The Two Zodiac Signs in January

Since the beginning of astrology, each zodiac sign has been studied separately. Each of them has a series of qualities that differentiate them from each other. However, although they have their differences, several of them also have similarities. Some are so different that it is not possible that there is a compatibility between them, and so we see that sometimes we do not see relationships between two people, in personal or work life.

But there are others that despite having their differences, also have enough similarities that allow them to interpenetrate each other.

The later is the case for the 2 signs in January namely – Aquarius and Capricorn.

Yes, it may not seem the most sensible, but the reality is that these signs share a big chunk of their astral period during the month of January. If we compare people of these signs, we can see at first sight that Aquarians are independent people and are not easily carried by others. They also tend to be unpredictable, while the Capricorn have a greater tendency towards safety. They prefer to stay safe and protected.

Similarities and Differences

“…compatibility between an Aquarius and a Capricorn can be complicated. The differences that may exist between these people can turn them into rivals from which fights and conflicts can arise…”

One of the main similarities that exist between Capricorn and Aquarius is that Capricorn people tend to be dominant people, at least of their own character, while Aquarians maintain their strong positions too.  But perhaps not as firm as Capricorn.

One of the differences that stands out from Aquarians is that they are active, while Capricorn is more passive. Aquarius likes changes and adapts faster to them, like to know, travel, while Capricorn prefers the tranquillity and security of your home. A Capricorn may suffer a lot at the time of a change, or may even never succeed in adapting, as they always seek the safe.

Capricorn prefers to save money, while Aquarians do not mind spending a lot of money, whether on foolish things or of little importance.

An Aquarian has no problem with constantly changing jobs, in fact, they like to change jobs, while a Capricorn prefers to stay in the same fixed-job until the end. However, they know how to identify very well where they are and what they need. They keep their feet on the ground. Unlike Aquarians who often take risks without measuring the consequences.

Depending on the personality of each person, the compatibility between an Aquarius and a Capricorn can be complicated. The differences that may exist between these people can turn them into rivals from which fights and conflicts can arise throughout the day. However, there are pairs of these two signs that have managed to find the point of equilibrium and remain united. We will talk more about this later.

Their elemental Sign Qualities

Capricorn is one of the Earth signs, so these tend to be practical, tenacious, traditional, serious, organized, responsible and concerned about everything. On the other hand, Aquarius is a sign of Air, so these tend to be cheerful, versatile, creative, optimistic, avant-garde, innovative, idealistic and visionary. Among these qualities, we can also see other differences between them.

As we have mentioned, the Capricorn is the most conservative people of all. They always prefer the traditional, they don’t like change and they always keep to the basic and necessary. They also tend to have strict criteria when it comes to doing things, thinking, and anything that goes against the rules is wrong or a mistake. That’s why they can easily become intransigent and intolerant people.

While Aquarians prefer to change constantly, that’s why they change their stuff, are innovative, and stay up to date in all aspects. They don’t always like to do things in order and tend to get bored with formalisms. This kind of avant-garde attitude makes them more sympathetic and tolerant of others. However, it also makes them easily gullible. 

Aquarius and Capricorn in Marriage

A similarity between these two signs is that love usually coincides with the fact that both must know each other very well in order to advance the relationship to the next level. There needs to be an intellectual connection between the two for the relationship to work. However, the shock occurs when Aquarius wants to try new things and flees from the love relationship, while Capricorn prefers to stay as it is and keep the relationship as it should be.

Previously we said that a relationship between an Aquarius and a Capricorn can be somewhat complicated in most cases. However, if both people strive to understand each other it is possible to maintain the relationship and move forward together. It also happens in working relationships or business. In marriages between these signs, the Aquarius should always try to maintain order until you achieve compatibility with your partner. Likewise, the Capricorn must strive to adapt to the personality of the Aquarius and collaborate with the independent nature of the Aquarius. In this way, they will be able to find the point of balance between both and keep together without so many problems.

One of the moments of greater agreement between these signs during a matrimonial or amorous relation is at the moment to raise and to educate their children since the child will be able to learn from two very different but effective forms of education.

Capricorn tends to be intransigent, demanding and strict for education. Thanks to this “dissatisfaction”, they often impose respect and character that infuses the child to maintain good behaviour, educated and calm.

On the other hand, Aquarius tends to be more relaxed when it comes to raising a child. Aquarius often uses various tools and strategies to make the child understand what you want to transmit. They even use conventions or agreements to make the child learn. Thanks to this diversity in forms of education it is effective for children to be well behaved, respectful and well educated.

Sexual Life

When it comes to having an intimate or sexual relationship between these two signs, there are big differences. Capricorn needs much courtship, imagination, and other preliminaries to be able to enter into action. While Aquarius is more direct and prefers to meet people and try new things.

Aquarians are classics at the moment of truth, they don’t get out of the basics, while Capricorn, once they get warm, like to fill their expectations with new things. While Aquarius can have relationships with anyone, it does not maintain a good social profile and stays on the basic and the common.

Working Life

As far as labour relations are concerned, they tend to go very well with each other. If they both work hard and work hard for the business, they can go a long way. The differences between them are that Aquarians are quick-minded and agile, while Capricorn prefers to analyze, review, and think everything calmly until they find what is best for the business, they are perfectionists in this regard.

One final difference that stands out between Aquarius and Capricorn is that their homes or lifestyles are nothing like each other. Aquarians are always updating and maintaining modern, minimalist styles with few ornaments. While Capricorn is more luxurious, recharged and classic. The same goes for the way they dress.

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