Mars in Cancer

Being the most mysterious sign of all, Cancer (June 22 to July 22) can be from shy and boring, to a brilliant and famous person. They are conservative, their home is their castle and they love the security it offers them. Like the animal from which it gets its name. They understand when to be sociable and when to take shelter in their world. This is contradictory, but in Cancer this is common. Their main personal challenge is to find balance and resolve their internal conflict. Mars is the planet of momentum. Let’s see how it affects them.

zodiac sign cancer horoscope design 4374406
zodiac sign cancer horoscope design 4374406

How Are People Born Under Mars in Cancer In Their Personality?

Cancer is a sign that has two personalities: an external one that can be determined, resilient, energetic, wise, but when you do this you have a sign that can see your sensitivity and empathy with those they love. They identify with the situation of others thanks to their living imagination. They can be withdrawn or outgoing depending on their mood.

The light of mars makes them one of the wisest signs. The energy of the red star gives them strength, but also self-control

Even if they are under a lot of pressure and stress Cancer tries to resolve their conflicts with good manners. However, if someone exceeds their patience or something threatens their integrity, they will defend themselves violently with their clamps. This is unusual but under the warrior light of Mars this is the last resort they would use but when they do they are withering and do not regret their actions after defending themselves

Their crab prudence makes them reflect, take steps back, and forth before something that bothers them or they like, to study the situation properly. However, they do not abandon projects. Mars gives the strength to stay animated in this swing of prudence.

How are they in love

Cancer is hypersensitive and very melancholic. Their passions and feelings come to the surface under the influence of Mars. They have trouble expressing what they feel. But when they succeed they are a torrent of passion. They need to love and be loved, but not a passing love, but an intense one that fills them both physically and spiritually. They can wait for years or even a lifetime. But when they find it, they give themselves completely in such a unique way that no one else understands it.

When they truly fall in love, that outer shell is non-existent for the person they love. They become docile, sweet, sentimental, and sensitive. They seek perfection in the relationship, and their nature in love is very dedicated. Conquering for them is not their strong position because they are shy and can lose a good partner more than once.

They are household people, good cooks, good parents, excellent friends. Cancer is one of the most stable signs when it comes to extending your shell.

How are they in bed/intimacy / carnal relations

Cancer is very delivered in privacy. Under the shine of Mars that passionate energy comes out with romance and sensuality. Sex is slow and passionate, but they need to have more than just a physical connection to climax. They love foreplay, petting, role-playing, costumes. They enjoy experiencing new things.

The sexual power of a person with the sign of Cancer is very deep because the relationship is not carnal. It goes beyond just the contact of the bodies, it is the energy itself that connects them and makes them one being.

How are they in career/fortune/wealth

Cancer has qualities in careers where its protective instinct and sense of security can flourish. This sign under the light of Mars becomes a very prudent, persevering person, creates a safe space where people can take refuge under its shell. Therapists, nurses, doctors, they are good professions for them, and also remember the cooks and bakers. Anything you can do with your hands that gives them a sense of security will prosper in this sign.

Their job is his second home. And they like to keep that climate nice and warm wherever they go. They are determined, responsible, sensitive, and empathetic by those around them.

In fortune, Cancer does not look for money, it is the sign that is least interested in material goods. They may possess money but they will not flaunt it, nor will you see it with jewelry or expensive properties. They use the money to keep themselves safe, carefree day by day without ambitions that take them away from home and comfort.

Luck sometimes plays with them, and depending on the influence of the planets they may get a good fortune most unexpectedly: an inheritance, gambling, gifts, which you will use first to meet the needs in your home and then share it with those around you.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Cancer?

People with Cancer sign are very emotional. Strong and intense feelings, when Mars radiates its passionate energy, they often explode in anger and throw tantrums when they are very loaded and unhappy. This affects your life for a long time until you regain your balance or forgive the offense.

They are very expressive, cry often when they can no longer bear the pressure and that is why many see them as spoiled and volatile, easy to provoke. They are revengeful and when they feel threatened they withdraw into themselves.

They demand loyalty and constant affection and they are very possessive. When cancer has a couple, it tends to be very territorial and jealous. That person’s love is uniquely theirs. Territorial, they remove their clamps when they feel invaded or pressured extremely, with Mars on them this defect comes to light more often.

They are impatient, they like that when they spend time with someone, he or she only pay attention to them. That makes them selfish and somewhat egocentric becoming the center of attention when they want it that way. Or they simply ignore everything around them and hide in their shell. To get injured cancer out of its safe zone is a challenge that requires a lot of patience and dedication.

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