What Do Zodiac Signs Have To Do With Gemstones?

Many people may think that astrology is only about assigning a zodiac sign to a person which may reveal what a person looks like or might look like in terms of their attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours.

But the truth is that astrology goes far beyond that and has different points of perspective. Something that usually catches people’s attention is how gems or precious stones relate to zodiacal signs.

The truth is that a jewel, in this case, a precious stone can say a lot about a person, regardless of whether you are one of those who are attracted to the spiritual or the world of astrology.

It has been proven by many astrologers that each sign of the zodiac has a variety of gems that identify it and that the relationship between them is not just a coincidence. 

Later in this post, we will find out which stones, gems, and colours belong to each sign to better understand this relationship. But first, let us ask:

Why Are Specific Gemstones Related To Each Sign?

It’s because each sign has its individual spiritual energies, each of the zodiac signs must be represented differently in order to differentiate them.

That is why each sign has its specific stones that fulfil a series of characteristics and energies that are directly linked to the base sign.

The gemstones can either enhance the positive aspects of a persons zodiac sign and/or they can help balance out the negative energies of the sign.

Why Gemstones are Person Specific and Zodiac related

It’s also worth mentioning that gemstones affect the person’s spiritual energy directly and not the Zodiac Sign.

What this means is that whilst the Zodiac Sign of a person can give a guide to the likely positive and negative influences in a person they are not an exact match.

Each person’s spiritual energy is quite unique and it is not only aligned to their birth Zodiac sign but also guided by other astrological (such as their lunar sign and planetary aspects) and non-astrological factors as well.

This is why having a chat with a professional spiritualist/astrologer can sometimes be invaluable in figuring out which gemstones would best suit you specifically.

What gemstones are helpful for which Zodiac Signs?

Ok, enough of the whys now let us look at the precious stones with which each zodiac sign is usually influenced. It is important to emphasize that all these stones can also be seen as natural gifts of the earth which contrast against the heavenly signs they represent.


Following the order of the zodiac signs, we begin with Aries, which corresponds to those born between March 21 and April 20.

The people of the sign Aries are characterized by being positive people, full of energy and willing to live new experiences with new ideas.

That is why they are identified with the red precious stones, which encapsulate the characteristics of these people very well.

The gems that are directly related to those of the sign Aries are Ruby, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Hematite, Carniola, Red Jasper and Amethyst.



Bullfighters are those born between April 21 and May 21.

These are characterized by being patient, daring and loyal. People of the Taurus sign also usually prefer to be safe and tend to be very affectionate. They like to reflect and spend quality time with special people.

As Tauru’s energy is warm, earthy and affectionate the gems that are useful to this sign are Venturine, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz and Agate.



Gemini, the sign representing those born between 22 May and 21 June.

Gemini is characterized by the ability to see things from different perspectives and study the possibilities that link each. They are usually entrepreneurs and fit for the business.

Gemini has a lot of dualities involved with it, Gemini is also an air sign and it’s a masculine sign. Gemini’s are thinkers they live in their heads probably more so than any other sign.

Their stones and gems are the Tiger Eye, Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Rock Crystal and Amber.

Rock Crystal


Those born between June 22 and July 22 enter the sign of Cancer.

They tend to be very emotional and always prefer to avoid any situation that may affect them sentimentally.

The people of the sign Cancer usually maintain a good relationship with their families and have a great capacity for imagination.

The precious stones that are well attuned for Cancer are Rhodonite, Venturine, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Carniola and Calcite.



Those of the Leo sign are those born between July 23 and August 22.

They are characterized by having a lot of energy, creativity, and vitality. They can also be very proud, and make heavy jokes.

They are usually people who like to be the centre of attention, feeling powerful and superior to others.

The gems that can balance the energy of the Leo Zodiac are Tiger Eye, Rock Crystal, Citrine and Amber.



Those born between 23 August and 22 September are represented by the sign Virgo.

They like to be perfectionists, critics, analyze everything and apply logic to everything that stands in their way to achieve their goals.

They are usually carried away by the system, they are workers and retailers, as well as lovers of domestic animals.

The stones that can enhance and balance out the spiritual energy of Virgo are Rutile, Sodalite, Amber, Tiger Eye and Amethyst.



Those of the sign Libra are those born between September 23 and October 22.

They like justice and equality. They also participate in cultural activities, and their attitude can be diplomatic towards others.

The stones that help Libra to link its qualities and mitigate its negativities are Malaquita, Lapislázuli, Rose Quartz, Crisocola and Jasper.

Rose Quartz



Scorpions are those born between October 24 and November 22.

They tend to be able to adapt to unexpected changes and like increasingly difficult challenges.

The stones that go hand in hand with Scorpio are Obsidian, Malachite, Agate, Jasper and Fluorite.



Those born between November 23 and December 22 enter the sign Sagittarius.

They like to travel, explore new environments, live new adventures and go at maximum speed. These people tend to be very studious and wise to make decisions.

The stones that benefit the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are Lapis lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite, Amethyst and Malachite.



Keeping the order of the signs we continue with Capricorn, which represents those born between December 23 and January 21.

Capricorn people are usually hardworking, responsible, persistent and skilful until they achieve what they set out to do. They are also reliable people and love music.

In order to channel a Capricorn’s energy better, these gemstones can be helpful: Rock Crystal, Dumortierite, Onyx and Jasper.



For those born between the 21st of January and the 19th of February, the sign of Aquarius is in the sky.

These tend to be people of a strong and attractive character. However, there are two types of Aquarius: those who are sensitive, shy and patient. And those that are excessive, cold and proactive.

Both have qualities in common such as the strength of conviction, honesty, loyalty, and tolerance.

For Aquarians, their spiritual energy is linked to the following gems: Turquoise, Bovellite, Fluorite and Chrysocolla.



Finally on the list are those born between 20 February and 20 March, which are represented with the sign of Pisces.

The Pisces are usually calm, friendly and patient. They can also have qualities of sympathy and solidarity with others. In addition, they are affectionate and friendly with most people.

The zodiac gemstones that enhance this sign are Turquoise, Amethyst, Hematite and Agate.



Finally, we’d like to admit that there’s a lot of intricacies and complexities that we’ve skimmed over, we hope to explore these in future posts. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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