The Planets And Their Meaning In Astrology

phases of the moon

In astrology, The planets are split up into two sections: inner and outer planets. Inner planets such as the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are known as personal planets as they cater to the individual aspects of our daily life. The outer planets play a vital role in determining the major changes in life as these planets move really slowly. Here’s what each planet determines in your chat –


The moon dictates our subconscious i.e defines our emotions and thoughts. It also oversees our relationships with our mother, aspects of our childhood inner wounds, which is why it is a vital planet when it comes to exploring the character of a person. Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. The white color of the moon denotes innocence, peace, purity, and simplicity. People under the moon are sensitive, emotional, and follow their hearts rather than their minds.


Mars is about the red fiery energy, aggression, as well as passion. Mars is the ruler of Aries and is the slowest moving planet of the personal zone. If one gives in to the anger and aggression, their life can go downhill but if the energy of red Mars is equipped properly, it can create confidence that goes beyond one’s imagination, empower them, and create actions that can change the entire life. Mars can find you unimaginable freedom and confidence, and its where you turn to first if you feel lost.


Mercury signifies communication and mainly deals with your rational thinking capabilities. Mercury rests in the air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) It engages and brings about your intelligence and your understanding abilities. It shows you the mirror when it comes to how you talk, write, perceive things. This is why when Mercury is in retrograde, it creates miscommunication everywhere.


Saturn rules Capricorn and governs self-discipline and dedication. Saturn challenges you, puts you under the pedestal, giving you the opportunity to learn and grow through difficulties and mistakes. It is what shapes us to become a better person, gives us the courage to get through hard times while providing us lessons of commitment, dignity, responsibilities, and boundaries.


Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius and is the planet that depicts themes such as self- development, travel, and our quest for meaning and truth. It represents truth, religion, philosophies, and learning. Jupiter is the planet that nudges us to continue searching, ask questions, and endeavor to get answers. It’s also the planet that can lead us into greed.


Venus is the planet popular for our glamorous desire i.e love and beauty. Venus decides how we show and experience love, and how difficult or comfortable we are with ourselves as well as others. Venus rules all things that charms, engages, and pleasures us. By knowing your Venus sign, you open yourself to beautiful and contentful experiences as you become aware of your needs from yourself as well as others.


Sun rules Leo and governs ego and understanding of self. The sun is the origin of our character; it’s where the authenticity of our character is created, where our identities are formed. Your sun sign forms the real you, your traits, likes, dislikes, and what defines you. This is why our ‘sun sign’ plays an important role and a popular topic in astrology.


Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and administers creativity, innovative ways of thinkings, unusual ideas, and uniqueness. Uranus’s energy is usually described as unexpected, surprising, and disruptive, as the potential of the sign it rules. It depicts our keenness to stand out as an authentic human being, and what urges new patterns in our thoughts and behaviors once we realize that we’ve outgrown the older ones.


Neptune rules over Pisces and works towards destructing the ego, and becoming one with others, and finding a balance. It determines and plays dreams, and things that may not be clear to our naked eyes. It governs imagination, receptivity, search for what’s ‘out there’, a deeper knowledge as well as illusions.


Pluto governs Scorpio and rules death and rebirth. This powerful planet has power over drastic changes that bring turbulences. Pluto destroys things only to help you built it back better. Pluto transforms your life and rejuvenates in areas you need work. It helps you see the light even in dark times and helps unravel your true power.

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