Virgo Moon Woman – Personality, Love, Intimacy and Negative Traits

When we talk about the moon in astrology, we are talking about the inner you. Your sun sign is the outer you, what the world sees but your moon sign is the hidden you. How you feel on the inside, what your emotions, passions and secrets are.

Knowing the intricacies of how the Moon is received in Virgo can give you helpful insights into your perfect soul mate. It can also help you solve many other problems. But this does require a deeper level of understanding. Thankfully we’ve discovered this trick that people can use to get this done quickly and for free.

A woman born with the Moon in Virgo is known to be a perfectionist at heart. She perfectly presents herself and expects perfection and charm from everyone and everything around her. She can’t let her imagination run wild because everything needs to be nice and orderly.

Virgo Moon Woman – Personality

A Moon in Virgo woman is a knowledgeable person that’s why she can be the ultimate blend of beauty with brains.  She attracts others not only with her external beauty but also with her intellectual approach toward things. She is not only smart by nature but also reflects her beauty through her actions. Such women are rare in this universe. But a Virgo Moon is a unique creature who has these qualities which distinguish her from others.

She has an excellent command of organizing things in a better way. This makes Virgo moons well suited to be managers. She naturally tends to have this skill and does her work so efficiently that it is perfect.

Virgo Moon Personality quote

She is a result-oriented woman, and her focus is entirely on the results.  She is productive by nature and more concerned about the ending.  She tries to end things in the best way thats why she is result-oriented. 

She has a helping nature and an extraordinary ability to offer assistance to others. Her main focus is to assist others whether it is personally or through an organization. She always tries to work at ease with others. She also loves to help others and plays her role fully to be one of the most influential characters in her neighbourhood.

She is appreciative of nature and loves to appreciate the good things in life. She does not comprise on perfection and good work; that’s why she loves seeing other people who are also perfectionists.

She has firm control over her emotions and has a very balanced personality regarding feelings. She is neither too much emotional and nor so emotionless. She has excellent control over her nerves, which makes her a stronger woman in society. As far as her decision-making power is concerned, she has an excellent sense of awareness once she’s made a decision.

Moon in Virgo Woman in Love

Virgo Moons attract their mate with her inner and her out beauty. She not only is realistic but also reflects her purity and transparency from her outlook. As mentioned above, she is not only intelligent by the mind but also has a great outlook, so attracting a partner is not a big issue for her. She can be defined as beauty and beast, which have both qualities by nature.

She is not of a flirty nature at all. She only believes in a real relationship. So there a bit of trust issue with her, as she doesn’t simply give herself to others. She is a pure soul that compels her to have purity in her relationship; that’s what she wants to have sincere affiliations with her partner. Sometimes she needs time to trust fully, to know a person better. It is natural when you want a fair and pure relationship. You must take time to adjust and understand whether this person suits you or not. She takes time to have more confidence in her partner.

Virgo Moon love quote

She is a perfectionist by nature; that’s why she’s often afraid of making mistakes in her relationship, which can mean that she is hiding her feeling sometimes.

To win a Moon in Virgo woman’s heart, you will have to show patience and consistency. She is not as easy as other women. To win her heart, you must have to do some real gestures and show sincerity. She takes time to become more comfortable and confident with her partner. She continues to assess things in her own way to fully trust a person to whom she is going to give herself completely.

Virgo Moons in Bed and Intimacy

This woman is notorious for her perfectionism. She is too much conscious about perfection and excellency. Especially During sex, she will pay very close attention to her partner. Being a perfectionist, in all her actions, her sexual thoughts and intentions are also second to none. She satisfies her partner with full interest.

When it comes to sexual life, she is more realistic. She believes in actual happening rather than being involved in weak fantasies. That’s why she wants full attention during sex. She believes that bedtime should be used in such a way that the both of them get maximum pleasure and comfort.

Virgo Moon in bed

She likes the traditional way of romance, so her partner should not forget flowers, perfumes, and creating a comfort zone for her while taking her to romance. She is very romantic by nature; that’s why she needs casual intentions as well. She firstly likes to be in a romantic mood then slips toward sex.

She is of microscopic nature and pays attention to small and tiny things such as she is very curious about choosing a location for love and sex. Like, she may have a particular fetish to be in a particular location such as the countryside, or at a beach with her partner for sexual arousal.

Career and Wealth

Virgo Moon’s Career Mantra is: “Perfection is possible.” As she has very keen intelligence and organizing skills, so she believes in it and often tries to make it possible and this shines through in her work. She tries her best to make it sure that whatever she does must be perfect. Clarity and dignity can be clearly shown in her work. She is true professional and passionate about anything she does.

Her main strength in her career is her intelligence and analyzing power. She not only sees things with minor details but also has a broad vision.  She can explain the project and proceedings of the organization very fairly.

Virgo moon career quote

A Virgo Moon also has a daring and challenging personality. She loves to put herself at the front line. She likes to become a leader who can motivate others to work like her.

But she can also be a good team player who doesn’t cause drama. She is adjustable in any shape. She can be a solo worker and can be a great team worker too. She cooperates with others so efficiently that everyone loves to have her around.

She always finds a way to make the job done at any cost. This is why she is so useful in any organization and in any situation.

Being a true professional, she always tries to find a profession that grants her full control over it. So she can do it in her own way. So professions like a designer, analyst and at the managerial levels etc. suit her personality.

What to watch out for in Virgo Moon Women

She can be very critical and demanding. As she is so conscious and concerned about everything, so she expects the same response from others too. That’s why she sometimes looks too critical and irritating while negotiation between others.

She can also be very judgmental. She judges people by theirs looks, actions, and by their way of talking.  She is very good at it and tries predicting someone’s personality before they’ve even had a chance.

Virgo Moon Negative traits

She has a classic personality and can be a bit old fashioned in nature. She is not really into modern changes and prefers things in their old traditional ways. She sees things traditionally and can be wary of modern trends.

She becomes a bit fussy when she goes into detail of everything. Her strong likes and dislikes can make her very irritating for other signs.

Sometimes her knit-picking and attention to detail gets in the way of realistic and practical work or decision making.

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