over the world! I have always believed in dragons, in fact they are my favorite animal. My mother, sister, Grandma, and I all believe in dragons. I have done a lot of research myself, and own many dragon books on the lives, types, possibilities, and evidence about these fascinating creatures. I love dragons, even more than I love cats and dogs. I guess I will never know about them until I die, but that’s okay lol, I love so much, I can wait :3

  20. Dragons do not exist ! That kind of creation must have come to extinction’ i dnt blieve they still exist , bt if they do i will love to have 1 as a pet %-)

  21. I have a warning.

    Dragons are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than you could possibly comprehend:

    “If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”

    I left you a clue in that sentence: decode it 😉

    Try it, and I will show YOU a few things about THEM and thus YOU. MIGHT. learn a few things about them and yourself!!!

    Here is a hint:

  22. I dont know wheather they exist or not but this is my faith that no other creature is more intelligent then we humans

  23. Odd how people complain regarding this post. One even said how this can be on page one? Now let’s think? You put in Google are dragons real! So on to the fact of is a Dragon real or was? Possibilities as in dinosaurs, we think as humans we know everything, it’s the opposite so keep an open mind. Never seen a Dragon, never seen aliens, never seen Jesus? But most believe! Nice to think the impossible is real!

    1. nice to see i am not the only one that think they exist most people think they don’t and they think i am crazy but i do believe.

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