A Powerful White Magic Spell to gain Money – Old Secrets Revealed

This is a safe, no-risk white magic money spell that you can easily perform. No ingredients, no complicated rituals and no prior understanding of magic is needed. There are other spells to attract money however most of them require more preparation, meditation or involve some amount of risk. This spell is ingenious in that the magic has been concentrated into a simple chant which can be cast just by saying it in a particular way. Here I am sharing one of these concealed white magic money spells for free.


For this spell to work all you have to do is chant these four magical words which are in latin: (You may have to unlock them first)

[sociallocker id=”2763″] benedicat mihi divitiis [/sociallocker]


The best way to perform this spell is to wake up early morning when the full sun is shining it’s first light (not early dawn when the sun is still appearing), the time will depend on your local time zone and latitude, however there is not much strictness to the exact time anyway, as long as the full sun is out and it’s morning time it should work fine. Stand in a place where the light can hit your face, clouds would hinder this so it’s best done on clear days. Keep your eyes closed and slowly repeat those four words 12 times. This will send a lot of positive energy to the universe and as a result you should start seeing the desired results. You should do this for 12 consecutive days to complete the full spell. That is it you are going to be blessed with a wealth attracting aura for a long time and if that weakens you can always repeat this or other spells.


If you are interested in the other money spells I mentioned earlier there are some I have shared on this blog which you will find very revealing.

3 Free Money Spells That Work Instantly for You – Eye Opening Secrets

free money spells

There are certain money spells which can instantly make money come flowing in from unexpected sources. These spells are powerful and work immediately to gather a money attracting aura around a person. Knowledge of these spells has been kept a secret for many centuries so only a select few persons and their families who have access to this hidden knowledge can continue to reap the benefits.

knowledge is power and that is not just a figure of speech, certain groups and families tend to guard hidden knowledge in concentrated form that enables them to control and influence the world. Money spells are such a secret which ordinary people normally would never have access to, however I have been able to uncover a few of these (not all) and am going to share them with everyone for free.

Surprisingly most of these spells are easy to perform, except may be one.

  1. Money Spell That Works Immediately – 5 simple steps
  2. Money Spells That Work Overnight – Very Easy to do
  3. A Powerful White Magic Spell to gain Money – Old Secrets Revealed

Money Spells That Work Overnight – Very Easy to do

money spell

Some powerful spells require complicated rituals, talismans and rare ingredients to perform. However this simple money spell is a very easy one for anyone to do and starts to show it’s effects practically overnight. People in the know have been using this simple spell to stay ahead of you and everyone else financially and have used their positions of power to make everyone believe these things don’t work while they themselves have been making fortunes using it.

In order for this spell to be effective you have to have full belief and commitment in it’s results as any doubts make it weak very fast. That is the reason many media and scientific propaganda outlets have the role of creating mistrust and doubt towards this phenomenon due to which many people fail and this is then used as proof that this spell is not real. In fact you may have come across this money spell already in the popular documentary that was released more than a decade ago called ‘The Secret’, although millions have seen it very few have actually believed it and thats a win for the figures behind the curtain of doubt.

Here are the steps to this spell (you may need to unlock it first):

[sociallocker id=”2757″]

  • Take a break from normal life, pause and reflect
  • You are sailing in the boat of life with the flow of time
  • Each cause leads to an effect which leads to another cause and effect and this goes on, you are going along
  • Realise you are not an object, you have consciousness
  • It is consciousness that makes the universe
  • Thoughts are powerful
  • What you think and feel is what actually happens as that is reality
  • Start to think and feel as if you are wealthy with vast amounts of money
  • Feel good about this, there is enough to go around for everyone
  • There is no price to pay for this, this is just how it is
  • Once you get yourself into that mindset, overnight you will start to notice a spell take effect
  • This spell will envelope you like an aura and start to unexpectedly bring wealth and money your way
  • There is no limit to this spell, so you can continue it without being afraid
  • The more open heartedly you can accept it and keep it up the better this spell works



Money Spells that work


Enjoy the benefits.

Money Spell That Works Immediately – 5 simple steps

black magic money spell

This is a simple black magic money spell which no one wants you to know and has been kept hidden for centuries. It is not difficult to perform and does not require any materials apart from a pen and paper at it’s most basic level.

Here are the 5 steps you can do to make it work:

1. Find the Symbol of Money or wealth

There are many Angels, Demons, Spirits, Deities and other beings that represent wealth, money and financial prosperity. You need to find a symbol (or Sigil) that represent anyone of these supernatural beings.

