Cancer Moon Woman – Love, Sexuality, Money & Negatives

In astrology, the moon signifies your inner world of emotions, passions and secrets. The moon is also the ruler of Cancer. So it is at home in Cancer and this combination amplifies your emotional depth and sensitivity. Cancer moon women have an uncanny ability to read emotions and can empathise with others very deeply.


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A woman born with the Moon in Cancer has a passionate and peaceful nature. But she can also be moody, and her moods can fluctuate at any time. She is probably the most sensitive and emotional lady in all of the zodiac moons.

Personality of a Woman with her Moon in Cancer

She typically tends to be tough on the outside by soft as a cotton ball on the inside.  She can be disciplined, keeps herself mannered and tries to be as caring as she can.

She is loyal, and she loves sincerity based relationships.  Cancer moon women tend to be very trustworthy partners and they feel responsible for protecting their families.

Cancer Moon Woman Personality

Cancer’s symbol – The Crab is considered as diplomatic: this is one of the major and very effective qualities of cancer women that they are very diplomatic in their nature. This means that she can be a manipulator but a peacemaker too.

Cancerian moons are kind, sensitive, romantic, caring, and artistic in nature. They are also usually shy and timid. All these qualities make them the archetypal woman with all traditional qualities.

She is very emotional and can show her feelings very easily. She gives more importance to feelings and emotions rather than rational thinking. If you ever meet any cancer moon, she will usually say the word ‘I feel’ over ‘I think’. This clearly shows that she thinks with her heart, not with her brain, and this is a very prominent quality of her. 

Cancer Moon Woman in Love

If you ever date a Cancer Moon consider yourself lucky. She is likely to treat you with a lot of care and affection making you feel happy and comfortable when she’s around. She will boost your energy, encourage you, motivate you, and always stand with you even if life gets tough and especially when you need her the most.

This lady has good knowledge about people, she knows how to manage them and can easily scout potentially suitable partners. Her imaginary love mate is someone, who loves to sleep with her on the bed, fits with her on the couch together, watching movies, talking with her about everything. She is very selective in her relationship, especially when it comes to spending time together and living a normal healthy life.

Cancer Moon Woman in Love

She tends to be very caring in her relationship and she also expects the same from her partner. She is very conscious about her relationship and can sometimes drown her partner with all the attention but she does this to make the relationship work. 

Thanks to her loyalty and sincerity any relationship with her tends to be ‘steady and secure’. However, there can be irregular ups and downs in the relationship, because of her moody mood.

Her situation in love is ‘Slow and steady wins the race‘ which means that she wants a slow but healthy growing relationship. She wants her partner to be loyal and stick with her, to cuddle her, and telling her that she’s the most beautiful woman ever. A gift of flowers or chocolate from time to time helps a lot too.

Cancer Moons in Carnal Intimacy

A Cancer Moon paces herself slowly and needs a lot of intention from her partner to perform right in bed. She tends to be more interested in fantasies and imaginative desire rather than making real love. That’s why she prefers to indulge more into seduction and sensual fantasies.

She takes time in expressing her emotions and feelings about love and sex. In bed, she tries to foster a sensitive and emotional bond with her love mate.

Cancer Moons in bed

She tends to have a very limited number of relationships in life. Unfortunately, she’s mostly attracted to flirtatious people, especially in her early years. But this helps her grow as she comes to understand how others may not be as emotionally invested as she tends to be. 

She doesn’t have a list of specifications or characteristics and doesn’t imagine how her boyfriend would be. She only changes her mind after every breakup, and notes down those bad habits which her ex had so as to not repeat the same mistakes twice. 

The cancer moon woman is shy at first, but when she gets in, she is very responsive and passionate. She first hesitates at making love in bed, but when she receives a bit of support from her partner, she becomes fully functional.

If she can’t feel that emotional connection with you in bed then she tends to feel lost. She will withdraw from you and you can notice irritable or even heartless behaviour.

Moon in Cancer – Career and Wealth

She has a creative personality and can especially excel in musical creativity. A natural storyteller and a gift for writing also make her a great prospect for the next best selling author.

She has an innate ability for management skills and knows how to manage money. She’s also great at managing people and gets along very well with team members. This makes her well suited in management positions.

Cancer Moon Woman Career

She can be a great leader and lead her team quite well, but she has a tendency to overreact which can spoil her reputation. She can be a good artist, a great motivational speaker, as well.

Some other career she can excel in are: Mom (yep that’s a full time career), social worker, marketer, chef, paediatrician, antique dealer and artist.

Cancer Moons can be quite greedy about hoarding money. She would like to have money all around her house and bank account. She is a natural money saver who better understands the value of money. She takes money as security for life.

Negative Traits / What to Watch Out for

Being probably the most sensitive zodiac sign, Cancer Moons can be extremely sensitive. She can feel hurt with the slightest of tones or the fewest of words. Others may not even know that they’ve hurt her.

She can also be very unpredictable making it difficult for her and others around her to know how she will react in different situations.

Cancer Moon Woman negatives

She can need a lot of encouragement and support in both her love life and can become very dependent on her partner. Because of this, she cannot handle any laziness from her partner. This can put a strain on their relationship.

She also can sometimes lack motivation and drive to excel in her career. Although, she has all the talents a boost of energy can be a vital ingredient that she needs to acquire.

Being shy in her nature, she often feels fearful about sharing her feelings. She is deathlike scared of being rejected which can mean a lot of missed opportunities and regrets later in life. 

When you come for a cancer moon woman’s forgiveness, you should not expect her to forgive you easily. She can find it very difficult to forgive someone, especially those who hurt her feelings and break her heart. 

After a bad experience in love, she can bring the baggage to the next relationship. She can have a lot of difficulty trusting the next person and you can also see a lot of self-guilt from the previous relationship.

She can be quite moody and aggressive. She always remembers those who deceive her, hurt her, or disappoints her. She will surely look for a chance to take her revenge when she can.

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