Mars in Gemini

Gemini (May 22 to June 21) is the sign of the twins. And its character is twofold, very complex and often contradictory. Gemini is very courteous, kind, and knows how to move easily in any social sphere. Although they sometimes use this charisma to obtain their personal goals in an unethical and honest way, it caused the rumor that a Gemini turns out to be a hypocritical and double-sided person.

zodiac sign twins horoscope design 4374407
zodiac sign twins horoscope design 4374407

How Are People Born Under Mars in Gemini In Their Personality?

What stands out in Gemini is duality. They are a constant flow between two currents, high and low, good and bad. Air sign that can function anywhere, pleasant, social, they love to be the center of attention, to be surrounded by people who admire and consider them. They do not serve to be lonely people.

When Mars is in Gemini they have more developed verbal and social skills that can be very helpful. Although they are easily distracted and scattered, one day, culture, another day, cinema, the next, animation. Their restless mind intensifies under the energy of Mars and makes them more restless and anxious. They do not rest for a moment and do not like to stay still because they are too active at all times. Meditation is not their thing.

How are they in love

Gemini is not a stable lover. They are good friends, partners, and occasional emotional support. Their attitude toward love is simply curiosity. They are not engaged or like to keep a stable partner. They are an air sign, so they flow non-stop, they may want someone one day, move on to the next person the following week, and after two years return to the first one.

They don’t believe in love at first sight or long-term commitments, but this does not mean that they are not emotional or fall in love. They are understanding, loving, kind, and good companions, but their relationships last less. Their duality makes them quickly bored and wants to explore other aspects, other relationships. What they do even elegantly. No drama or trauma. For them, ending a relationship is a natural part of life, if we compare it with another sign like Taurus which is not easily separated from their relationships.

How are they in bed/intimacy / carnal relations

Gemini is a very sexual sign. With an open mind, perhaps the least self-conscious in the entire zodiac, this sign has a libido that will leave many wanting to try it. They can have multiple partners at once; they need someone who can keep up with them and hate the lack of initiative in privacy. If your partner is bored, they will look for someone else. They have very wild sexual fantasies and their fetishes are extreme.

Mars represents lust and passion when Geminis is filled with that energy it becomes a person even thirstier for rewarding experiences. It will be demanding in bed and perhaps a single partner is not enough.

They accept open relationships, the passions of one night; they could even have sex in a public place. They are not exactly the type of person you would see with a ring on the finger. Enjoying their sexuality and role-playing games are their specialty and it seems that they were two people in one because of the amount of energy that comes from them.

How are they in career/fortune / wealth

Geminis is a sign that is difficult to decide which profession to exercise, they always look for various possibilities and learn a little of everything. They are like a traveling mini library. Many develop speaking multiple languages ??with ease. Their strength is communication, and they are excellent writers, copywriters, communicators, reporters.

Mars gives them an extra boost that makes them more curious, fills them with vitality and this is advantageous for jobs that require communication and transmit ideas. Physical work is not their forte, so they use their minds and interpersonal connections better. Being so sociable, any area related to human relations will be very useful for them.

Their fortune and wealth are marked by his duality of character. Gemini is characterized by being one extreme or the other, and this is where more could be defined.

On one hand, we have a group, whose priority is intellectual, non-monetary, so they will be indifferent to this issue.

On the other hand we have a small group of cunning, skilled people capable of doing anything – legal or not – to earn money using their charisma and social capabilities. Fortunately, this group is smaller. However, this is the one that has generated the bad reputation of being hypocrites, swindlers, and villains.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Gemini?

When Mars touches Gemini it’s not a sign you can argue with, when they are in a good mood, the talk will flow naturally, but they won’t tolerate contradictions or disagreements with their point of view. When they get angry they can start screaming and escalate the argument to a real battlefield for hours, though they don’t mention they need to win. They simply exhaust their opponent with their extensive knowledge until they are right.

They are superficial. Many times they are called pseudo-intellectuals because they know little of many things. That is because of their anxiety and wanting to cover everything, without specializing in something or deepening the subject.

They are manipulative and use people at their convenience, so you should be careful when a Gemini has a certain non-sentimental or intimate interest in you.

Unpredictable they can say one thing and do a totally different one. Undecided and highly volatile, they are not people who have any commitment to people or are reliable in keeping their promises

They are somewhat egocentric; they like to be the center of attention and looks. They tend to attract a lot of attention and they like to be right about everything. And even in relationships, although they are very open-minded in intimacy they do not tolerate being an option and not the priority. They just want to be number one.

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