From the beginning, Mars was the ruling planet over Scorpio, and this was so until Pluto appeared in the Solar System. However, Mars has a great influence on Scorpio and makes this zodiac sign one of the most fascinating and attractive.

horoscope signs of the zodiac 4032024
horoscope signs of the zodiac 4032024

We know that the position of Mars affects all signs in different ways, but one of the signs that it affects most positively is Scorpio. The natives on Mars in Scorpio are known for being very intense and energetic. Among their characteristics and habits, you can notice their enthusiasm for doing things, and they take every opportunity to achieve what they want.

How Are People Born Under Mars in Scorpio In Their Personality?

People born on Mars in Scorpio are characterized by a very charismatic and energetic personality, but their desires are not always at first sight but they keep them hidden. They can also become quite obsessive and clinging to many things, and they like to be mysterious.

One thing that also needs to be mentioned about the personality of the Scorpio-born under Mars is that they are not easy to deceive, and in case they are deceived, they can easily be discovered. Even their intuition can lead them to the point of playing the game of deception until they finally catch the person and expose him or her.

Mars-born Scorpios also like to get into other people’s business and worry about them. They are often inspired by some activity that they find attractive, but they can also become a nuisance and take advantage of the weaknesses of others to make fun of or stand out from a crowd or group.

How Are They in Love?

Scorpions born under Mars tend to have much stronger emotions but tend to hide their true desires. However, when they set out to get a girl they always do their best to get her. They tend to be very disciplined in everything they do and when it comes to making love to someone or being romantic with their partner they do it with great satisfaction.

However, if they feel threatened or cheated on, they may show dangerous attitudes and hurt their partner’s feelings. They are very proud and determined people, and that’s why they always strive to make the girl they like to fall in love with.

Sensuality and passion in love is something that Scorpios born under Mars know how to demonstrate, and it always shows physical and emotional satisfaction when they feel fulfilled. They are also very faithful to their partners and like to share their things only with them, although perhaps not all of them.

In general, Scorpios are always very serious about love and romance, but they always seek to receive the same things they offer. They are very equitable and usually show their passion at the moment of sexual encounters.

How Are They in Bed/ Intimacy/ Carnal Relations?

Those Scorpio who do not lead a single love life, and even those who do, often demonstrate an animal magnetism at the time of intimacy and sexual relations. Their eyes always transmit a voracious sexual appetite, so they easily excite their partners or the opposite sex. They always have a sexual intensity that they need to release regularly, and they do not feel it as just another desire but require it for their health and well-being. They may be possessive during the action and want to take control, but they always look for partners who are as intense as they are or who are neutral, but only if they are equally pleased.

Fights often excite them, and they love role-playing. Sometimes they may become aggressive, but once they realize it they show compassion and delight in experiencing whatever comes to mind. Scorpio is probably the most sexual and erotic zodiac sign of all. It’s as if all the libido and sexual power of all the signs came together as one, in Scorpio.

How Are They In Career/Fortune/Wealth?

People born on Mars over Scorpio tend to have a competitive spirit, so they don’t give up so easily and achieve success in the best of cases. They are always looking for work that they are passionate about and in which they have areas to research that are increasingly deep and complex. They tend to choose careers where there is a lot of human drama, the more drama, and mystery the better.

They like to face challenges where they have to prove and demonstrate their skills, and they can work calmly under pressure and take advantage of opportunities that may arise. Some of the careers and jobs that Scorpios choose are in the health sector, the arts, business, politics, and even crime work.

Thanks to the Scorpios competitiveness they always tend to have a good fortune. However, when it takes them too long, they can stay in one job where they feel comfortable so they are not advancing and generating more profit.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Scorpio?

One of the things to look out for in Scorpio born under Mars is that they can get carried away by their emotions and become jealous and possessive. They can also be very controlling and intimidating, which not everyone likes.

Another thing that can be annoying about Scorpios is that they always want to be more than others, they think they can do more things than others or that they are better than everyone. At the time of meetings with people like them, there can be inconveniences and discord for the same ambition and greed of each one.

All this adds up to the worst of the negative things these people have, their vengeful side. Scorpios born under Mars are the most vengeful people in the entire zodiac and can hold grudges for a lifetime.

When a Scorpio is unhappy or feels that it is not making proper use of its energy, it may reach the point of depression where it self-destructs. So strong can this feeling be that all your anger, feelings, hatred, and negative emotions can be felt by anyone around you.

Always avoid these people when they are upset, sad, or in a depressed mood as they might end up hitting or hurting you in some way.

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