Some examples are:
  • The Red Dragon – Chinese mythology
  • Chamrosh – A magical dog with wings
  • Alicanto – I have written about this mythological bird here
  • Plutus – Greek God of wealth
  • Renenet – Egyptian Goddess of good fortune and prosperity
  • Lakshmi – The Hindu deity for wealth and money
  • Clauneck – Demon with power over money
How can you Find the Sigil or Symbol of such beings ? (You may have to unlock steps 2-4 below first)

[sociallocker id=”2763″]

It isn’t going to be easy as this is the part which defines how powerful the spell is eventually going to be. The important thing is you need to find a symbol or sigil or if possible an object (for greater effectiveness) which is imbued with psychic energy of a particular spirit, deity or demon etc. Since this is only for newbies here is an example symbol for you to use, it is a symbol to represent The Red Dragon:

red dragon magic

2. Print or draw the symbol onto a piece of paper

This should be simple enough for everyone to do.

3. Place the Sigil (symbol) inside of Solomon’s Seal

A simple form of the seal used by king Solomon to communicate with and have control over supernatural entities is given below:

Draw out or print this seal. Now draw the above Sigil (or any other you like) inside it or you can paste the printed sigil into the seal using glue (but it’s better to hand draw all of this).

4. Charge Your seal

At a beginner level you will only be able to vaguely communicate with the entity you have called upon. A simple way of doing this is sitting down in a quiet room and try meditating by making your mind empty of all thoughts OR you could try the watching a dot technique to meditate too. While doing this the Seal + Sigil you have created should be in front of you. This part will take some time and practice to accomplish. [/sociallocker]

5. Communicate and cast your Money Spell

Once you feel you have a vague connection to the supernatural entity you have summoned, focus your mind into telling your desires to it. If you are able to do this last step your spell has been cast and should start to take effect immediately.

Tips: To improve communication you can try to wear the created Sigil + Seal, all the time, by either making a locket out of it or folding it into a cloth and then tying it to your body with a string.

There are ways to create Sigils yourself too, a modern way has been devised by chaos magic practitioners you can find out more here. Finding (or creating if you are capable) true and powerful Sigils is the basis for advanced level spells.

Telekinesis Spell – 9 Steps you can learn to get real telekinetic powers

By following these 9 steps even a normal person may be able to perform telekinesis (aka psychokinesis). The simplified steps are given below followed by an explanation. I have also given proof of real life people being able to control objects with their mind power, this is confirmed in the video at the end of the post. These 9 steps have to be completed in the given order: (You may have to unlock some parts of this spell below first) [sociallocker id=”2763″]

  1. Understand that telekinesis is possible in the physical world we live in
  2. As it is possible, you have to believe with full commitment that you are able to do this as well
  3. Train your mind to enter into the state of being
  4. In being, feel the soul of everything
  5. Your soul is part of the whole
  6. The soul of other things is also part of the whole
  7. There is a transcendental connection between you and the world
  8. There are remnants of this connection in the manifest material world
  9. If you generate enough willpower and intention these would become manifest (and the object will move in the material world)


1. Understand that telekinesis is possible

This is the first barrier and most of the world is unable to pass this. This is because of the fundamentalism of material science which attempts to dismiss such phenomenon when they do not align with their own presuppositions. In order to pass the first step one has to look at the world in a more holistic manner. This step is in fact not that difficult because the only thing we need to do is look at the evidence, that is be more scientific and reject scientific fundamentalism. The evidence can be found from scientific research such as that done by the Rhine institute on extra-sensory perception. There are millions of anecdotal reports of such phenomena and multiple well documented objective cases from history.telekinetic powers

2. Believe with full commitment you can do it

With the understanding of such possibility should drive a strong belief of this being a reality and since it is a reality, there is nothing to stop anyone from doing such feats. Full commitment is needed as any shadows of doubt will weaken your resolve and willpower to perform. [sociallocker id=”2763″]

3. Train your mind to enter into the state of being

This step is probably the most difficult one to achieve initially. What it means is difficult to describe in words and would best be understood when experienced. What being means is to be in a state of flow with the present, to feel within it rather than leaning towards the future which is how most of us spend our life. It is to experience your state of being without thinking but with a breadth of sense. Training helps to expand this breadth, you do not need to concentrate as you are not thinking in fact you shouldn’t be distracted by thinking.

