What is the ‘Ascendent’ and The Rising Sign

The ‘Ascendant sign’ or The ‘Rising sign’ are one and the same thing. But the ‘Ascendant’ is something more specific:

The ascendant technically speaking is the ‘degree’ of the zodiac that’s rising over the eastern horizon at the moment that you’re born.

How do you find out your Ascendant / Rising Sign?

If you look at where the Sun was placed in one of the twelve Zodiac Signs – that’s called your Sun Sign i.e. the sign you and everyone is most familiar with because this sign depends on the date of your birth.

Similarly at the moment of your birth there was also a sign of the zodiac rising over the horizon or you could say this star sign was dawning at the time of your birth. We call this the Ascendant / Rising sign.

Is my Ascendant Sign the same as my Sun Sign?

Most likely not.

In some instances the rising sign might be the same as your Sun Sign but for most people the rising sign is actually going to be different than your Sun Sign.

Why is the Rising Sign Important?

It is important because typically when astrologers are doing a full birth chart they’ll often put much more emphasis on the ascendant or the rising sign than the Sun sign.

This is true most instances and in fact a lot of new horoscope columns are written with the rising sign or the ascendant sign in mind rather than the Sun Sign.

How can you Calculate Your Ascendant?

This gets rather mathematical and technical to do. Here is the formula commonly used to calculate the Ascendant in degrees:

Thankfully these days an easier way to do it through preprogrammed online calculators. The best calculator for this job is probably the one at astro.com – it is listed under their ‘freehoroscope’ section. 

However, probably the best thing to do would be to contact a professional astrologer who would be able to take care of all the technical aspects and do accurate calculations for you.

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