Taurus Moon Woman – Personality, Love, Intimacy & Problem

Your moon sign reflects the inner you, your emotions, your feminine nature and your shadow self. The moon’s energy is very well received in Taurus as they are both feminine and in natural harmony with each other.


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Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac, and a woman born with her Moon in Taurus is quite belligerent when someone pushes her towards the arc. She has a substantial amount of sincere energy and spirit; that’s why she can even stand in hard times. She is caring and delicate and has an influential personality. She can stick firmly on her thoughts.

Personality of a Woman with her Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus woman is very feminine and sensitive. She likes luxury and expensive things, as she is interested in jewels, fashionable clothes, and makeup, cooking, sewing, and so onward. Most importantly, Taurus wants to decor her home in the most elegant manner likely. She is also very curious about nature. She loves hanging out in the garden and park rather than going to parties.

For her to feel genuinely complete and good with her life, she needs to have the right material status, a protected and constant relationship, a comfortable lifestyle, and financial assurance, where nothing is deficient.

Taurus Moon Woman Personality

She always prefers doing things by her own methods. She gives preference to the company of other social women because she doesn’t have a strong desire to declare her superiority or control every little thing like the male Taurus.

The moon in Taurus woman is very brave and has full belief and confidence in her abilities to handle most of life’s challenges. A Taurus Moon woman knows that, in order to achieve ultimate comfort and to fulfil her wishes, she will have to stop making mistakes and take her plans to absolute achievement. In the matter of finding a partner, she will desire to be with someone who is attractive, handsome, and an honest one.

Taurus Moon Women In Love

Moon in Taurus female lovers are emotionally in love with their mate. They are pleasure-seeking as well as peace-lovers and do not like to do fight. They hate misunderstandings and confusion in their relationships.

They will always fulfil their spouses’ responsibilities and commitment, be good-natured, sweet-tongued, warm-hearted, and affectionate.

Their endurance in personal relationships confirms their stability and determination, which pays rich benefits. They always try to be in a long term relationship and commitment. The Moon Taurus woman is a faithful mate and the most trustworthy of all the planet signs. Female Taurean Moons are realistic and think to all intents and purposes about the matter of the heart.

The Moon Taurus woman in love and relationships

When she ultimately commits to someone she has a pleasant yet wise personality. While she is very heedful, this zodiac moon woman is not scared of experiencing new things and adventures.

She loves to enjoy the little things in life as her fun-loving personality will add a lot of joy to your life with each other. She also loves the peacefulness in life, so she combines enjoyment and rationales.

A Moon in Taurus woman knows very well about how to act when she falls in love with her desired man. Anyone can easily be jealous of her impulsive glow, and the shine in her eyes, and things she prepares to satisfy the person she loves.

At the start of the relationship, Taurus woman will fully observe her spouse, whether he deserves her pure feelings or not. Slowly she will strengthen the trust up to that point where she feels now she is ready to share her feelings, emotions, and thoughts with her partner. A Taurus Moon woman wants to be loved by her mate, carefully and passionately. But she is scared of getting hurt and when feeling down she needs a lot of attention and care.

The perfect love compatibility Matchs for a Taurus Moon woman are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio Moons. Each is a water sign which is a compatible element of earthy Taurus. This means they are naturally comfortable with each other, and each sign provides the other with something they need. Moreover, each sign easily supports and declares the importance and self-esteem of others.

Taurus Moon Sign Women in Intimacy 

A Taurus Moon woman has everything that the word carnal can describe. She’s sensual, physical, and she focuses on the senses. She is more committed and faithful than others and will be a perfect partner for you if you are the right person for her.

Don’t try to take a quick flight with her. Let her decide whether she is ready or not. When she is prepared to or hints you, then don’t miss it because she needs confidence and assurance.

taurus Moon in bed

When it comes to sex; She shows “a slow and steady” nature which isn’t entirely true. So don’t let her fool you, because things will catch the heat in the bedroom. She only gets tangled with the one she loves. Your senses will be easily relished by her, and sooner you’ll be liquescent in her comfortable arms. She treats sex as excitement in paradise, where she can escape from the shackles of an ordinary and boring life. 

She is never boring because, in the bedroom, her stamina is incomparable. She ensures that her partner knows exactly what she likes or wants. She is always a passionate and delicate lady and pampers her partner both in or out of the bedroom.

If she finds you rough and opposite to her imaginary partner, she will be harsh with you, or may perhaps even leaves you. She is always in search of the right person and it is always difficult for her to recover from a bad relationship or romance. But if someone sparks that loving feeling for her, she bounces back and is back in the game.

Taurus Moon Woman in Career/ Wealth

The Taurus Moon woman is very honest, dependable, hard-working. You would love to have this kind of person in your team as she is also very collaborative.

She is efficient and has no ego. Also, to come down from her imagination is impossible for her. So, she can be real assets that a company generates of its own. Sometimes, she becomes stubborn, that’s why many times people can devalue her hard work easily. If in a company, a Moon in Taurus woman holds the leadership position, she will not be bossy. She will always be comfortable and informal with her co-workers in a professional environment.

taurus moon career

She is affectionate of music and art, and she can easily shine bright in a profession associating with painting and music, or in any other creative field. Taurus’ planet (Venus) also directs these businesses (such as catering, fashion designing, interior decoration, advertising, architecture, farming, engineering, and agriculture).

She will make a vital impression in her works and build a niche for herself in her profession as well as society. Because she is an efficient person, and she always tries her best to achieve her goal and never miss any chance in her career.

As a boss, she becomes responsible and skillfully leads her team. She assigns equal responsibilities to her co-workers.  This Zodiac Moon woman is successful because of her thoughtful and intellectual nature.

Negative Traits (Watchouts for) of A Moon in Taurus Woman

She is bold, Blunt, and outspoken. A Taurus moon woman is straightforward because she will always try to speak the truth straight to your face; she will never care whether her words hurt you. But, nowadays, the art of dealing with people tactfully and sensitively is expected. So, her outspoken nature usually lands her in arguments and quarrels. 

Another issue for this moon sign woman can be that she is not good at multitasking. She can only work in one direction at a time. If she has a duty or a responsibility at hand, she will focus and put all her efforts into that specific task and forget all the other things which have to be done attentively.

taurus Moon negatives

She is usually short-tempered; she can easily become angry. So, be careful while talking to her. Your words can easily make her mad, and things will turn ugly when you make arguments that bring you in trouble.

Taurus Moon woman is extraordinarily selfish and possessive about her relationships. Her possessive and overprotective behaviour usually pushes her towards jealousy factor and makes her react in unacceptable ways.

She has a stubborn side, too. Especially when she truly believes that her heart is in the right place.  It is difficult to change her mind once she settles down in her routine. She gets what she wants, and if you try to convince her, she will never listen to you.

She always aims for a luxurious and comfortable life. She makes big plans for her life as she wants to spend a financially stable life. A Moon in Taurus Woman usually has an affection for the more beautiful and expensive things in life. She is often hardworking. Therefore, people have no problem spoiling her from time to time. She does spend her money just for the cause of luxuries and comforts in life.

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