Mars in Aries

The sign of Aries (March 21 to April 20) is a sign whose element is fire, and Mars is their ruling planet. Besides, under this sign is the spring equinox. People full of enthusiasm and energy, independent, ambitious. Being the first zodiac sign it represents the beginnings, initiative and leadership.

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How Are People Born Under Mars in Aries In Their Personality?

Mars is the natural ruling planet of Aries. They are ambitious and reckless, they feel no fear. It is easy for them to have power, self-confidence, and undertake ambitious projects. They are of explosive temperament, and it is difficult to hide or keep their emotions under control. Mars radiates them with an aura of war, of conquest.

They are easily offended and although they do not hold a grudge it is difficult for them to forget treason and forgiveness in an Aries is not an easy task. They always have the initiative. Fire is their natural element and they demonstrate it with their energy and creative capacity. They are enthusiastic and always have a project in mind or running. They don’t like leaving things halfway.

They do not wait for anyone, they’re enthusiastic and take care of problems as soon as possible and remove obstacles from the middle. The plans for them are simple and straightforward and they work! You will always find sincerity in Aries, although the warrior aura of Mars turns them into a person who is unaware of subtlety. They will always speak without embellishment or friendly words. And usually generates some disagreements, but they pass quickly and without rancor.

How are they in love

Passion is a common trait in fire signs. And Aries does not escape this reality. They put the heart in everything they do, although they are not necessarily loving, they have a lot of energy and love in their heart. Mars, their natural ruler makes them a little selfish and impatient. They do not expect to accumulate annoying situations. Fix problems and circumstances immediately, are very demanding. They consider themselves too valuable to waste time with someone who has no commitment. They like them to fight for them.

If a person gives up easily they lose interest entirely. They like to chase and be chased. They like it to be worth the effort. They are not suitable for long-distance relationships. Actions are worth more to them than feelings. Conflict is usual and constant because his temperament is strong. They get bored easily and lose enthusiasm quickly, always wanting constant challenges that keep that flame of passion alive.

How are they in bed/intimacy / carnal relations

Mars represents lust and energy. Aries is no exception. And here Mars is at home, which increases your sexual energy and libido. An Aries in bed is a powerful force that is impatient in the foreplay. They prefer to go straight to the climax and their strong temperament creates the need to have control in privacy, reaffirming the authority.

They look for in sex a passionate, exhausting, and strong discharge of frustrations and stress. Aries is not a sign that likes rose petals on the bed and scented candles. They like direct action bluntly. In role-playing games, they like to take the dominant role and do not bend or assume submission papers. They carry the baton.

How are they in career/fortune/wealth

Aries is a very active sign. Full of initiative and diverse projects, doesn’t stop in the face of adversity and teamwork stresses him, especially when there are members who take the time to analyze and calculate. They are more of an action and impulse.

Mars radiates an aura of unequaled energy and momentum. Being their birth star, it is common to see them in several projects at the same time, although does not finish them immediately; they do not forget them and focuses on other secondary things to return to the initial project. They are demanding, seek perfection and they’re natural leaders, although they lack sensitivity, touch. Beautiful words are not things that exist in an Aries. They are direct and do not tolerate unnecessary turns when they need to know something. This sometimes brings some conflicts in the office but nothing to worry about once you get used to their temper. They don’t like wasting resources unnecessarily and when they focus on something they show their energy.

Fortune smiles at them when they take the initiative. They are not good at following orders much less when the overview is not aligned with their goals. They tend to get frustrated easily when things don’t go right the first time. But they don’t give up. Wealth will accompany them as long as they do what comes their way. Not by imposition. They are not very good with finances, which they use to finance their multiple projects. Manual labor suits him very well because each project has its own challenges.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Aries?

The Roman God of war, Mars manifests in an angry Aries. They are impulsive, of strong words, and without remorse in saying what they think. They are as they are and do not seek to please with nice words or pat on the shoulder.

They can be easily provoked and offended. It is impulsive, they are not usually discreet. They don’t measure the consequences of their actions when they get angry. They are always ready to argue and fight if necessary as part of their nature

If you want an Aries to stop fighting or change his mind about what he considers correct, it is a big mistake. They don’t back off, no matter the context of the situation. They can be discreet, but his anger is palpable

It is easy to make them angry. Fire is its element and burns strongly within it. They have a great sense of justice and express their anger if they feel that they have failed in that regard. The good thing about this is that since they get angry easily, they calm down relatively easily. But don’t think that this calmed the problem. They often remember it and reconciling with an Aries who feels offended is not an easy task.

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