Mars in Leo

The Zodiac Signs aren’t just limited to your ‘Sun Sign’ which everyone is familiar with. You also have a Mars Sign and other planetary signs if you look at your birth chart and this gives a clearer picture of who you are and what you’re born with. To have your Mars placed in Leo means your ‘Mars Sign’ is Leo.

zodiac sign lion horoscope design 4374408
zodiac sign lion horoscope design 4374408

It has always been known that the planets influence the zodiacal signs and that these are directly related to each other. There are signs that are governed by one planet, but one planet can also affect several signs. 

This is the case of Mars, the great red planet in which different characteristics and actions are reflected. This planet influences people by transmitting a competitive, conquering, and intuitive spirit. Mars is also associated with fire and passion, sexually speaking. In this opportunity, we will know how this planet influences the Leo zodiacal sign.

Although it is a sign that is governed by the sun, depending on the position of Mars it can also influence people in the Leo sign. It is generally known that this planet transmits energy, creativity, and unique willpower to the lions. These skills can be seen in actresses, and art lovers, although they can also be found in other work and professional aspects. However, two outstanding characteristics of Mars in Leo, is that they are stable and determining. 

How Are People Born Under Mars in Leo In Their Personality?

As for the personality of people born on Mars about Leo, you can notice a natural ability to lead. These people tend to inspire a lot of confidence in others and always want to be at the forefront, demonstrating competitiveness in the activities that seem important to them. 

They are also characterized by being very sure of their beliefs, which they maintain and defend, no matter what opposition is created among people who do not agree with them. In things like these you can see how passionate and fixed they can be about something. 

Mars-born Leo‘s are also generous, assertive, and independent in their feelings, actions, and opinions. Their natural ability to lead makes it easy for them to take charge, and they do so with enthusiasm and in an exceptional way. He also likes to have fun from time to time and is quite attracted to the opposite sex.

How Are They in Love?

In love, Mars-born Lions are usually very passionate and ardent. However, they can also become possessive and jealous. Men like to show their strength, passion, and pride, doing everything in their power to please their partner. In addition, they usually have partners who make them look good, also making a sense of playfulness at the time of intimacy. 

Sometimes both men and women can be bossy and willful, but this comes with their characteristic leadership. When they feel oppressed, they often overdo it or take too many risks without thinking about the consequences. However, they have a great capacity to achieve what they set out to do with great enthusiasm, so if they like a girl they will do what is necessary to conquer her. 

Lions born on Mars tend to have long relationships, these are stable people who like to enjoy what they have and are busy keeping the spark of love alive. The passion, masculinity, strength, and pride of men often create a strong attraction to women, who are responsible for receiving all their energy and vitality.

How Are They in Bed/ Intimacy/ Carnal Relations?

As far as the intimacy of relationships is concerned, men are ardent and passionate, so much so that they could go wild at times. They always seek to be good lovers in bed, until they achieve maximum pleasure for their partner. But if they discover that their partner is cheating on them at the moment of intimacy, that he is feigning pleasure, they will be very disappointed, and raising their spirits again can be quite a challenge. 

How Are They In Career/Fortune/Wealth?

Thanks to enthusiasm, leadership, and willpower, the ideal jobs for Mars-born Leo tend to be those where they can become business employers. However, they could work in any area, as they can also be great doctors, politicians, or movement leaders. 

In general, they have good fortune, and it is thanks to the efforts they make to always get ahead. The Mars-born Leo strives in his work and in the various facets of his life to ensure good stability and good fortune during his life. 

Leo has the ability to perform well in any type of job and usually maintains good financial stability. They always work hard at what they do and try to do it well so that they can receive good rewards. 

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Leo?

Mars-born Leo may suffer from illness and other martial accidents. It is also true that these people have great vitality, but if they do not have the proper care it could be very easy to get sick. After all, Mars is known to have a strong position, and so much so that sometimes, money can be received from a family inheritance or from another superior.  

Another thing that a Mars-born Leo must be careful of is that they can suffer from cholera, which could be very difficult to appease resulting in great fear of not being able to overcome it. 

At work, they must be careful not to become difficult bosses, as their pride could mow them down and make them a lout as a boss. Sometimes they can get a lot of resistance at work, so you need to check yourself carefully and make sure there are no resentments. 

Another thing that Leo is affected by when they are born in the position of Mars is that they could suffer the loss of a child. Although they may have them like many people, the position of Mars could threaten the little one’s death, either in an accident or simply by disappearing.

All people born with Mars in Leo are characterized by good charisma and generate a good and strong impression. They have a lot of confidence in themselves and a gift for self-promotion, but they must make sure they know what they are doing and support their every action. They achieve everything they set out to do and learn to relate well to most people.

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