Leo Moon Woman – Love, Intimacy, Wealth & Negative traits

Your moon sign is a reflection of your inner personality, emotions, passions and ambitions. In contrast to how your sun sign shows the outer you, your moon sign represents the inner you which people may not always be aware of unless they are close to you.

If someone knows the complexities of how the Moon is received in Leo they can find their perfect soul mate. It can also help them solve many other problems. But this does require a deeper level of understanding. Thankfully we’ve discovered this trick that people can use to get this done quickly and for free.

A woman with a moon in Leo is very confident with a bright smile and has a parade laugh that may be noticed from a distance, that’s she can quickly bring herself into the light. She has a passionate, whimsical, and quite enchanting nature, but sometimes she loses her temperament. When she becomes angry, by giving her good compliments, you can cool down her.

Personality of a Woman with her Moon in Leo

The Leo moon feels like a royal Lioness and queenlike in every way. From her regal attitude to her personal behaviour, she tends to be extraordinarily bold and expressive.  She is comfortable and strong because of her inner strength. She is full-of-life and her cheerful energy can be positively infectious.

Leo moon woman characteristics include being a loving and noble parent. She takes care of her children with full dedication, she is always ready to give big and warm-hearted cosy hugs. When it comes to discipline, she is very focused.

Leo Moon Personality and Appearance

A Leo Moon always has a strong urge to help others and being appreciated for her efforts. She often thinks more about others and puts their well-being as her top priority, especially those close to her. She makes sure that the needs of her loved ones are fulfilled before her own needs. She never feels shy in expressing her feelings and affection to her loved ones.

She is very open and speaks her mind, this can land her in arguments quite often. She can be fairly self-righteous and goes about her business without any hesitation. She also never backs down from a fight which can be a positive or negative characteristic depending on the situation.

She has an inner talent to produce art and creativity in the things she creates. She is very selective about her tastes and choices. She will select the perfect outfit for the event, which will surely look attractive and appealing. She will do everything to transform herself into her desired look.

When someone disrespects a Leo Moon or tries to dominate her, she can become very retaliative and she isn’t one to submit to the will of others. She is born free and wants to take charge of her life.

Leo Moons in Love

With this moon sign in your birth chart, you want to be in relationships which don’t feel suffocating. You have a need for liberty and freedom. However, sometimes this isn’t easy for your partner to understand which can lead to conflicts.

Leo Moon Woman in Love

A Leo woman always wants to be in a relationship that can last the distance. Sometimes the hope of being in a perfect relationship can trap her into a vicious cycle, where things never get perfect enough. This controlling and unfulfilled attitude can work against her desires to be in a long-lasting ‘perfect’ relationship.

She desires for a partner that can acknowledge and appreciate her beauty and her personality. If she is able to be a little passive from time to time, this can really work wonders for her.

Leo Moons in Bed

The Leo in her holds the energy of lion and fire. So, a Leo moon has a fiery and passionate inner world of sexual fantasies and desires. She is very well written in the language of romance and enjoys a rich carnal life.

When it comes to intimacy – sex and physical bonding hold an esteemed place. She loves to live in the physical world, inhabiting her body and sexuality with immense confidence and inner power.

If you’re shy, shrinking type, you may find yourself overwhelmed by her direct approach and her intense presence. Once this woman sets her eyes on you, she will bound and determined to find a way to get what she wants from you.

Moon in Leo Woman in bed

Leo Woman is a proud lover and also the most playful and whimsical. She is creative and fun to be around, which applies to the way she approaches love and sex too. In sex, you can expect something unexpected from a Leo, and although she does like a good chase, don’t waste her time pretending to be interested, if you’re not.

She needs a partner in bed who’s energetic and appealing to her eye. Her sexual desire is high, her wishes and hopes are excessive, and if she chooses someone, she tries best to make it one of the best sexual experiences of their life.

She likes to become the core of attention. She loves compliments and wishes to take expensive gifts from her love mate. Along with the straightforward and outspoken nature, she is also loyal and dependable with a good sense of humour.

Leo Moons – Career & Wealth

She has a tendency to splurge money irresponsibly. She is used to feeling powerful financially. This lady doesn’t have any plan for the sick day. She loves to make lavish investments on family and friends because she often tries to win their appreciations.

A Leo moon is passionately motivated by her desire for financial freedom and her shopaholic tendencies. To her, the things matter less than the time she spends curating them.

She is dynamic, competitive, and fearless by nature. She strives for a challenging career that comes with attractive financial perks. She is equally unafraid of spending money, which makes it difficult for her to follow a budget. She can be a risk-taker and making high yield but risky financial investments. Similarly, she is also easily influenced by get-rich-quick-schemes.

Leo Moon money

She has an innate understanding of what it means to be a leader. She only wants to achieve things that are worth doing, which means that those things must be meaningful to her. There’s no point in doing anything dishonourable because she wants to be seen with dignity and respect. She places high standards and enormous demands on herself because she wants to succeed more than anyone else.

She excels as an administrator, leader, and is often the boss or an entrepreneur. But even if she’s not, she has these as hidden desires and talents ready to come out on to the stage. Hers skills usually make it easy for her to earn money. But she likes to be in demand, honoured, and glorified; this is more important to her than the money per se.

The later is so important to her that she can stay in low-paying-jobs just because she feels “demanded” and “special”.

Negative Traits & What to Watch Out for with a Leo Moon

Although Leo Moons are known to be one of the most generous and kind-hearted zodiacs, you can also be at the receiving end of her wrath if you provoke the lioness inside her.

At her worst, this woman is an attention-seeker, a monster who wants to attract everyone’s attention to her and possibly control everyone with her actions.

One of the biggest, bad things about her is that she wants to influence and watch out every single movement near her.  She can turn a simple argument into a fight.

Leo Moon Woman negatives

She can be very possessive and start to act jealous in relationships. She doesn’t like it when something ‘belonging to her’ is eyed by anyone else.

A Leo moon woman can be very impatient. When she wants a thing, it means she wants it right now in front of her. She doesn’t like waiting for anything around.

A lifestyle of luxury and comfort can turn her into a snobbish and arrogant individual who can’t stop showing off and praising her skills in front of other people.

Excessive dominance is another negative trait of her. She loves things to be done in her way and will not listen, anyone, unless there is a ‘perfect reason’ to.  She loves making decisions as per her own will, and she always wants to have the last word in an argument. So the next time you try to dominate her, be prepared for a fierce comeback.

At her worst she is can be very self-centred, always thinking about her benefit in any situation. It isn’t like that she doesn’t care for others, but she will never let any perceived harm come her way.

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