The 39 Positive & 17 Negative Traits of Aries

The Aries - Personality and Traits (2)

So we wanted to find out in an objective way – how astrologers and people, in general, see those born under the Zodiac – Aries. What type of words are most commonly used to describe the Aries Personality?

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In order to do this, we set about approaching the topic Scientifically (approximately).

Here’s our research:


To do a survey of what words (adjectives) are most frequently used to describe people who are Aries.


Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria:

We included videos with titles that contained the word ‘Aries’ and any or all of the following words; ‘Traits’, ‘Characteristics’, ‘Personality’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Profile’, ‘Make-up’, ‘Uniqueness’. We allowed for some variation on these words as long as the video was relevant.

In order to quality control we excluded any videos with less than 10,000 views.


We made searches on youtube using the search terms:

“Aries Traits”

“Aries Personality”

“Aries Characteristics”

We also looked at the automatically suggested ‘related videos’ for relevant results.

Apriori we had agreed to cap-off the total word count at around 10,000 words in total.

We started with the first video on the shortlist and if it met our inclusion/exclusion criteria we moved to step 2 which was to look at the video and count total words as well as word frequencies.

If we hadn’t reached 10,000 words by the end of one video we moved on to the next and so on until we reached the target sample size.


We ended up using 6 videos from 6 different authors. In our estimation 2 of these were from professional astrologers, 2 were from large commercial channels and 2 from relatively ordinary people (with small channels).

Here’s what we found:

Total words counted: 10,573

The following words were excluded in the final draft:

  • fire” – Although we thought this was a good adjective, ‘fire’ is also the element Aries belongs to.
  • good” & “bad” – These simple adjectives can obviously be used for many purposes making them less relevant.
  • nature“, “hope“, “well“- We excluded these as they can often just be used as a figure of speech or to form a sentence with other meanings.

The 11 most frequent words people used to describe Aries

1. Loving/love  = 21.8%
2. Fight/battle = 13.6%
3. Anger/angry  = 11.6%
4. Crazy  =  11.6%
5. Friends/friend  = 10.2%
6. Impulsive/impatient = 8.2%
7. Cool   =  6.1%
8. Natural = 4.8%
9. Open-minded = 4.1%
10. Scorpio = 4.1%
11. Independent  = 4.1%


The results were very interesting (4.1% Scorpio! – what does that mean). But the words alone didn’t paint a rich enough picture of the traits. So we looked through those videos and also studied others in order to understand these descriptions better.

1. Love/ Loving (21.8%)

Beyond the tough exterior of your typical Aries male or female, there’s someone who believes in and will do anything for love.

2. Fight/ Battle (13.6%)

An Aries is ultra-competitive and won’t give up without one hell of a fight. On the dark side if you have an Aries that’s insecure you could find one doing a lot of provoking and instigating fights.

3. Anger/ Angry (11.6%)

Aries can be short-tempered and they aren’t exactly good at hiding their anger and if an Aries is angry basically everyone around them will know about it.

4. Crazy (11.6%)

Aries can be playful people. They joke around a lot and can be crazy, goofy, funny and humorous.

5. Friend/ Friends (10.2%)

Aries are often a huge source of inspiration and motivation for those around them, their ambition is contagious and they inspire their friends to push for more than just mediocrity out of life

6. Impulsive/ Impatient (8.2%)

In love, Aries can be impatient and they don’t like to be kept waiting. They get frustrated when they feel like others are constantly slowing them down. They have a restless personality and are always on the go if you can’t keep up with them they will find someone who can.

7. Cool (6.1%)

“Aries love to learn, they love to hear about new things like, they’re just cool f***ing people okay”

“They like to have cool vibes around them”

8. Natural (4.8%)

Aries are:

“Natural-born leaders”

“Natural Optimists”

Aries have:

“Natural instincts”

“Natural Ease”

“Natural ADHD”

9. Open-minded/ Spiritual (4.1%)

“I don’t know they’re just open-minded as f**k & they’re very spiritual. A lot of times Aries take interest in many spiritual areas with an open mind or are at least open to people telling them about various spiritual practices”

10. Independent (4.1%)

Aries children seem to kind of branch off and do their own thing very early on into adulthood because they’re very independent. The same goes for Aries men & women, in fact, they are so independent Aries can sometimes be labelled as too upfront, stuck-up and bossy but that is never usually the case they’re just very independent people.

11. Scorpio (4.1%)

“Mars was said to be the ruler of both Aries and Scorpio but Scorpio was associated with the dark and destructive subliminal face of Mars and Aries the light one the simpler one..

“Surprisingly, Aries and Scorpio may be a good match too.”

The Good and Bad Aries

During our study, we learned a lot about the Aries Personality. If you’re really interested in understanding an Aries deeply, whether if it’s to uncover things about yourself or someone else, we recommend you read our in-depth discussion below which tries to capture the breadth of things Aries are characterised to be, whether these are good traits or bad ones.

We’ve purposefully excluded the characteristics already described above.


The positives

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. This naturally gives people born under the sign a certain air of confidence that may seem like arrogance to an outsider.

They are generally known as the Daredevils of the zodiac ensemble always up for a challenge.

Aries people are energetic and dynamic. They excel in activities that call for brute strength or sharp wit and they always like to be the first when it comes to accomplishing feats among their circle of friends.

Sometimes it may seem like an Aries isn’t a good listener due to their tendency to cut you off when you’re talking. This shouldn’t be looked at in a black-and-white manner since Aries genuinely care about people. Although they may not expressly show this to you when it comes to listening to your worries.

