Mars in Aquarius

Mars, the red giant, the Romans worshiped him and named him God of War, carnal passions, and anger. In the horoscope, people under the light of Mars have particular and unique behaviors. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17), is a friendly, kind, honest sign, who likes to do things the right way, also usually loves the arts: literature, music, teaching people. How do this air sign behave under the light of the red giant? Let’s find out

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How Are People Born Under Mars in Aquarius In Their Personality?

Aquarius is a strong and attractive personality sign, patient, sincere, have great and original ideas, although they not have many friends. In the light of Mars, they become individualists. They prefer to walk alone and achieve their goals with their effort without depending on others. Their determination is inspiring to others, they break the rules, invent, create, design, make.

Aquarius’ energy and motivation under the light of Mars is to shape and direct greater energies: leadership occurs naturally and this propels you to go even higher. His empathy increases while maintaining an emotional distance that allows him to make decisions in a calculating way. They have no attachment to people they know little and have no connection, although when they feel confident they are loyal and committed.

How are they in love

Aquarius in love is very free, independent, does not cling to his partners, nor depends on them at all. Although they are loyal when they truly fall in love with someone, in their dictionary there is no word “broken promise” and their empathy for those around them makes Aquarius the most empathetic and supportive sign there is.

Under the light of Mars, these virtues are intensified, but it makes him less expressive with his feelings, they are less sentimental and much less follow the traditions. They look for the intellectual connection more than the sentimental or the physical one and from there it is that the romantic seems to them little interesting. Their ideas come first. And this makes them demanding people, even more than is reasonable, and they do not tolerate infidelities! Their principles go before everything and their fury at deception is terrible.

How are they in bed/intimacy / carnal relations

An Aquarius person is not a conqueror. You won’t see him taking the first step or the initiative. They do not see his partner as a mere object of pleasure, they sees him as his life partner. Love beyond just the carnal. They seek an intellectual connection. When an aquarium person is interested in someone, it is not direct. He pays a lot of attention, is courteous and attentive because being supportive and empathetic is part of his sign. is shy at first, creative when it comes to conquering.

And the same thing happens in privacy. Under the light of Mars Aquarius arouses your curiosity and explores many new things like foreplay, and focuses on giving pleasure, more than receiving it. For an aquarium, the pleasure of their partner is the most important thing in privacy. Sex is an adventure, an opportunity to discover new ways to climax and this does not go unnoticed. If an aquarium feels full and satisfied with its partner, it is capable of releasing an impressive sexual force.

How are they in career / fortune / wealth

Aquarius has natural leadership. are good companions, they always look for the faults that have to do with the development of the team and they seek to repair them on their own, they are always investigating, documenting, acquiring knowledge, so careers as teachers, researchers, writers occur very naturally. When Mars illuminates them, being an air sign it stirs and renews those ideas.

Change approaches, paradigms, they don’t stay still in one place. Working monotonously drives them crazy, they want to change things, not repeat the same thing over and over again. Mars in the aquarium gives them the strength to change, makes him restless, anxious, wants changes, and wants to improve not only their own life but the community and society as such.

The fortune is determined by their creativity. If they are in a monotonous job, they will not be prosperous or in good health. Stress is a natural factor in being perfectionists as well as anxiety. Artistic and creative careers are their strength so if they go that way it will be of great benefit, and it will bring you wealth.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Aquarius?

An Aquarius person is a perfectionist, a nonconformist, does not follow traditions, and goes against the grain. You will not be able to retain it for long; it is not dependent on others. Although they are a very sociable, attentive, and cordial people, it is not one of many friends. When Mars lights them up they become more frivolous. He gets bored with people easily and becomes even lonelier. The sentimental relations seem insufficient, monotonous to him, and it moves away from it a little.

Of a perfectionist nature, when they receive the warrior energy of Mars they become more intense, arrogant, stop working as a team to be a leader. If it is not immediately, you are simply going your own way. They are natural rebels, they get colder sentimentally speaking, the emotional distance stands out in an aquarium under the light of Mars and this leads them to behaviors of dark nature.

Although they are not violent or aggressive, their weapons are more mental, psychological, they hit where it hurts the most and they are usually relentless, to the point that the empathy that characterizes them so completely disappears and some become arrogant people, with superiority complexes (The only leader here is me, nobody does anything better than me and everything around me is below my level, so I will not waste my time) and they become lonely.

They are very stubborn and lonely. And this is self-destructive, no person is an island. And this frustrates them more to the point of becoming completely isolated from everything around them. And they don’t feel remorse for abandoning everything and everyone around them to achieve that false peace of mind that they supposedly need.

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