WingedWizard.com is a journey to discover magic. In our modern times we have forgotten and continue to move farther away from ancient wisdoms, traditions and spirituality. We have become deluded into thinking that we know everything or that we can know everything that there is to know in a strictly materialistic sense. Yet our actual experience of the world does not tell us that, only if we pay attention to it. Only if we can take a moment outside our thoughts to look at our experience with innocent curiosity. Only if we remove the lenses of our beliefs and expectations we may see that everything is truly magical and awe inspiring and mystical. We may also see that there are sometimes phenomenon in play which elude our rational thoughts.

Unlike magic tricks, illusions and stage performances this blog is devoted to exploring ‘real magic’. This type of magic is usually referred to as ‘fictional’ or imaginary/ super-natural in our modern terminology.

At WingedWizard.com we (means you too) try to pay attention in order to make a little more sense of the lesser understood components of our reality. We try to re-kindle our spiritual relationships and move closer to ancient wisdoms. We document this in the most accurate way possible as best as we understand it, however we do not claim to know or understand everything about these phenomenon.

We welcome you on this journey with us.

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