Mars in Pisces

Mars is the planet that represents the passions, not in vain was chosen by the Romans as their divinity of war and anger. Pisces (February 20 to March 20) is a water sign that is known for its calm personality, patience, kindness. They are sensitive and empathetic towards the feelings and suffering of others and try to help when necessary. They are very kind and creative. Under the light of Mars, they have peculiar behaviors in various aspects

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How are people born under Mars in Pisces born in their personality?

Pisces is a sign that varies due to its empathy, its good heart, helps those who need it without hesitation, and always extends its hand, loving and kind. The light from Mars causes anxiety to them. And they want to spend time with people who are also restless. Their desire to help others increases, even if it reaches a point where they become overwhelmed and want to talk about their problems, they will always choose to help others. This, on one hand is good, who doesn’t like a person they can always trust? Except those full of emotional charges that do not correspond to them.

They are unpredictable and very intense in everything they do and are guided by their feelings, not with logic or reason. When Mars is over Pisces, it increases their emotional impulses, making them act in defense of others and help them.

How are they in love

People under the sign of Pisces are very sentimental. Delivered, loving, they know how to listen. A Pisces man in love will be faithful and will dedicate each day to making that person he loves happy. A Pisces woman will be caring and loving. Mars makes them an ideal match. Because it encourages them to be more active, to have more initiative in relationships, and with projects that they have traced as a couple. They dedicate time and dedication to everything they do and they like monogamy, in their hearts, there is room for only one person when they are truly in love.

How are they in bed/intimacy / carnal relations

Although they are a water sign, Pisces tends to be fiery, the forbidden attracts them and under the light of Mars, they become exceptional lovers. Every taboo subject will excite them, they are intrigued by sex and they want to enjoy it to the fullest. They enjoy giving themselves to their partners, being submissive and although they do not have the initiative in sexual games, they enjoy and adapt to them naturally.

Their minds are very open when it comes to exploring pleasure and they like to be overpowered. They like to live isolated in a fantasy world and bed they reflect it with role plays where they can fulfill those fantasies.

How are they in career/fortune / wealth

People under the sign of Pisces like to listen to the problems of others and help them solve them. The ideal career? Psychology, consulting, social work, medicine, this means areas where they can develop that empathy to their fullest potential to serve others. Mars unleashes in Pisces the energy necessary to excel in artistic or creative production.

They like to stay in peace. Avoiding conflicts and discussions, they know how to work under pressure and bring support and tranquility to those around them. Don’t get carried away by frustration. If they don’t succeed the first time, they stop, analyze their surroundings, find the errors, correct them, and continue, not interested in being leaders or in the lead. They like a simple job where can contribute more sentimentally to the job, in other words. A Pisces sign care more about peer relationships and harmony, making them excellent counselors.

In fortune, they are detached from the material. And its wealth is more spiritual. But if you want to exploit that potential for a comfortable financial life, then the arts, literature, can become a good personal influencer or motivator. Encouraging others, supporting, and raising their spirits are typical qualities of this sign, and thanks to that warrior aura that Mars gives them this intensifies.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Pisces?

Under the light of Mars the typical passivity of this sign intensifies, Pisces has no initiative and they let time pass instead of taking the bull by the horns and taking on their challenges. They prefer to go with the flow. Although they are creative they always need to be motivated and driven. Many times they are frustrated by always being those who are there to support and motivate and get nothing in return.

If they can’t find a creative way to deal with frustration and anger, they become very self-destructive, since they don’t like hurting others they prefer to hurt themselves, using drugs or alcohol. They are undecided and with an unstable temperament, some days they live to the fullest, they want to create and build, another day they are only carried away by the inertia of time. This makes them unstable and it is difficult for them to keep a job.

Sentimentally, they are somewhat jealous. Not the obsessive type but if they like to be the center of affection and affection, their determination and fidelity are impressive and they expect nothing less from their partners. They are also somewhat distracted if you try to conquer someone under this sign it is unlikely to notice your subtle hints. You would have to make a sign saying “I like you very much” and it would still hesitate.

They are somewhat depressing. The burden they put on their shoulders is not an easy matter. So much empathy has its negative side and since they do not tend to share that burden they prefer to retain it for themselves.

Their desire is to have someone they trust by their side. They would not impose themselves on the relationship, but they like to be adored, pampered, and tend to be disappointed when they are tricked. This makes them anxious, losing trust on people.

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