Mars in Virgo

Sometimes, some people with the same zodiac sign can behave very differently. Of course, two people cannot have the same behavior, the same tastes, etc. But between two people who are of the same sign, there will always be similarities. However, there are some exceptions, and these happen when people are born according to the position of the planets.

zodiac sign virgin horoscope design 4374409
zodiac sign virgin horoscope design 4374409

Mars is one of the planets that influence people in a more direct and varied way, those with some more signs and others less. On this occasion, we will know what are the characteristics of those people born with Mars in Virgo to learn to identify and understand them better. It’s possible that you’re one of them and haven’t realized it yet.

How Are People Born Under Mars in Virgo In Their Personality?

Those born on Mars in Virgo are characterized by always having their eyes on a target. However, they have the ability to do several things at once and to do them well. They are also quite practical, sometimes scattered, but that is because they want to do many things at once. They tend to have logical and disciplined thinking, so they are quite careful and orderly with most of their things.

Virgos born under Mars are also stubborn and critical, but they are not aggressive. However, if they make them too much trouble they can become quite uncompromising, so you have to avoid taking them too far. They always prefer everything their own way and don’t mind having to work hard. They are also usually very energetic but also nervous, so they can get restless quite quickly.

How Are They In Love?

For the Virgos of Mars, love is quite subtle. They prefer to show affection and love to their partner when they are in private, although this does not take away from how difficult it is for them to be calm and uncritical. They are always looking for people who are sensitive to their needs and to their strict order and cleanliness. They are not very common to look for casual or one-night stands, preferring to stay alone until they find the right person.

At the time of sex, they may feel insecure, although they are attracted to people who are unaware of their lives. Virgos will always look for ways to give details to their partner so that he feels loved and appreciated. They know how to respect limits, are delicate, and make sure they give good attention.

Despite being very respectful, they are very curious about what they can do when they are with the right partner. They are also not very selective or demanding, as Virgos are usually known. In fact, they may look for a partner who has imperfections for themselves to care for. There is no doubt that the Virgos from Mars will be a fantastic company worth falling in love with.

How Are They In Bed/ Intimacy/ Carnal Relations?

Virgos born on Mars usually have an excellent sexual attitude. For them, sex is a bodily need that brings them wellbeing. They like to release tension every day, either alone or with their partner. As mentioned above, Virgos are strongly attracted to people who go unnoticed.

In many horoscopes and astrology sites, it has always been said that Virgos because they are the sign of the Virgin, is usually demanding when it comes to sexual intimacy. However, this is not true, Virgos like it simple and sweet, as they are quite respectful and always seek to do their best to satisfy the other party.

They like the idea of being their partner’s slave, but they can get upset when you appreciate everything they do. Sometimes they also feel insecure about their bodies, but this leads them to try harder to excite the other person. A Virgo born on Mars can make a whole spectacle of the other person feel well cared for, as no one else has done, and manage to satisfy them completely.

But it is really necessary to clarify that Virgos are not as demanding on sex as many people think and say. On the contrary, they are very curious about this subject and that always motivates them to want to give their best. At first, they may not express it clearly, but they will always do some or several signs to show what they can do and they are not afraid to get dirty, but always within the healthy.

How Are They in Career/Fortune/Wealth?

For those who are from Mars in Virgo, work represents one of their greatest passions in life. They often feel enormous satisfaction in achieving a goal in their work or in any other area of their personal life, even if it was a simple and insignificant task. They strive to always do things right and take the privilege of having done a good job. Also, they tend to like what they do more than other signs. But always in a silent way and under his own effort that seems to have no limits.

Virgos are some of the most peaceful people in the world. They can live quietly in the same job for decades and not feel the ambition to have more and more money. They like what they do, what they have learned to do, and prefer to keep the comfort that allows them to live well, without much luxury or wealth.

Among the jobs that Virgos born under Mars like the most are those in the health sector. You can find many doctors, nurses, or even gym and fitness instructors.

What to Watch Out For / Negative Traits of Individuals with Mars in Virgo?

Those that were born with Mars in Virgo are not usually aggressive people, but they can be very harsh with their criticism and comments, although it is rare for them to put pressure on others. When a Mars-born in Virgo gets upset, they shut down completely, and sometimes they can be hard to find, but it’s not so easy to get them upset either. On the other hand, these people could easily become nervous, as they are sensitive to many things.

Another thing that is a pro and at the same time can be considered a con, is that their addiction to work can turn them into excessive perfectionists, which can trigger criticism of the work of others and be unreasonably humble.

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