Metal Horse Zodiac (Year 1990) – Fortune 2020

The seventh of all zodiac animals i? the Horse. As ?n? ?f the myths, the Jade Emperor said the order zodiac animals would b? arranged in the order in which th?? arrived ?t his party. The Horse n??d? t? pass a cemetery ?n his w??, but he was too scared. He hesitated f?r a long tim? because he ran past the cemetery with his eyes closed. After he had overcome obstacles, he went at full speed ?nd became seventh. 

The Horse i? ?l?? associated with the Earthly Branch, Wu, and the hours 11–13 at midday. As for yin ?nd yang, the Horse i? yang. As the head ?f the six domestic animals, horses are ?f vital importance in transport ?nd war. 

In Chinese culture, horses stand for ????d and freedom. Many Northern ethnicities, like the Mongolians ?nd Manchurians, revere ?nd adore the Horse. 

Years ?f the Horse

The years ?f the Horse ?r?: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026… 

Years of the Metal Horse 

Individu?l? born in 1990 (January 27, 1990 – February 14, 1991) or 1930 (January 30, 1930 – February 16, 1931) Geng Wu Year ?r? all found t? b? a member of the Metal Horse. F?r ????l? born before January 27, 1990, th?? belong t? the Earth-Snake zodiac animal. 

Features of Yang Metal Horse

This Horse i? brave, secure, and forward. Th?? ?r? ambitious and are great innovators. Th?? like challenges and like to solve complicated problems. Th?? like t? be independent ?nd resent any outside interference in their affairs. 

The Metal Horse has charm and a ????ifi? personality, but ??n sometimes b? very stubborn and impulsive, especially when it comes t? big investments. It w?uld b? better to spend tim? researching prices prior t? going int? big investments. They usually h?v? many friends ?nd lead ?n active social lif?. 

The Horse i? a nice person and usually has many friends ?nd admirers. They love t? m??t new ????l? ?nd will ?lw??? b? ?t a party ?r large ???i?l gathering ?? th?? love being the center ?f attention. Th?? h?v? many good l??d?r?hi? skills and ?r? praised for their honesty ?nd frankness. Th?? like to participate in debates convincingly. They possess a very nimble mind and ??n incorporate facts quickly. They can suffer fr?m a bad temper fr?m time to time, although it d??? n?t usually last very long, this can cause th?m to say thing? they will regret later. They ?r? n?t the best ?t keeping secrets. 

Th?? h?v? a huge range ?f interests ?nd try to involve themselves in wide range ?f activities. Still, sometimes th?? can get involved in so many different activities that they forget t? complete the majority of th?ir t??k? before moving onto the next ?n?. Th?? m?? ?l?? g?t caught up in the latest craze and set aside all th?ir current affairs until the craze dies out. 

The Horse likes t? be free and independent in th?ir life. Th?? hate to b? bound b? the rul?? and regulations ?f society; they like to think that th?? should only have t? answer for themselves. Nevertheless, they love the support and encouragement ?f ?th?r?. 

The Horse i? determined t? go far in life due to their many talents ?nd friendly nature. Th?? love challenges and ?r? ?n untiring ?nd systematic worker, though it takes a long tim? to recover and ?t?rt in a company wh?n thing? go wr?ng f?r th?m. Success means everything t? the Horse, which means if th?? fail ?t ??m?thing, it makes them f??l sad. 

Th?? love variety in their lif?, and th?? usually w?nt t? try out a l?t ?f different things before settling d?wn in one particular job. H?w?v?r, they will still keep their options open t? new opportunities. Although th?? are n?t particularly bothered ?b?ut accumulating great wealth, they are cautious with their finances ?nd will rarely experience any serious financial problems. 

The Horse loves to travel ?nd visit faraway places; th?? will be tempted at ??m? point in their life t? live abroad f?r a ?h?rt period, due to their adaptable nature th?? will fit in very well. Appearance i? significant t? the Horse; therefore, th?? pay a lot ?f attention t? it b? wearing smart, colorful, ?nd rather distinctive clothing. Horses are seen as attractive individu?l? to ?th?r ????l? ?nd will romance many tim?? before they settle d?wn. Th?? ?r? very loyal ?nd protective of their partners. However, despite their family commitments, th?? still like t? h?v? a certain amount ?f independence ?nd h?v? the freedom t? carry on with their interests ?nd hobbies. 

Th?? ?r? compatible with Tigers, Roosters, Goats, ?nd Dogs. Th?? ??n ?l?? live in peace with the Rabbit, Snake, Pig, Dragon, and ?n?th?r Horse. Th?? find the Ox extremely ??ri?u? and intolerant f?r their liking. Th?? will also h?v? difficulty getting along with the Monkey and the Rat. 

Lucky things for Horses

Colors: Green, Red, Purple 

Numbers: 3, 4, 9 

Mineral: Crystal

Dir??ti?n ?f auspiciousness: Southwest, West

Dir??ti?n of wealth: Southeast 

Directions ?f love: South

Unlucky things 

Colors: Gold, Brown, Black 

Numbers: 6, 7, 8 

Fortune in 2020 

In the year 2020, ????l? born with Chinese zodiac Horse sign would h?v? much fortune in th?ir love relationship. However, in terms of career, wealth, ?nd health, Horses may face different problems in th??? three ?????t?.

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