Aries have a relentless need to succeed making them more likely to follow through any kind of undertaking with a lot of stamina as well as persistence.

Despite their forceful and aggressive ways Aries have been known to be very romantic and believe in the concept that there’s someone for everyone. They take heartbreaks to heart and it takes them a long time to move on from a relationship that was terminated by the other party.

Aries guys and girls view the world with a sense of childlike wonder never wanting to sink down to negativity.

They are also ready at a moment’s notice to use their charm to defuse a situation. This and their positive energy makes them great – pick-me-up-for-those-day-when-everything-is-going-wrong – people.

An Aries’s honesty is legendary and they’ve been known to tell it like it is without messing about with their words or being politically correct. This may make them come off as harsh but their close friends appreciate this.

Aries are very candid because they don’t waste time and get straight to the point in the truth of things. It’s something that’a sorely lacking in today’s world.

Aries have distinct facial and body characteristics which help them stand out the crowd for example they have a prominent head and sharp distinctive features.

They are also more likely than any other sign to be attracted to red clothing or accessories.

The Aries is a natural-born leader that knows how to take charge. They thrive in positions of power and they know how to take care of a situation and lead a team to victory.

Aries can be downright fearless in the face of danger people born under the sign are no wimps they’re incredibly strong ultra-resilient and one of the bravest signs among all of the zodiacs. When shit gets real they don’t buckle under pressure or run away. They rise to the challenge and tackle things head-on.

Aries are hard to predict and forever being spontaneous having them around ensures that things will never get too boring or stale because they’ll always be finding new ways to mix things up.

The Aries have a fiercely rebellious streak that doesn’t like to be told what to do. They much prefer to do things their way rather than blindly following the rest of the pack.

Aries energy

Aries are straightforward and they have zero time for bullshit. You’ll always know where you stand with them and they won’t go bad-mouthing you behind your back.

Furthermore, they can usually sniff out lies and dishonesty a mile away when people try to feed them BS they will give them a serious reality check.

Aries are loyal till the very end. When an Aries gives you their loyalty you can be sure that they will have your back no matter. They’re the type of people that will stay by your side even when things get messy willing to ride or die with you till the end.

Aries are opinionated as hell and they make sure their voice is heard. The Aries is full of opinions and they’re not afraid to make them known either they tend to be extremely vocal and outspoken and they refuse to be intimidated into silence by others.

Aries can be the sweetest person in the world or your worst nightmare. The Aries generally isn’t the one to start conflict or arguments and if you treat them well they will show you nothing but respect in return. However! if you betray or backstab them they can be quick to change their tune and they won’t hesitate to give you a dose of your own medicine.

They have a never-backed-down type of attitude that few can match. If you’re thinking about challenging them then you’d better bring your A-game because they won’t be taken down easily.

Aries have a sensitive heart. The Aries may be a strong creature but they can be quite sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart when their heart is broken they can be overcome by every emotion from sadness to rage and they can take a long time before they are able to fully move on from a relationship.

If you’re dating an Aries try to be sensitive in your delivery and always remember that their tough exterior doesn’t exactly mirror what’s going on inside of them.

Aries are a blast to hang out with. People love to hang out with Aries simply because they are so much damn fun to be around thanks to their energetic and enthusiastic nature. They are able to turn even the most boring of events into an absolute riot.

The Negatives

Ok, so that’s enough of the good traits. Now no one is saying that all Aries are like this but these negative characteristics pack quite a punch.

In reality, these are rather the most negative expressions and this could happen of course with strongly afflicted Aries’s Sun and Moon ascended positions:

Aries are known to be quite the ambitious zodiac sign they are a fire sign. They’re also a cardinal sign – so you better believe that they want to be ahead and that they want to be the winner and that can sometimes come across in a negative way in the sense that they will do anything to win and when we say anything we mean anything (think evil villain). They’ll even fall as low as using malicious methods and they will really be devastated if they lose. They do not play to lose at all so that can be a negative sign to an Aries zodiac.

They are quite restless, they need to remain physically active otherwise they get too restless and too energetic and they just destroy everything that crosses their path with their energy.

Another downfall to Aries that experts say is their greediness. They can be really greedy and can be very un-intuitive about other people. They can be a bit too egocentric and just focus on their own needs and their own impulsivity and their own desire in the moment because they just value that so much that they’re almost blind to other people’s needs sometimes.

greed aries zodiac

They can be very narcissistic and want everything to themselves because they think that they deserve it because they feel like they perform the best and they feel like they are the true winner.

The Aries sign can sometimes get a bad reputation for being brash and starting a conflict. Some Aries are just confrontational all the time.

Sometimes it’s very obvious the potential volatile acrimonious nature of the sign. The thing about Aries is that they could be very easily provoked. Now they might calm down faster than any of the other zodiac signs but they also on average are more easily provoked.

It doesn’t really take much to get Aries riled up and if Aries is angry at you or has any animosity toward you you are going to know it loud and clear.

A lot of the times when they get angry it just really can be over something that’s not very important. It could be something that that’s surprisingly trivial.

Another negative trait which ties in with the above is that they can be very single-minded and they could be very fixated on their own opinions. To the extent of being oblivious to what the other person is saying.

Final Thoughts

We have to bear in mind that astrology is not as simple as the 12 zodiac signs. There are many other details which characterise a person from an astrological perspective such as the exact time, date and place of birth as well as the planetary aspects and their lunar sign etc.

Given that caveat, we feel we’ve captured the soul of the true symbolic Aries here.

So are you an Aries or know someone who is? How well do you think this in-depth exploration of their character captures them?

Please share your thoughts below.

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