It is the 11th sign of the zodiac, and woman born with the Moon in Aquarius is like a free bird as she is born with the symbol of water, and water is uncontrollable. No one can ever control her. If you are thinking anything regarding control her, then you are just wasting your time and effort. She is charged with a lot of power and force inside out. She may turn on or act against your expectations.

Earth's Moon


Moon in Aquarian woman is kind-hearted and loves to help others. She is friendly and seems like she does care for all. She is always there for those who are in need. Still, her emotions do not praise others through conversation, no matter how helpful she is. You can always thank her for taking you out of a big problem or an abusive relationship. However, in return, you will get her unbiasedness.

Do not think that she does not understand the word. The truth is that she cannot feel the gratitude coming towards her. Just because, in the end, she “thinks” she has not done anything significant for you at all. She is adorable, generous, and kind never asks for anything in return.

She will display her independence and love for freedom through her choice of clothes and makeup. She is the one who is fashionable and trend follower.

Aquarius lady enjoys spending time with herself, building her future, striving to become better, and she does this with nothing but the power of her own will. She prefers doing things this way she wants to do. This does not mean that she is mean although she is a very friendly and communicative person who knows how to approach and become friends with others.

She might also become friends with a series of people. Definitely, she is outgoing, and practices talks with outsiders. She can be harsh in her words, but she prefers peace over wars.

The good thing about her is that she will remain calm during great emotional pressure while most of us would fail to be quiet. She will always try to find a practical and logical solution to any given problem.


Moon in Aquarius woman is an Open-minded Lover. If you have a relationship with her is a whole new experience that you will wish never ends. She brings out the best in her partner and encourages him to think differently, be more open-minded like her, and develop himself significantly as time goes on.

For those who are not happy with just living a boring lifestyle, then consider finding such a woman do something boldly. She will want to meet an open-minded person who can roam the world with her, and not get stuck in the routine herbals that society imposes on everyone.

She likes her freedom, and she is mostly able to keep her emotions in control, so she wants a relationship based on mutual trust, love, loyalty, and the search for freedom. She is Straightforward and honest right from the very beginning, and she will likely have a much more stable and long-standing relationship than others.

Most importantly, she does not want to give up on her normal behavior because her partner might be jealous or feel attacked. Her freedom is essential, and she will never let it go, for anyone. In return, she will be loving and loyal to her lover, mostly due to her hard rules and ethics, for all that she might go indirectly from time to time.

She wants her love mate as a one, who is always there when she needs him rather its just her stupid judgments or unusual belief. She usually ends up with partners who have the same wants and needs as her because they are the rare ones who can understand her behavior and needs.


Aquarius lady look for a love mate in the bed in the bed, who can brighten her up with his dazzling intellect. She looks for a person with a better appearance, as she wants a capable person (charming and good looking) in her bed while sex, she has to filter her thinking of sex. She loves to experience new and exciting things and talk in bed. She loves to get experience from new challenges in her sex life.

She is a passionate lover as well as reliable. So, she doesn’t like cheaters and deceivers, when someone ever tries to cheat her. She simply quit without saying anything and never tried to approach again.

She has the energy, and she is unpredictable. She keeps a calm attitude, but inside she is wild and childish. She is into hardcore techniques, but she also likes kissing, cuddling, and excellent foreplay. She will, at times, be involving or given to unusual sexual behavior. Her passion and thirst for the unknown are getting expressed very well when she makes love.

Moreover, she does not bring her emotions into bed. Mixing feelings with lovemaking is not her way. She makes sure her partner is happy, but she views sex as another necessity in life.

Her ideal partner needs to be fun and always looking to engage in new activities. She likes him to tease her, but she will never give all of herself to him. Unconventional and fun, you can easily say this woman is one of the kinkiest over others.


Moon in Aquarius woman is keen observers. She is interested in studying human behavior and why do people act in a particular way. This lady is interested in unusual professions, especially those who gain public attention. She doesn’t like to be bored, and continuous tasks make her tired. She has a good sense of virtue (idealism), and she is overwhelmed by technology.

She makes money by her confidence and independence. She invests in new and interesting ideas but avoids taking the risk. She better understand that ‘how to make money’ but she is not the person ‘who lives for money.’ She can be a social worker as she loves to help people because of her kind-hearted.

She can be an artist. She will explore up with new ideas and questions. Her self confidence allows her to either do her life financially stable or give a purpose in life. She can be a professor that is because she has to dig into her area of knowledge, and she will have a unique way of doing so. She could dismantle and create theories, and pass what she has figured out onto others.

She can make things happen, and for as much as she can keep her positive side in control, she can be a good boss. Her colleagues will find her inspiring and helpful. She is hardworking, and she can also be suitable as a teacher, psychologist, musician, politician, social worker, or manager.


She attends to her attempt at keeping other people at some distance, either through words or actions. She prefers having her private space untouched, and she is mostly restrained when it comes to social events. Sure, she can be communicative and have many friends, but few can come close to them.

She will stick to her plans and dreams regardless of the obstacles met on the way. It does not matter who shows up to ruin her plans. It does happen that she keeps on pushing forward with the same idea, even though it may be wrong to do so, or they may not be correct in all regards, but it isn’t significant.

She can focus for too long on her dream worlds and principles, and do not even realize that she has responsibilities in the real world that she has to take care of. Although generally reliable and hardworking, the Moon in Aquarius woman can lose their focus on some occasions.

She looks at life through a unique perspective of her own. Nobody is more confident of their rightness than her. Arguments with her can be an exercise in frustration because she knows what she knows, and there is no move to her perspective.

Evaluating the positions of Moon will present you with a unique insight into Aquarius’ personality and traits, and It will disclose the meaning close on to your Zodiac sign.

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