Mars in Taurus

The Taurus sign (April 21 to May 21) is an earth sign, it represents stability. Willpower. They are conservative, unlike other signs that rebel against authority, Taurus respects the rules and laws, and they are good followers of a leader who motivates and inspires confidence.

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They are persevering, they do not remain sunk in the problems. They keep walking and get ahead. Sometimes their spirit is very rigid and it is difficult to get them out of their comfort zone. Mars in Taurus represents a planet in exile, that is, a force, in this case, Mars with a sign where it is not comfortable and its energy is not well distributed.

How Are People Born Under Mars in Taurus In Their Personality?

Taurus is practical, orderly. Seriously, he commits himself to what he has proposed and executes it correctly, without haste, but without stopping. In the light of Mars, this changes very little. Being a planet in exile, its energy is barely noticeable, it is very realistic, but it prefers stability. The change scares them, and causes anxiety and insecurity. They prefer to keep control over everything; despite their tough exterior they are friendly and responsive. They take as much time as necessary to complete their tasks, make decisions, and act. Like the animal that represents the sign, it needs to process and digest.

Plan everything in great detail. Does not like surprises; they are responsible and constant in their work. They also prefer the company of people they know and trust. This makes them insecure at times and their self-esteem needs to be reaffirmed from time to time.

They are slow to get angry. They prefer to settle things calmly and their temperament is very warm. You will rarely see an angry Taurus, but, when they get angry they bring out their horns.

How are they in love

Taurus is an earth sign, stable, fixed, and traditional. They are attentive and like to make very traditional gifts: bouquets, chocolates, and love letters. They are sensible, respectful; it is the most sensory sign of all, so they are ideal to appreciate things to their full potential.

When they fall in love they do not run towards that person, it is not their own or their sign. Not even the light of Mars turns them into impulsive people. Rather they enhance their earth element of building a nice place and waiting the time it takes to conquer that person, they are very sensory and attentive to details. So an enamored Taurus is subtle, with initiative, but prudence. They wait patiently, showing their interest and making sure step by step to build a stable and lasting relationship. They do not like romances because they are volatile and fleeting

How are they in bed/intimacy / carnal relations

For Taurus, intimacy is one of his favorite activities, considered one of the best lovers; the light of Mars feeds his passions and libido. They don’t need encouragement; always takes the initiative in bed. Very sensory, it is difficult to deceive them at the moment of climax, they are attentive and take time to synchronize their body with the body of another person, this fascinates them, and they do it in a passionate, even methodical way.

Don’t wait in their home library for the Kamasutra. They lack imagination and will only use traditional techniques. Their carnal relationships are frequent, they like to do it frequently, have great energy and they gladly accept any initiative and foreplay that you want to incorporate. Of course, you must know how to choose the moment, and be subtle. This sign is determined and it is difficult to get you out of their comfort zone.

How are they in career/fortune / wealth

Taurus is more an efficient and focused worker than a leader. So if you find a place where they feel comfortable and confident in the chain of command, it will execute any task even automatically. Their fear of change gives them the ability to avoid stress from monotony, it is stable. So they like jobs that do not undergo unexpected changes, maybe related to agriculture, livestock. They are excellent farm workers, attentive to detail, and crop changes. They also have a certain tendency towards the arts and music.

Taurus is ambitious. They like to have quality things. Fine food, abundant drink, they are not stingy in it, they likes to have money, valuable objects. But do not like easy money, this is a person who likes to work tirelessly to get what they want. They are not gamblers or wasteful, but when they fall in love they do like to give good gifts.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Taurus?

Mars in Taurus is in exile, as we already mentioned; this means that these characteristic impulses of aggressiveness and action do not have much effect in Taurus. This earth sign is characterized by being a rock capable of supporting everything, patient, it takes a long time to get angry but when it does it makes people run away. Taurus’ anger is blind and under the light of Mars, they can be very impulsive once they erupt and they do not measure the consequences.

They hate hypocritical, manipulative people who believe they can take advantage of them for the patience and kindness that represent them. They are patient, yes, up to a certain limit. When they explode they cut off any relationship with that person and plan cold-blooded revenge.

They don’t like change, they don’t like risky movements. As a couple, they can become possessive and very jealous. Not out of insecurity, but for fear of losing its stability. For them, even this is more important than their partner itself, falling into a very damaging cycle for the relationship.

They are proud and find it hard to admit that they have been hurt. They do not express their feelings easily nor do they like to mention it. For them, it is a way to be weak. Their personal space is sacred and they often get angry when their schedule is altered

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