Such a state does not need any specific training, what many believe is whenever someone becomes masterful at anything he reaches a state of flow with it that transcends the material world and they reach this state of being with it.learn telekinesis

4. Feel the soul of everything

This follows on from the previous step, where in this trance state you can feel things even those that are not nearby. Rather than the normal sight, smell, touch, sound etc perception of other things you can feel them at a deeper level, the level of their soul.

5. Your soul is part of the whole

Now focus on yourself as well, you are no longer a separate individual entity. There is no sense of time or space in this state, hence there are no separates, there is only one wholeness and you are also part of that whole.

6. The soul of other things is also part of the whole

There is a growing realisation that the souls of other objects which you feel are in fact not other separate objects either, they are part of this wholeness as well. In lay terms this is sometimes explained  eloquently by the phrase “you are the object and the object is you”.everything is connected

 7. Transcendental connection

By now it starts to become clear that as everything including yourself and other objects are actually parts of the same whole, they are connected. This connection can be exemplified by the physical phenomena of ‘entanglement’, however this is just another concept used to aid our material understanding and hence when looked through that lens appears counter-intuitive.

8. There are remnants in the material world

Sometimes we confuse ourselves by distinguishing the real and the transcendental as two separate spheres, however as we already discussed there is no separation in reality, the separation is illusory. Going back to ‘entanglement’ we can see that even with a physical/ material understanding, everything is connected in a magical way.

9. Moving objects with willpower

This is probably the most difficult step to achieve overall. It is much easier to move very small objects telekinetically that is because what you want to do is influence those objects using your own connection of being part of their soul however you are not the only influencer acting on them, the object has similar connection with others beings, with other objects and also with laws of the material world. [/sociallocker]

It is like trying to swim upstream, if the flow is light it becomes easier and nearly impossible with heavier flows.
Despite this there have been well recorded cases where gifted people have shown to move relatively large objects just with their psychokinetic abilities.transcendental


By going through this process step by step their is nothing to stop you from achieving the power of telekinesis.

Here is one example of a Russian lady by the name of Nina Kulagina with extra-ordinary telekinetic powers, she was observed and filmed under scientific laboratory conditions by real life scientists and yet no one was able to scientifically explain what was observed:

Alicanto – The gold eating bird

If you ever come across an Alicanto your luck might be about to be changed forever. These birds are said to be a tell tale sign that there is undiscovered treasure in the vicinity. However you need to be careful, although you may be on the door step of unknown riches you may be a step closer to death as well.

The Alicanto is believed to feed on gold and other precious metals such as silver, depending on which metal they are consuming they can take on the material properties of it. They have metallic feathers which emit fluorescent light that is golden if they are eating gold or metallic silver if consuming silver. Some are even said to be green if eating copper ores. Because of the light they emit they do not cast a shadow and because of the weight of metal they are unable to fly. Though they are able to spread their wings wide and run at fast speeds. They are usually very large in size, do not be confused by the image given above as that is a representation of what a baby Alicanto may look like.

Treasure hunters are often in search of finding these mythical birds as following them may lead to their food source which is usually lucrative amounts of gold, silver and other precious metals. How the Alicanto is able to find these hidden treasures is not known but because it is their food source they must have developed some special senses to locate these sources.

It is also said that if the light from an Alicanto shines on you then you would be blessed with goof fortune for the remainder of your life. One thing to be wary of is that these birds are incredibly smart and have a keen sense of knowing when they are being followed, when detected, they consciously lead people astray, and often to their deaths by guiding them to cliff edges or other fatal accidents.


Zlatorog – Goldhorn | Legendary creature guarding treasures

Zlatorog - GoldhornGoldhorn also known as Goldenhorn or Zlatorog is a legendary creature known to local cultures in Slovenia. According to the legends this creature is an immortal that is seen to reside around mount Triglav. This mountain which is snow covered throughout the year is the highest peak in Slovenia and the Julian Alps.

The Zlatorog’s outward appearance is that of a goat with golden horns. In local stories the blood of the Zlatorog has supernatural healing powers, curing all ailments, disease and even ageing. In fact where the blood of the Zlatorog falls there is a trail of special flowers which are said to posses similar healing properties. The Zlatorog is said to guard immense riches and treasures hidden around mount Triglav and anyone who attempts to get their hands on these has to face the wrath of the Goldhorn, who has tremendous magical abilities and strength, not unlike a dragon guarding it’s treasures.

