The reason why we don’t understand anything

I was wondering how we could define something as being real legitimate understanding of something. Or how we can say this is authentic knowledge ?

One answer could be to define knowledge as “justified understanding of a phenomenon”

Then how do we ‘know’ something is justified ? Ans: By do authentic tests, experiments and using logical reasoning.

Next question is how do we ‘know’ something is authentic ? Ans: By logic

What is logic ? Ans: A system of reasoning, a mode of reasoning

What is reasoning ? Ans: thinking that is coherent and ‘logical’

WHAT THE F… ! We’re using these same terms over and over to define each other.

Hence i conclude: To say something as a justified, legitimate, authentic, real event/phenomenon you would have to justify your justification and so on (infinity !)

So don’t be surprised when people differ from you, don’t try to define reality because no one can.

Since no one can define reality then what is reality for us ? (question for next post)