Libra Moon Woman – Love, Wealth and Negative traits

The placement of your moon in your birth chart determines the inner you, your shadow self, your secret passions and your feelings and emotions. Having your moon in Libra means you crave a sense of balance in your personal life. You are in search of the yin to your yang or vice versa.

pexels-photo-4278732If someone knows the subtleties of how the Moon is received in Libra they can learn more about their perfect soul mate. It can also help them solve many other problems. But this does require a deeper level of understanding. Thankfully we’ve discovered this trick that people can use to get this done quickly and for free.

A woman born with the Moon in Libra has a captivating and charismatic nature. By this, she has the ability to attract people to herself, easily and naturally. She is full of unpredictable emotions, and sometimes she thinks logically too. She never pauses or waits to handle anything and naturally uses her common sense.

Personality of A Woman with her Moon  in Libra

The Libra Moon woman has a beautiful personality who is modest and peaceful in all her qualities. They have a great sense of humour, they can be clever and witty and they can also be loving and care all at the same time.

 However, if she tries to make EVERYONE happy, she can end up turning some people against her. 

Moon in a libra woman is a lovely personality; she has a fascinating character, which makes her prominent wherever she goes. She is also creative in all aspect of life, such as her relationship, her life as well as sexual characteristics; everything spins around her creativity. She is very inherent and empathetic. 

She listens to others carefully and attentively, as she makes brilliant and memorable conversations.

She knows the spells to create stability in life.  She loves reading books or poetry, epsecially the romatic ones. She also loves having rational conversations with others, diggin deep into logic and this can soemetimes lead to arguments.      

Libra Moons tend to be prominent in their social cricles having a great sense of balance in dealing with all types of people. She can express her emotions with a subtle and courteous energy, that makes her come across as very emotionally sincere or intelligent. 

Libra Moons in Love

The woman with Moon in Libra is a combination of love, sex, and romance. Her great sense of humour will keep you entertained. At first glance Libran moons seem to be very compatible with everyone but soon the flaws will start to become visible in their relationship and once this happens they will look for greener pastures. 

The charm and magic of a Libra Moon lady will put anyone under her spell. Once in love, a person can feel a deep level of love and bond with her. Libra in love discharges highly attractive confidence. She believes in herself and she can be a master seducer once she sets her eyes and heart on you. She is a very good communicator and pays personal attention to her beloved.

Libra Moon Women in Bed

Libran Moons have an innate ability to hypnotize anyone in their love through their charm. Being a born beauty also helps a little.

When she finds the one person she was looking for, she is confident in expressing her desires. She gives all of her attention to her lover and tends to be a conversationalist in the bedroom.

On her first date, she expects love, care and affection from you. If you manage to please her, she may reward you back with kisses, hugs, and maybe little more than what you were expecting.

She thinks deeply about her partner’s compatibility with her especially in the bedroom. This then formulates for her whether she’s going to give them another chance or not.

She takes her time to judge you and if she doesn’t find you interesting, she will move on in her life. This lady knows that she’ll never run out of options.

Moon in Libra – Career and Wealth

A Moon in Libra means you will have ample oppurtinities for new business ventures and business partners as well as new jobs.

If she can find her sense of adventure in the workplace, the world is her oyster. There aren’t many jobs that she can’t do.

Some careers that are is astrological harmony for her are public services, government agencies, criminal justice systems and mental health agencies.

Charm, graciousness, fact, and diplomacy are the strengths of Libra. She can build a strong bond with others using her qualities. She’s good at enforcing policies, collaborating with colleagues, promoting relevant issues and nurturing leadership in others.

Negative Traits of Libra Moons

The adverse side of the Libra is that she can easily become aggressive. She is straight forward while discussing her opinions about others. She is not a mind changer, but she is a good listener.

She can be a Lazy person, and sometimes she is unable to perform any task, whether mentally or physically. When lacking in energy she likes to prefer doing easy tasks or jobs, which can hold her back in life.

She can also be very doubtful and indecisive. It’s difficult for her to decide what to do next. As she always counts and gets lost in the pros and cons of each decision.

She is unreliable in her personality. Sometimes she is unable to take stand for her own self. So, no one else can rely on her either.

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