The Age of Aquarius – Is It Upon us and How it Will Affect us.

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When does the age of Aquarius start exactly? Are we already in it and how will it change things for us on this planet?

What are the Ages of the Zodiac and When Does The Age of Aquarius Start

Well, for the age of Aquarius – It’s difficult to give a precise date for when it starts because the zodiac eras aren’t like an on-off switch.

They’re sort of like dimmer lights instead. So you know we don’t just click off Pisces & click on Aquarius. Instead, we’re all on the cusp of these two ages at the moment. The light of Pisces is dimming down while the light of Aquarius is turning up.

What are the signs that The Age of Aquarius is upon us

Although it doesn’t ever start like bang, there are certain things going on at the moment which are really bringing on the age of Aquarius. Over the last several years these are pushing us more into the brightening light and the strengthening frequency of Aquarianess.

Aquarius now stands at the spring equinox instead of Aries. A zodiac sign still holds the position of thrusting itself out into the environment but it’s no longer Aries and it’s no longer Pisces. The very tail-end of Pisces is still there even this is applying itself into the brightening light of Aquarius.

It will take another few years as nobody can say the exact time but we’re in the window of time now of the switch over. I’ve lived quite a long time so I came into a very Piscean world when I was born and I can surely see the differences.

Moving out of The Age of Pisces and into The Age of Aquarius – What are the differences

We are moving out of the really quite private sign of Pisces. Different religions – the Christian era, in fact, all falls under Pisces. Not just Christianity the other great religions that we have in this world came under the Age of Pisces too.

This is because Pisces is quite a religiously driven energy and it’s ruled by Neptune which naturally rules the mystic, the divine, the unity of consciousness and non-dualism.

So trying to achieve the Nirvana or trying to step into the divine or having  Saints canonized – all these acts were propelled in the age of Pisces.

As we’re coming into the Aquarian age we’re coming into a very different dynamic. Pisces is water and it’s quite emotional and it’s very very spiritual and it’s a sign of higher service and also a sign of glamour – think Hollywood, illusions, fantasy, cartoons and romance we’re coming out of all that.

It’s almost kind of sad and heart-wrenching and nostalgic to think of – it’s like the end of an era – literally.

We’re coming now into this ‘Air’ sign Aquarius. Yes, I know on initial impressions it sounds like a water sign but it’s not. Aquarius is an air sign. Not only that it’one of the Zodiac signs with the ‘Fixed’ quality.

It stands on the fixed cross in our skies – the fixed cross is like the armature on which all the other cardinal and mutable signs hang. The other fixed signs we have are the winged bull – Taurus, the eagle and the serpent in its mouth – Scorpio, the winged Golden Lion – Leo and then we have the winged human which is the angel or Aquarius.

Since we’ve been coming into the Age of Aquarius anything to do with the life of the air or the energies that pass through the air has increased.

In the Piscean age, it was anything that could be held by water – like drugs, injections and vaccinations – understanding medicine and biology. Also understanding the world through taking great ships to the other side of the world and discovering the world.

It was very much the element of water which was important in the Age of Pisces over the last 2000 years.

Now we’re coming into the age of an air sign so things that pass through the air like lasers, like you reading this article via the internet. The invisible frequencies and wavelengths, signals and CCTV everywhere. It’s all becoming more dominant now in our society. Think of drones and space exploration.

Can we say we are Already in the Age of Aquarius?

Look at genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and you’ve heard of Dolly the sheep and cloning. Look towards renewable energies and electric cars. This age rules all these kinds of things. So yes in short one could say we are already in it but we’re in the very kind of baby steps of it now.

What does the Aquarian Age rule

The Aquarius rules science and rules technology. It rules the thinking mind on an everyday level. It rules the scientific thinking mind. In a sense, the whole of the IT industry is ruled by Aquarius.

Importantly unlike Pisces, Aquarius is not a private sign. Aquarius is about the collective it’s all about sharing – think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. No more privacy anymore.

The worry is that we’ll start to lose individual human rights. I mean that is quite a big thing to say and of course, as we come more fully into the age may be long after our time there will be all sorts of adjustments that will have to be made.

But we’re in the dawning and this dawning has taken just about a whole human lifespan – which is very fast. Things are evolving so fast with technology that we’re having to run to catch in order to retain our individual right to privacy and to retain our individual right to freedom of speech.

The collective mind energy which is increasing in Aquarius wants us to share everything even more. It wants us to be transparent and to be completely open.

All this is shades of Aquarius that are projecting through in this era.

CCTV and everything can be tracked and traced because everything’s going through some kind of machine. It’s no longer just a piece of paper and a pencil and writing down private notes or writing little letters. Everything can be kind of looked at – big brother is always watching us.

Aquarius also rules genetics and mutations in a natural way. In that sense, we’re getting a different kind of human now. Lots of the kids are psychic they call them Indigos or crystals or whatever you know the latest name is but this is like a model of a car which is a lot more electronic.

Uranus rules Aquarius and Aquarius rules electronics. Hence, Uranus and Aquarius rule electricity but not just electricity, it rules power sources so that’s everything to do with green renewable energies. Like turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric and geothermal energy.

Aquarius & Uranus rule how we make energy how we get power to drive things. In a sense that’s on a very kind of basic material physical level. We’re all aware of it we’re all aware of the need for it. But there is another level of unseen energies as well and there has been this absolute explosion in interest in what used to be called faith healing.

This has now presented in the form of Reiki or all the spin-offs from Reiki. Reiki energy is what is channelling this aspect, so there’s been a huge explosion of interest in light healing.

Another phenomenon with the Age of Aquarius is that these new kids coming in, they’re able to see the colours around people. They’re able to pick up on energies which are just in the dimension beyond.

It is true that the higher reaches of the human mind does come under the sign Aquarius the revolutionary comes under the sign Aquarius and we’re seeing a lot more of that especially also with the energy of Uranus which rules Aquarius. It rules revolution, it rule transformational change, it rules mutation and hence it rules genetic engineering as well.

How is the future likely to unfold in this New Age of Aquarius

These new frontiers have started with Uranus being in Aries at the moment. Aries is the sign which is the pioneer and the leader and the energy of the dawning. That’s where the ruler of Aquarius is at the moment. And we’re breaking new ground in the sciences. This is very much going on just now particularly if you look at the technology developing right now iPads and phones etc.

But it’s possible we’re totally unaware of another Aquarian rule thing which is EMF. We really don’t know how these things are affecting us. Similar to how in the early time of Pisces we did not understand how certain fluids injected into the body or medicines taken or poisons and so on would affect us. Some poisons taken in small amounts are very good but in larger amounts are poisonous and fatal.

But these were all carried in the element of water now we get everything carried through the element of air and it’s possible there will be issues to do with hydrogen-oxygen and nitrogen and so on.

We’re also starting to see the influence on our cars becoming electric and no longer depending on liquid fuel, that’s a trend which is likely to get stronger. These are interesting times and we have a centre seat to one of the greatest shows on earth at the moment.

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