Mercury Retrograde – An Overview

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What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Unlike the name suggests, Mercury isn’t actually reversing the orbit. It is only an illusion that Mercury is moving backward when you are viewing the planet from Earth. All planets go through a retrograding phase and the things they command on, lose control as no one is there to govern them. This is why when Mercury is retrograding, we lose a sense of calm and control in relationships, communication, and contracts. This three-week long cycle is where the Mercury cuts chords with what it generally controls and we find that we’re going off in a completely negative and unbalanced tangent of our emotions and feelings. We might start feeling that basic things, like how we talk, our hold on the subconscious, or emotions which were once effortlessly in control, need more effort and care than usual.

Mercury Retrograde And Its Effects

We experience a shift in our consciousness, where our subconscious suddenly becomes the driving force, and we suddenly feel anxious, emotional almost like we’re losing grip of ourselves. Our conscious mind which is usually on the driving seat suddenly is at a standstill which is why we tend to make a lot of mistakes unintentionally.

We may start to feel like we’re living in a dream state, this is because our subconscious holds our dream side. On the contrary, we’re actually awake during this phase which is why a lot of things that lie in our subconscious floats to the surface – our insecurities, fears, old habits, and patterns.

During the Retrograde, your subconscious voice may be more prominent, as if it were suddenly louder, making you believe that your thoughts emerging from these emotions are true and real.

Although this retrograde period makes you reflect on your own subconscious, recognize, and break patterns that are unhealthy, it can also heighten these aspects. So it is important that along with working on the areas your subconscious shows you, that you don’t blame your subconscious for the extremes that you are facing during this time. This is why knowing and being aware of Mercury retrograde periods are important so you can stay clear of giving in into these negative outbursts.

Mercury Retrograde – Advice

It’s said that you shouldn’t make any major decisions during the retrograde because you will have difficulties in making a sound significant plan as your rational mind will barely be at work making it difficult to plan correctly or stick to a decision. It isn’t a good time for crucial communication or to begin any new project. It’s not an ideal time to make contracts or sign deals regarding work or home either as it might arise problems later. The environment is extremely tangible and may change direction once this period is over, giving you only momentary satisfaction.

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