What Is the Personality of Ophiuchus – The 13th Zodiac Sign

It’s time to discuss the mysterious Ophiuchus astrological sign, the 13th Zodiac sign also known as ‘The Serpent Bearer’. It’s a new energy for many in modern times since a lot of ancient interpretations have been hidden or destroyed from us. Because of this, our information about the “13th Sign of the Zodiac” largely comes from personal experiences and the limited research we have. We value any input you’ve discovered in your own life.


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The Ophiuchus Zodiac sign is the thirteenth sign.

Customarily there are just twelve Zodiac signs. That’s because Ophiuchus, its own constellation that passes over the ecliptic, was grouped with Scorpio because Scorpio spans the bottom part of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus and Scorpio are fundamentally the same as energies, but the two have stark differences that we will describe in this article.

Scorpio includes a focus on the adventure into the more profound parts of life. Scorpio needs to see the true nature of reality. The subsequent stage of the journey, after we see reality, is about doing something with that awareness. This is the key transformative aspects of Scorpio, which are regularly discussed. What’s often missed is that Scorpio has more to do with the consciousness of the instinctual; it is about mindfulness, an earthly attention to the human self.


What Is Ophiuchus’s Energy Like?

In contrast to Scorpio, Ophiuchus changes those ‘earthy/humanly instincts’ into higher states of being.

The centre point of the whole galaxy is right between Ophiuchus and Sagittarius—that’s the point of transformation. Each time a planet goes over this area, it produces a form of transformative energy.

Here in the final stages, metaphorically the caterpillar is just at the point of emerging from the cocoon. There is an awareness of an old state of being and a longing for the new.

To get it to the higher levels, transmutation is required. This is observed in the galactic centre and Ophiuchus. Basically, Ophiuchus teaches taking the instinctual urges and thoughts, the “lower” self, and transforming them into the higher states.

Many spiritual traditions see this transformation occurring through redemption.  In the Christian faith, redemption occurs through and in Christ. Once we recover these “human parts of self,” we mend, we change, we come into that higher or lighter level of awareness. Ophiuchus is all about redemption. Transforming the “lower human self.” We heal as a result of being mindful about these aspects of ourselves.


What Traits do People afflicted with Ophiuchus Exhibit?

Traits of People born under Ophiuchus

These are a few characteristics of Ophiuchus which can be seen in an individual’s personality. For example, if their Sun or Moon is arranged there or maybe their Ascendant is there. You can see the consequences of this sort of perspective in the redemption of a person.

Some qualities in a person or in their personal experiences may be very regenerative. They’ve gone through their change, but their transmutation is always still occurring. Renewal is consistently a part of their life, a never-ending journey.

Normally, these energies and these people do have an extraordinary ability to healing, to help other people mend, and in contributing to the redemption of others. The Ophiuchus person is very adjusted and balanced. They need to help other people and are exceptionally open, needing to transform their own life point of view.  Needing to have that new perspective of awareness about reality, and wanting to act on it, is present in all the ways they interact with their environment.

Ophiuchus are extraordinary healers, very present. Their personal mission is to help others recover and move on from their instinctual selves. Because of this nature, you might find an Ophiuchus in jobs like medicine or psychology, places typically associated with Scorpio. They, unlike other signs, are master healers—of the physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

Spiritedness is another trait of Ophiuchus. The transmutation process brings inner renewal, a deep connection with life, and true acceptance of the changing nature of reality.  There is a freeing feeling when we acknowledge that life has ups and downs, beginnings and endings, and life and death.

The 13th Zodiac sign affirms that life is still in the process of having, and things constantly are being transformed.


It’s Ruling Planet & Element And the Influence this has:

Ophiuchus Ruling Planet - Pluto

If Ophiuchus relates to the ether element, then it would be the only Zodiac sign attached to this substance.

This sign is sometimes mistakenly said to be ruled by Mars, which rules Scorpio. Yet thanks to modern astronomy, we know Ophiuchus is more likely to be governed by Pluto—specifically, it’s moon Chiron.

According to mythology, Chiron is associated with healing traits, which remarkably fits this sign. A ruler is essentially a manifestation of the sign’s qualities, and Chiron’s parallels with Ophiuchus show how true this is.

Ophiuchus is additionally connected with element – water. However, some have called it “ether,” a fifth element, which is noteworthily the lightest energy (like this sign).

This ether represents the transmutation process and the activity of change in the universe. If Ophiuchus relates to the ether element, then it would be the only Zodiac sign attached to this substance. Be that as it may, it appears Ophiuchus should relate to something pliable since it’s so much about the change process. In this way, it’s somewhat like Pisces—obviously feminine in nature just like water energy.

How to Balance the Serpent Bearer’s Influence:

Balance Spiritual Energy with Earthly Energy

This sign is completely opposite the constellation Orion.

The sky is divided into two human parts:

One side customarily symbolizes Orion as – the Hunter. This hunter is a man, representing the extremely physical characteristics of humanity.

While the other side is Ophiuchus, representing change and spiritual transformation—the “spiritual” side of humanity.

One side material and physical, the opposite is spiritual and immaterial.

To combat against excessive Ophiuchus energy, integrate Orion energy, the human, earthly side of existence. A comparable balancing act is seen in Taurus, since Taurus is likewise opposite to Scorpio (and Ophiuchus), showcasing earthly energy.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, you’ve benefited from exploring the 13th Zodiac sign, one that’s not talked about a lot. The Ophiuchus Sign is a transformational sign, representing healing and redemption. It’s an important player in astrology that is often overlooked, but one that is very important for our understanding of all the signs.

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