Is SIDEREAL Astrology More Accurate? 6 Reasons Why It Is

Currently, there are two ways to study astrology, the more traditional form known as tropical astrology, and on the other hand, there is sidereal astrology. But is sidereal astrology more accurate? The short answer is – yes it is considered more accurate and precise when making predictions. Some people however still question whether sidereal or tropical is more accurate. Below we will learn more about this second school of astrology and also see 6 reasons why it is considered more accurate than tropical.


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With astrology and astrological predictions or readings it all comes down to accuracy in the end. However, there are many intricacies and it’s not just about sidereal vs tropical either. Once you can figure the details out you may get remarkably accurate insights that can help solve many problems. This does require a deeper level of understanding. Thankfully we’ve discovered this trick that people can use to get their questions answered accurately and for free.

Although most astrologers around the world still prefer tropical astrology, which is based on the tropical zodiac, which is calculated with the solar cycle beginning on March 21, beginning with the sign of Aries when spring begins; some astrologers are reinventing themselves and have leaned toward sidereal astrology, which is based on fixed stars, also known as constellations.

This calculation technique was discovered by ancient astrologers and is used mostly in India. Thanks to these ancient astrologers it could be known that the constellations had been delimited on a base of 30º, unlike the tropical zodiac that has a displacement of 24º00’004 and this one begin from the 1st of January. If a person is born with the Sun before the 24th, then he will have the previous sign, not the one that would correspond to him according to the tropical astrology. It is also important to note that every 72 years, the change will increase one degree.

Sidereal Astrology

To learn more about this subject, we must study sidereal astrology. This is known to be formed by the twelve constellations of astrology (like tropical astrology), but in sidereal astrology takes into account the slow gradual and continuous movement of fixed stars that symbolize the zodiacal signs from the earth.

Previously, in the civilizations that studied astrology more than 3000 years ago, they identified the beginning of the first one at the beginning of the year, since it was at that moment when life was reborn, for this reason, the beginning of the zero points of the zodiac in the ecliptic was established using the equinoctial summer point.

An equinox is when the Sun can be observed directly on the equator, this happens only for a moment, it does not happen all day. In one year two equinoxes occur; the spring equinox that occurs on March 20 and the autumn equinox that occurs on September 23, during these two days the night and day have the same duration.

Reasons Why Sidereal Astrology Is More Accurate

1. Governed By The Actual Position Of The Planets

It is actually quite simple to determine why sidereal astrology is more accurate than tropical astrology. This astrology fits perfectly with the astronomical positions of the planets in real-time, something that does not happen in tropical astrology. Thanks to research and studies carried out in different Universities and Institutes, it has been possible to determine that the exact locations of the planets affect the neuronal imprint of mammals.

2. Has Different Ecliptic Degrees And Varies According To The Position Of The Planets

Starting from the vernal point, the ecliptic was divided into segments of 30º to put limits to the zodiacal signs. Because there is a difference of approximately 24º between the Sidereal Zodiac and the Tropical Zodiac, each sign is considered to be valid for 30 days, of which 85% of people belong to another sign (the one before the one they have) in the Sidereal Zodiac.

3. Is More Precise

Another reason why we can understand the precision of sidereal astrology is that the calculations performed on it are directly linked to the actual position of the planets, which provides a more accurate calculation, unlike tropical astrology whose calculations do not correspond to the actual positions of the planets demonstrated in books and astrophysics programs.

In order to verify the results of these calculations or to better compare how sidereal and tropical astrology work, we can take a planetary positioning program and notice how their location in the sky does not correspond to the results offered by almost all the programs used by astrologers.

That is why sometimes you hear criticism of astrology as a pseudoscience because it could be “lying”, but these criticisms correspond only to tropical astrology and not to the sidereal.

4. Not As Variant As Tropical Astrology

Many critical astrologers tend to question the differences between the two zodiacs. Many of them consider that science should have only one path of knowledge, fixed and not variant. However, it is important to remember that astrology comes from different cultures and traditions of the world. In this way, different techniques, cultures, and interpretations have been determined that change the perspective of the zodiacs. This is why one can determine a person’s emotions or personality based on different techniques. However, it should be noted that although they have differences, these types of astrology do not oppose each other, in fact, they complement each other.

5. It Is Also Governed By The Position Of The Moon

Thanks to these two zodiacs two calculations can be made to interpret the world. The main difference between them is that the sidereal zodiac is governed by the sun and the tropical zodiac by the moon. However, the calculations and studies that are done in both are very similar and can allow you to know and understand a person in various ways. All the criticisms, comments or situations that are obtained in both astrology complement each other.

6. Adapts Better To The Spiritual World

However, despite being more accurate and precise at the time of calculations, the sidereal zodiac is not as in demand as the tropical zodiac; even this is more used by western astrologers. On the other hand, sidereal astrology makes it possible to better adapt the results to the spiritual realm, which although less tangible is more rational. Although most people’s consultations tend to express concerns about love, prosperity, health, and other topics in which tropical astrology fits very well, and that’s why many astrologers prefer to go this way.

Regardless of which zodiac you prefer, both use the same astrological signs, the difference is that in one could be a zodiacal sign and in the other, this could change but are still the same twelve that are known in the history of astrology. After all, astrology allows you to guide your life, learn more about yourself and other people, and it can help you make better decisions as well. If you feel insecure, or want to know more about yourself or someone else, then you can do it through astrology, regardless of sidereal or tropical.

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