The 7 Best Psychics on Oranum – Review

The spiritual community has grown a lot with the pass of time. However, there are so many pages about psychics that most people do not know where to go and end on insecure pages that take their money. Fortunately, was created to help every person in this wonderful community to find the guidance they are looking for. (we are an affiliate of Oranum – which means If you do end up making a purchase using the links on this page we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you)

The purpose of is to work as a novel platform to help the spiritual community to put the antique knowledge about psychic and Spiritism in a new format adapted to the digital era. There are too many categories about the spiritual community in to help every kind of user. Within these categories, we can find horoscope, clairvoyance, dream interpretation, spell casting, tarot cards reading, and even reiki healing.

Oranum is special because it is the only one that uses a live webcam as a tool to its users to chat with the spiritual assessors and psychics without having to leave their homes and risk entering unsafe spirit places. To some users, this modality can be new, and they have their doubts. For this reason, Oranum counts with the friendliest online support staff to solve any kind of question or problem you could have.


Of course, the staff of always look for the security of all users. For this reason, it is forbidden to share personal information of other people like email, phone number, and address. Besides, this platform does not allow the appearance of no register people on the camera feed to protect the privacy of everyone.

Once you register on this page finding a psychic assistant is very easy because the platform has a top 100 with its best psychics. This top 100 is based on 2 Modalities of punctuation. First, it is the classic 5 Stars classification where the clients that hire a specific psychic service classified their experience with the psychic.

Secondly, there is a vote classification through which the users vote for their favourite psychic giving one point to them. Based on this classification, we bring you:

The 7 Best psychics in that you can choose as your spiritual advisor:

1. Sensei
With 5.625 points and 5 Stars, the first psychic in our top is sensei. This amazing psychic count with natural powers of clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyance, and claircognizant, so he does not need any instrument or tool to help you with your problems. He has enchanted his clients with his speed and accuracy of his readings. Also, he shows to all his clients a real concern about their problems leaving you little messages which do not have any cost. His popularity borns of the accurate of his predictions.

2. Truthful
The second psychic in our top is truthful with 3.796 points and 4 Stars. She is an expert in love and relationships. She helps all her clients to establish a psychic connection with their soulmates to know the feelings they have each other. Her clients prefer her for his speed because she does not make you lose your time speaking slowly to earn more money.
If you want to contact truthful, you can find her in her free chat in three schedules: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Besides, you can make a booked session to do not worry about her availability, the decision is yours.

3. MysticMilena
Following our previous psychic score, there is MysticMilena with 3.639 points and 5 Stars. She is a unique psychic that uses her connections with spirits to answer all your questions. She does not have just one expertise area because she can help you with every problem you are going through, independently the nature of your problem. Her clients prefer her by her professionalism and versatility because her specialities range from angel communication to tarot cards.

4. StarMystic123
To follow with the top, we want to introduce you to StarMystic123 who counts with 5 Stars and 3.131 points. She is an experimented psychic who use all the tools she knows to bring peace and serenity to your life. To help you she uses angel cards, tarot cards, pendulum, flower therapy cards, and clairvoyance. With her power of clairvoyance and a little bit of magic, she is going to help you to find the light and love your life is needing.

5. CinnamonSheridan
This psychic can seem a little young, but she already has 3.000 points and 5 Stars. She has an incredible clairaudience and claircognizance gift which lets her hear and know certain things other psychics do not know. Besides, her services are not expensive and she is available at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. CET every day. For these reasons, if you think this young lady can help you to find the answer you have been looking for, you can find her in these schedules for a good price.

6. Healinglady
She is a special psychic with 2936 points and 5 Stars services. She is not a typical spirit assessor, conversely, she is a psychic healer with medium abilities. Her clients love her work for her accurate predictions and her speed at the time to answer their questions. In the platform, she has won 5 Times the third place and 1 Time a second place in the voting. With her spiritual powers, she has helped around two hundred people around the world to find the solution to their problems with their careers, relationships, and future.

7. EpioneMaira
To end with the top, we introduce you to an incredible psychic with 2671 points and 4Sstars. She conquers her clients with her love and sweetness. She helps her clients to find the right path showing them the way and the visions she sees. She focusses on the positive things of life and shows you that even in the full darkness we can follow the lights of thousands of stars. We never are alone and always there is a light which shows us the right way we have to take. We only have to let the love and light guide our actions and be our compass.

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