How to Know if Your Horoscope is Accurate – A Quick Guide

In order to make sense of whether the information revealed in horoscopes is true or not, we are going to try and answer some of the readers' most popular concerns. It doesn't matter which horoscope you read, whether you read it in a magazine, a newspaper or on a website. You've probably wondered whether that information is really accurate and true. 

Thousands of people often read the horoscope section in newspapers and magazines and often laugh because they don’t think what it says there can happen or maybe they just have some doubts.

But on the other hand, there are also those people who do believe in reading their birth chart, and in what the horoscope can say about them every day. In addition, many people tend to organize their day-to-day lives thanks to the information that horoscopes have for them.

If someone knows the subtleties of their horoscope they can learn more about their perfect soul mate. It can also help them solve many other problems. But this does require a deeper level of understanding. Thankfully we’ve discovered this trick that people can use to get this done quickly and for free.

So how would one know whether a horoscope is really accurate and precise, and not just some random words?

In order to make sense of whether the information revealed in horoscopes is true or not, we are going to try and answer some of the readers’ most popular concerns.

It doesn’t matter which horoscope you read, whether you read it in a magazine, a newspaper or on a website. You’ve probably wondered whether that information is really accurate and true. 

Let’s start with some context.

History of Horoscopes

First, let’s take a look at the origin of this word; the word horoscope comes from the Greek word “horoscopes”, which means “a glance at the hours”.

It is said that the first astrologers, located in ancient Babylon, guided their predictions under the movement of the planets, in which it was believed that each movement represented a future activity or event.

These astrologers believed in five gods: Marduk, which represents Jupiter, Ishtar, which represents Venus, Ninurta, which represents Saturn, Nabu, which represents Mercury, and Nergel, which represents Mars.

In addition to that, they also believed in the god of the moon, Sin, and the god of the sun, Shamash, whose movements also affected what could happen on earth.

Are the predictions in the horoscopes true?

For thousands of years, as the studies and evolution of astronomy has increased, astrology has also evolved.

Astronomy and Astrology have a fascinating history together although they are very different fields these days. We’ve explained this in more detail in this post.

Today, the cartography of planets is known better than ever before and it is very exhaustive when performed by a professional astrologer. In fact, this is what they use to interpret the potential events of a person’s life. 

How do astrologers find the lunar signs and other data necessary for predictions?

Most people know their sun sign; this is the most common sign in the world and it is the one everyone responds to when someone asks “what is your sign?”

This is true regardless of whether they think it is real or not.

What most people don’t know about is their other signs such as their lunar sign and ascending sign.

In order to know your other signs, such as the lunar sign and the ascending sign, astrologers will require more information about you and not just your birthday.

To make a horoscope truer and more accurate, the astrologer will ask for the date, exact time and place where you were born. Once he/she has that information, they will place your sun sign in the first house of an astrological chart.

Then a series of steps will follow in strict order which will determine the problems a person may be having at any given time. Afterwards, the exact position of the planets is observed, then the interpretation of the chart is made, to define if there will be a day, a month or a year in favour of the person.

What are the planetary aspects? What are they for?

In order to know in depth the planetary aspects, it is necessary to make deep studies of the subject. Unfortunately, that will go beyond the scope of this post.

However, to give you an idea, it is said that when there is a connection between the planets associated to a certain degree with the zodiac, these connections are known as “planetary aspects”.

Astrology Aspects

There are times when the planets can occupy the same degree of different signs on the same graph, this makes there a connection between them known as challenging or harmonious, everything will depend on the signs (planets) that are involved or the number of degrees that exist between them.

The “conjunction” is the main known common aspect, which is 0 degrees and turns out to be the strongest combination between two energies. Then there is the “opposition,” which forms an angle of 180 degrees and tends to mean a challenging aspect: Then there is the “square,” which occurs when the angle is 90 degrees and represents conflicting energy measures; and finally, the “trine,” which occurs when the angle is 120 degrees which are considered a positive, easy, and advantageous connection.

We know this has gotten very technical but it’s important to get an idea of these details so that one can see what professional astrologers do in order to make better and more accurate predictions.

Do planetary aspects affect signs in the same way?

No, in astrology, nothing affects two people (even if they are of the same sign) in exactly the same way. Each planetary aspect has its differences, and as each of them is studied or applied to each sign, they affect each sign in different ways.

To better understand this we can see the following example:

Mars has a square aspect of the Sun, this planet is considered as the planet of impulse and determination, so the square aspect represents the difficulty in that area. It means that, for the most part, people who have that aspect in their chart may have problems with others who may stand in their way, so there will be a time in their life when they will have to face challenges and be willing to overcome the obstacles that present themselves in order to achieve what they want.

Sometimes my horoscope does not come true, why?

For centuries, horoscopes have helped thousands of people to live their daily lives by establishing general guidelines, but not by just inducing things to happen for the sake of it.

Most horoscopes are written generalizing to a group or general audience. Those written daily are based on the sun signs and their position and effect of the moon on them.

It should also be noted that the moon goes through certain phases every two or three days, affecting not only plants, animals and waters, but also people’s moods and emotions. Therefore, many horoscopes are written under the position of the moon and the lunar phase in which it is, and this will depend on each sun sign every day.

A monthly horoscope usually studies several signs at the same time with cross-references of planets that change every month or even for several months, these study the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun.

Annual horoscopes are based on the movement of the slower moving planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, while long-term horoscopes are based on the movements of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.

For an astrologer to be able to more accurately determine your individual horoscope they must have the date, exact time and place of your birth. They would also then have to do an in-depth analysis of planetary aspects (as discussed above) among other things. 

Whilst general horoscopes may be somewhat true for groups of people they aren’t able to give you that individual analysis which will likely be more accurate.

How can I use my horoscopes?

Perhaps taking a horoscope from day to day can be complicated or very confusing. That’s why it might be best to use it when you need some motivation to make decisions that you’ve become stuck on.

When reading your horoscope, no matter if it is daily, monthly or annually, visualize everything under a future perspective and do not always feel compelled to do things exactly to what is written, especially if it’s a general horoscope. In the end, what should be will be and you should always seek professional help in serious situations. 

Horoscopes can be a great tool to know new things about yourself and that allows you to change and improve what you need to improve. You can also learn to broaden your mind and visualize everything from other points of view.


In Conclusion

Calculating accurate horoscopes is a broad and complex subject which needs professional astrologers to work it out.

Whilst generalised horoscopes can be useful at the level of large groups of people they are unlikely to be very accurate for individuals.

Even general horoscopes can nevertheless be useful for you to sometimes gain insights into your own mind and personality. Sometimes they can help you re-focus on your goals.

If you need better horoscope predictions you may benefit by chatting with a professional astrologer.

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