Although generally believed to be a myth, there is testimony from witnesses having seen the legendary Zlatorog. If we know anything it is that we know nothing for sure and nature can surprise us when we least expect it. So it may be that there are treasures to be discovered deep in the highest peaks of the snow covered Julian Alps.

Here is a map of the known location:

Chalawa – A lesser known paranormal trickster

chalawaHave you ever heard of the ‘Chalawa’ ? You might have if you have some links to subcontinental Asia.

Chalawa is a Urdu/Hindi which was made up long ago at an unknown time in history by local people who attempted to describe this paranormal being after seeing what it did.

Translated in English it would mean something akin to ‘the jumper’ or ‘the one that jumps’.

Very less is formally known about this being and very few report having seen it, this is likely because this being is very fast and evasive. Although large in size it usually places itself in unusual places which people tend to ignore and with it’s huge long legs it can jump great distances very quickly making him difficult to follow.

The ‘Chalawa’ is a kind of trickster and there have been no reports of it causing any real harm to people, however due it’s size and eerily long body it can be a frightening entity to spot on the top of a high wall or the roof of a house.

The usual acts the Chalawa does is mess up outdoor furniture or knock on doors that not easily accessible from the outside e.g a door on the 2nd or 3rd floor which open onto a balcony top of a building. It can also place it self for split seconds on high up structures like roofs, walls, poles, balconies etc and can been seen jumping enormous distances in split seconds. I prefers open places which are close to nature e.g rural areas and small towns.

Visually it has been reported to look like a very tall man with a blank expression and known to wear a white cloth on it’s body.

Origin: Although little is known, there are different local tales about the chalawa one of them being that it is a ghost originating from the death of a foetus in utero, howevere the link between them does not appear to be explained or may have been lost in history.


Wizard Spells – 3 spells to become a wizard

Anyone with enough motivation, patience and inner strength can become a wizard in real life. Magic is real, it can be done and people are doing it right now too, but I leave this topic for another time still.

Q: Who is a Wizard ?

Ans: A Wizard is a practitioner and learner of the ways of magic. He / She can be anyone who chooses to tread along this path. Wizard is basically a very broad term, older woman whose primary interest were making potions became known as witches, those wizards who indulged more into the magic of dead bodies became known as necromancers.

But generally wizards choose to learn a bit of everything and choose their own paths lead by their own interests, beliefs and morals.

Q: How can I become a Wizard ?

Ans: It is easy to start along this path but it gets difficult the more you advance and the deeper you want to go. As many restrictions, taboos and even illusions begin to hinder your journey. Then there are other beings (like Djinn or demons) who may not want you to learn the secrets of magic and hence try to confuse, scare or even hurt you !

As a starter your first step would be to at first learn something about the known history and origins of magic, from here you can deepen your research as many things will get your interest. Then learn about the different known forms in which magic has been used and is still used e.g Black magic, White magic, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Chaos magic, Necromancy, Tarot reading, Astrology and so on.

Some basic spells you can try to perform:

I’ve written a few tutorials on some basic level spells, some are black magic and others are just spells. Anyone can start with these spells as a beginner and then learn from his experience:

  1. Black Magic Love Spell – 5 steps (Beginner level)
  2. An Ancient Black Magic Trick To Increase Your Luck – 4 simple steps Charm
  3. An easy Black Magic trick to attract people – 8 simple steps

It’s all about your determination, once you start and persist despite initial failure (which is common), different doors will reveal themselves to you.

Black Magic Hexes

Hexes are types of spells which are generally used for a negative purpose. It is performed like any other black magic spell but here there is usually a specific and often temporary purpose the spell has to full fill.

It is like sending a guided missile with a specific purpose. For example a black magic user can cast a spell upon someone so that they has bad luck in their exams. Now this spell will find out that person and attach itself to his energy or aura. It will remain there dormant until the person enters the exam and during the exam it will activate. Now it will alter the framework of the persons luck
(read more on luck’s framework here) in such a way that chance favours him very less, to the point that he may even fail the exam !

Hexes are similar to Jinxes and curses but the former is rather weak and the later is usually very strong and long lasting.

If you were to compare them :

Black Magic Curses > Black Magic Hexes > Jinxes

Additional Information

The word ‘Hexes’ is derived from Hex which means ‘six’. Often in Black magic six sided shapes (Hexagons) are used as the basic framework for a seal. And it is through these seals most of the magic is enacted. Furthermore 666 or three sixes (or Hex-es) is the numerical value associated with the Devil, Lucifer or Satan.