Blog update

I am pleased to say I have now got the Blog on an independent domain ie.

I would like to also inform the viewers and my many commentators that this Blog is only intended for purposes of explorations into the matters of magic. Among the spells I have shared there are spells I have not tried myself however have learnt of through research.

Kindly do not ask me for help, especially with personal affairs, I will not be able to help. I have never done any spell for anyone else in the past and do not intend to do so in the future.

I think the focus of this blog has been greatly shifted and misguided from the intended purposes mostly because of expectations from my viewers and commentators. I intend on focusing back towards the original concepts of exploration. In order to make this clearer I have added this to the blog subheading as well.

I hope you find the information here entertaining, intriguing and useful. Viewing and interpretation of this information is entirely on the viewers own discretion.