Mars influences Capricorn in such a way that it becomes one of the most intimidating signs of the zodiac. This combination provides an unmatched strength that not everyone can cope with. In addition, it also influences other aspects of which the Capricornians know how to take advantage.

capricorn horoscope astrology 5389760 1
capricorn horoscope astrology 5389760 1

The Capricornians are characterized by standing firm at all times and always seeking what they can live for by leaving a legacy and transmitting it to others. So if you want to mess with someone, try messing with anyone else but them, because they make sure and defend what they do at all costs.

How Are People Born Under Mars In Capricorn In Their Personality?

When you see a person who is not afraid or ashamed to say what he wants and to whom he wants, then do not doubt that you are in front of a Capricorn born under Mars. These people usually have a very realistic and sensible view of things. They always go straight to the point and do not doubt their knowledge or wisdom. The influence of the Red Planet on this sign seeks to focus the person on their next move to turn ideas, dreams, and goals into real achievements.

A Capricorn born under Mars can make you doubt everything you are doing and how you are doing it. Mars is the planet of action and Capricorn makes sure that everything is done with a purpose. These people are often very clear about what they want in life and influence others in ways that make them re-evaluate their goals, motivating them to do more efficiently.

These people are not afraid of hard work, in fact, they are more motivated when they see that obstacles are in the way, and overcoming them makes them stronger. In addition, they are always looking for new projects and make sure they complete them once they start. They also don’t mind not having a fixed goal, which encourages them to look for it among the different options until they finally find it.

How Are They In Love?

When it comes to finding love, they can be quite cold and precise. They’re always trying to get the right partner, so they might be picky about that. They like to look for partners with high social status or big fish that are really worthwhile and for which they have to work hard.

They take commitments very seriously and once they are married or in a stable relationship they try to keep it for the rest of their lives. They may not be the most loving and emotional, but they are faithful to their partner. As for their sexual nature, they are usually powerful and earthly, and they know how to take advantage of their aphrodisiac instinct.

However, when they feel that their partner has failed them at some point, or they commit a fault in public, they may feel very hurt and may hold a grudge at times. If a person disrespects them, they lose interest in them, and for those who like to play the victim, they ignore them completely.

How Are They In Bed/ Intimacy/ Carnal Relations?

In intimacy with their partners, Capricorns born under Mars are not ashamed of any desire they have, they are always willing to do anything and their adrenaline is heightened when they enjoy good sex. In this sense, they are quite ambitious and always want to go for more, so keeping up with them can be a challenge for some.

They know how to enjoy role-playing and other foreplay before and during sex, and they are not afraid to indulge and be excessive. They get excited easily and always want to do it. If they have any sexual desires or fantasies, both men and women will do whatever it takes to have them and feel satisfied and fulfilled. However, the sex life of Capricornians born under Mars can lead to their ruin.

How Are They In Career/Fortune/Wealth?

These people are usually quite ambitious in the professional field and like to maintain a good fortune. They have no problem starting their careers, jobs, or professions from scratch, but they always end up in high places. They are very methodical in what they do, they are also persevering and resistant in the face of adversity.

Sometimes you can see the Capricornians from Mars a bit disoriented, but thanks to the other qualities we mentioned above, they compensate each other by making them one of the mutable signs. However, they are always looking to achieve high positions, and they have an innate talent for business.

They also make sure they have great material and financial ambitions, but that is where all their effort, efficiency, and practice is reflected. They are people with impeccable discipline and can be fully trusted. On the other hand, they don’t like people who are lazy at work; they easily lose patience with this type of people.

The irony is that they feel the need to lead a lifestyle in which they care about the environment and they also respect power and gender equality in doing all kinds of work.

In general, ambition and wanting more than others lead Capricornians to have good wealth. However, if they do not organize themselves well, they could have a working disorder and get stuck in the same job, but this happens rarely. They can always be seen occupying or longing for great positions where and have good fortune.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Capricorn?

Their addiction to work and excessive living can become a negative factor for these people, as they can be extremely ambitious, stingy, and ruthless. In their jobs, as bosses, they can be very demanding and “cold-blooded”, without feeling sorry for others.

However, this does not always or all Capricornians born under Mars, but depends on their social environment. If it is a stable and harmonious group, everything can flow well and they can even be fun.

Their sense of humor is quite black, dry, so they are not good at jokes and pranks, but they are good at helping those closest to them. In most cases, Capricornians always remain calm and collected, as long as their livelihood, their economy is not threatened.

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