Ascendant Sign And Horoscope

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While most of us are familiar with the term Sun Sign, the most common word pertaining to astrology, we tend to assume that this is what defines our horoscope. The truth is that it merely scratches the surface of this pseudoscience and a lot lies beneath this layer that takes to generate an accurate life reading. Most people read their horoscope according to their sun sign but here’s some shocking revelation – you’ve probably been reading your horoscope wrong! They think their date of birth depicts their horoscope, but that’s only partially right. It’s like playing a movie but switching off your T.V right before the climax. While your sun sign can help you point in the direction of your personality, the ascendant sign exactly pinpoints your destination.

What’s the difference between the Sun sign and Ascendant sign?

Sun Sign can determine what you believe about yourself, the Ascendant sign, also known as the rising sign, tells you exactly how you are perceived by others. It is the star that rises at the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This is your true self. It helps you discover your natural instincts to various situations, your behavior around people, how you come off when you are acquainting yourself with new people, your energy at your workplace, and can even shape your physical appearance!

In simple words, Sun Sign is viewing yourself through binoculars, while the rising sign is like seeing yourself in a microscope. People don’t perpetually see us the way we see ourselves. You may consider yourself to be shy, anxious, and probably underconfident. But if your rising star is just in the right place, the energy people feel around you could be entirely different. People may see you as strong-headed, confident yet aloof. Ascendant Sign centers on the disguise you wear when you’re out of your comfort zone, starting something new, or your honor in the society.

Does Time Of Birth Play An Important Factor In Ascendant Sign?

Yes, birth time is the ultimate key to your rising sign. A natal chart is a roadmap to your ascendant sign. It means to have an accurate layout of the precise placement of the moon and other planets at the time of the birth. The rising sign isn’t stagnant and adjusts itself about every two hours. So it is vital to know the time of birth to the minutes to draft out the accurate natal chart.

Do I need A New Chart If I Move To A New Place?

When it comes to place, the complexity arises when someone moves to a place far from hometown. There is a tremendous chance of your rising star changing. With that being said, it may come as no shocker that with the ascendant sign shifting, your character and energy may change as well. Relocating to a new place arises a new star, and perhaps a new you. This means that you need to refer to a new natal chart that displays newly relocated planets.

How Do I Read My Horoscope?

Astrologers believe that your rising sign is a gateway to reading your horoscope. While it’s easy to know a broad generalization version of yourself when you only know about sun signs, the truth prevails that the most accurate reading is done by making a personalized natal chart.

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