An ancient Buddhist scripture which was preserved for the better part, by the oral tradition.. the Jataka tales are imbued with magick. Superficially, it looks like a collection of children’s moral stories told mostly in the guise of the animal kingdom. However, on deeper inspection, one finds that each story is, in fact, a spell […]

This is a safe, no-risk white magic money spell that you can easily perform. No ingredients, no complicated rituals and no prior understanding of magic is needed. There are other spells to attract money however most of them require more preparation, meditation or involve some amount of risk. This spell is ingenious in that the

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There are certain money spells which can instantly make money come flowing in from unexpected sources. These spells are powerful and work immediately to gather a money attracting aura around a person. Knowledge of these spells has been kept a secret for many centuries so only a select few persons and their families who have

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Some powerful spells require complicated rituals, talismans and rare ingredients to perform. However this simple money spell is a very easy one for anyone to do and starts to show it’s effects practically overnight. People in the know have been using this simple spell to stay ahead of you and everyone else financially and have

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By following these 9 steps even a normal person may be able to perform telekinesis (aka psychokinesis). The simplified steps are given below followed by an explanation. I have also given proof of real life people being able to control objects with their mind power, this is confirmed in the video at the end of

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Hexes are types of spells which are generally used for a negative purpose. It is performed like any other black magic spell but here there is usually a specific and often temporary purpose the spell has to full fill. It is like sending a guided missile with a specific purpose. For example a black magic

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