Libra is one of the signs most affected by the position of Mars. After all, it is a powerful location, but for Libra their situation is difficult in several ways. The position of Mars on the different zodiacal signs satisfies the desires, needs, and wills of the different zodiacal signs, but in the case of Libra, it considers the needs and desires of other people above its own. This causes the person’s forces to be opposed, making it sometimes effective and sometimes frustrating.

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Mars-born Librans tend to be very indecisive, but they always do what they set out to do. Also, although they always seek to please others before themselves, they may end up hindering the other person instead of helping them. They always avoid conflict and confrontation and are usually very passive in most cases.

How Are People Born Under Mars In Libra In Their Personality?

If you see a person who is very interested in pleasing and defending others, even more than themselves, it is very possible that he is facing Mars in Libra. However, this does not imply that they are hard-working people; on the contrary, they prefer to live in peace, stimulating everything around them to have a “balance”. When they are challenged, they tend to hide and go unnoticed, they always avoid problems and are not at all aggressive.

Even if they have had moments of anger or injustice, they prefer to keep a low profile and let no one know that side of it. However, all those feelings and emotions within the person tend to explode at some point and they show up with sneaky behavior and subterfuge. There are also natives of Mars in Libra who are fighters for justice and equality for all.

On top of that, the people of Mars in Libra anticipate problems and discord and know how to deal with or avoid them. They know how to manage any kind of conflict and are excellent at resolving it.

How Are They In Love?

In love, Mars in Libra is quite romantic and affective, without being so inclined to sex. They like to role-play, but they’re also conservative about relationships. When they are really in love they are interested in maintaining romance, sensuality, and even eroticism.

During courtship, Mars in Libra usually creates a romantic environment and always seeks to satisfy the couple. They always show kindness and warmth. However, once they reach the point of the sexual encounter, they discover their passionate and wild nature.

In general, they are usually very good lovers, romantic and a real sweetheart. But when they feel that their partner is cheating on them or hiding information from them, they may leave because of the infidelity.

How Are They In Bed/ Intimacy/ Carnal Relations?

In intimacy, these people take all the time they need to please their partner. They usually provoke the couple in a silent way and always try to make the intimate environment balanced and perfect to make the relationship as pleasant as possible.

They always try to do things right and like to apply sexual role-playing to create more stimulation. Also, they feel they need to change and grow sexually occasionally. They also like to receive as much as they give, so that there is equity at the time of the carnal relationship.

Because their moods can vary in various ways, they can become demanding at the time of sex. It had always been believed that Mars in Virgo was the most demanding in terms of the sexual act, but the truth is that Libra is much more demanding than Virgo. However, if you manage to satisfy a Libra born on Mars you can be sure that he will always be thinking of you and your needs.

How Are They In Career/Fortune/Wealth?

As they always seek to please others, in the work or professional part, they always seek to do their best until they gain the admiration of their superiors and are excellent workers. They are characterized by their search for excellence, and they perform very well in artistic activities, fashion and beauty, interior design, and the like.

They also show great creativity and like to take the conflicts, paradoxes, and discords of others to make it a work of art. When there are conflicts at work, always channel the way to help and solve the situation in a way that is fair to everyone. They are also excellent for business, and law and law school careers.

Librans always want to excel in everything they do, which is why we often see them in law, arts, and sometimes business activities and careers. For them, recognition is important and they like to be taken into account.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Libra?

Despite being passive, they can accumulate many emotions and feelings of anger until they explode at some point. If they find out they are being cheated, they may also take some aggressive attitudes.

However, their very character drives them towards calm and avoids any kind of confrontation. They prefer to keep a low profile, but when they get too upset they can explode. An example of this is when the couple’s needs are not met; as the days go by and the scenario continues to repeat itself, it will get angrier and angrier until it finally explodes. The consequences of this scenario could be catastrophic.

They do not always consume all their energy and do not have a great libido, so they may seem lazy at times. However, the Mars-born Librans like to be pleased and admired, so to maintain a healthy relationship with them it is better to try as hard as they can to meet their needs in the best possible way.

Mars in Libra tends to be compared a lot with Virgos, and there are those who confuse them on many occasions. But what needs to be clarified is that Virgos can be much more demanding than Libra, and not only in the sexual part but in many of its different aspects. It may be easier to deal with a Libra than a Virgo.

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