It is the 9th sign of the zodiac, and a woman born with the Moon in Sagittarius has a curious nature and wants to get to know more and more about everything. Independently, she likes to talk about everything. She loves to talk about everything, and she also likes to do things in her own way.

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She is full of command and potency, she is a Hawker and is active in a different sport, or you can say a sportswoman. She is very intrusive and active More of that she is a woman who loves Adventures and other stuff she is more into Going on different trips and vacations she loves doing thrilling stuff she can’t stay free.

She is perfect in her personality; she always does stuff differently and make it different from others. She is a woman with passion, a person who doesn’t like to look or behave like others; she always loves being different and unique.

She is always Unique in her dressing, way of talking, behaving, and taking moves on every situation of life. Even if she is in a difficult situation, she observes it first before taking any step or giving responses to others. She loves herself to be the hot topic of the time, as she loves watching herself be people’s motivation or inspiration.

Moreover, she is more into books than people. She loves reading stuff like people’s thoughts on different topics. She really is a woman with passion and style, a woman who holds herself strong in every situation. She is hard to pin down as she always looks strong and wild.

She is a woman hard to understand a woman, who is deep, and you can’t know her at once, or by knowing her one step or talk, you need to go down and deep with her to know her purely. She is pure in her talk and behaves. She doesn’t put herself in the same space at twice.

She loves being different, so she loves to get treated differently. She doesn’t open herself to you first, but as you started to know her, she will be an open book to you and a sweet and simple girl you know truly.


She is never too easy to make her fall for you. She is more likely to be a free bird, a bird who can’t be catch or make her strangle in something without her attention. That thing does not make her never fall in love, or she can never be in love.

A Sagittarius woman is hard to make her fall as you have to show her how loyal you’re into her and how much she makes to fall for her every single time you get to know her, show her your true side, be real with her, be yourself and be hers only.

She is unique to be in her personality, so she also wants her lover to be that true, loyal, real, and different. The only thing she prefers in love is to be true. If you are you with her not being a person who just wants a little time to pass with her, she will be giving you everything.

She is more likely a person who desires to be loved more than anything make her your friend. She loves making cute memories. She serves her partner/lover with everything needed to be in a true relationship once she started making you as your everything, there is no going back. She just wanted to be loved as she wants the other person to do everything, but she also does different stuff to make her partner feel special and loved.

When a Sagittarius woman is in love, she never thinks of another person or moves the other side. She is a different person in love, a person who is more to be loved. She never puts her ego in the relationship. She prefers the person she loves than to the meaningless ego. She will do everything to make her your one and only.


As Sagittarius is a fire sign, so she is always passionate in bed, pure Physical relations never makes her emotional; she is always confident and never shows greed and is always up for anything as a Sagittarius woman is adventurous in nature, so she loves trying new challenges. She wants her partner to be a person who is bold, intelligent, and seductive in bed.

She is more likely a person who leads first, as you observe. She is always the first one who will take steps to move on. She always knows how to attract you in bed. She always be in her mood to make love to you. With some sensual touch, she will immediately be into her sheets. She gets turned up quickly, so if she laughs while getting you undressed to be surprised, she will be wild as soon as you start making love with her.

She loves talking in bed as she believes you are always real, pure, and true when you make love with a person. A Sagittarius woman doesn’t look like a person into making love or doing stuff, but she really is. She is not mean in bed, but if she is not satisfied with you, then she will make it her way to be ended satisfactorily. She keeps things easy and relaxed in bed, making you feel comfortable and proceeding with the stuff more willingly. She is always interested in new stuff, so she would always ask you to do differently.

As she is a skilled lover, so she will show her love and real side while making love in bed. She takes her happiness from how pleased you are with the lovemaking you two are having. She gets hot as you touch her, so as soon as you start making love, she will make sure that you get adequately satisfied. Please make sure you’re exciting and fun when in bed with her.

If you can’t have the same stamina as she has, she will be bored with you. She always knows the tricks to make you turned on or do stuff, she never gets out of the mood.


Sagittarius women are very generous in her work. She goes with a professional-strength to follow her dream/goals. She is always devoting herself to achieve the desired goal. She doesn’t get distracted or demotivated until she gets what she wants.

In the very first place, she chooses her profession very carefully. First, she observes her issues, and in what field she is interested in. She is always positive in her work. She is always aware of the stuff or shortcomings in a way that could distract her from her way. She is always focused on her work; she always has strong opinions and often shares them with a little tact.

This thing makes her kind of brutal, which could make other people think that she is not doing well with others. She can also be impatient and over-focused on being right. This could be a barrier between her and her fellows to cooperate with each other. She is also kind of bossy.

If she is in a place that compliments her personality, she would really be doing great and giving her all her to be a good worker. One positive quality that Sagittarians have the attitude that comes with their love for money. They are willing to do anything to earn a lot of money.

This is also the reason that she is known as the person doing big in her carrier path. She is always willing to earn more money, her desire is never filled and she would never feel guilty in spending a lot of money on anything guilt is never on her list.

If something makes you think that a Sagittarius woman and money does not go along, then you are thinking it wrong it is the most compatible pair, a wild woman, and money goes with a lot of crazy stuff.


With her positive stuff, a Sagittarius woman also has a lot of negative traits. She is mostly inconsistent as she gets bored more easily. There are many things that appeal to her, but she will soon lose interest before someone could get another chance.

If you know a sag girl, you will surely see her getting bore of her job or something else like that after some time. It takes a lot to keep her hooked on one thing. It’s hard for people to keep their interest constant. She is reckless most of the time when it comes to dealing with some of the things. She might make decisions all of a sudden and then regret it later.

Her carefree attitude could lead her to different problems if she keeps it that way. She never thinks of herself to be wrong. It is hard for her to believe or admit that she is wrong; she will go extreme to prove herself right and try everything to make others believe she is right. She is emotionally cold. If she said that she does not care, that really means she really doesn’t care. She never decides with her heart.

She will always be there for you and always support you in every aspect of life, but most of the time, it will be hard for them to believe or understand your emotions. She is short-tempered and gets angry real quick. If you would not agree with her opinion or something they are trying to explain, she will get outraged.

Evaluating the positions of Moon will present you with a unique insight into Sagittarius’ personality and traits, and It will disclose the meaning close on to your Zodiac sign.

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