What is a Chalawa? – A lesser known paranormal trickster

What is a Chalawa - Meaning

Have you ever heard of the ‘Chalawa’? You might have if you have some links to subcontinental Asia.

What is the meaning of the word Chalawa

Chalawa is an Urdu/Hindi word which was made up long ago at an unknown time in history by local people who attempted to describe this paranormal being after seeing what it did.

Translated in English it would mean something akin to ‘the jumper’ or ‘the one that jumps’.

So What is a Chalawa exactly?

Very less is formally known about this being and very few report having seen it, this is likely because this being is very fast and evasive. Although large in size it usually places itself in unusual places which people tend to ignore and with it’s huge long legs it can jump great distances very quickly making him difficult to follow.

The ‘Chalawa’ is a kind of trickster and there have been no reports of it causing any real harm to people, however due it’s size and eerily long body it can be a frightening entity to spot on the top of a high wall or the roof of a house.

The usual acts the Chalawa does is mess up outdoor furniture or knock on doors that not easily accessible from the outside e.g a door on the 2nd or 3rd floor which open onto a balcony top of a building. It can also place it self for split seconds on high up structures like roofs, walls, poles, balconies etc and can been seen jumping enormous distances in split seconds. I prefers open places which are close to nature e.g rural areas and small towns.

Visually it has been reported to look like a very tall man with a blank expression and known to wear a white cloth on it’s body.

Origin: Although little is known, there are different local tales about the chalawa one of them being that it is a ghost originating from the death of a foetus in utero, howevere the link between them does not appear to be explained or may have been lost in history.

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  1. The Mad MATHaMIJtion
    The Mad MATHaMIJtion

    New here but in what I call spell counting…following the breadcrumbs…doing my homework, per se…key word…no I had not heard of, so I went and looked it up and found this as my word clues…base meaning of the mane/name. I hope links are okay but I found this!


    That site lead me to this clue here “ignis fatuus.”

    which lead me to here…

    ig·nis fat·u·us
    ?i?n?s ?faCH?w?s/
    a will-o’-the-wisp.
    something deceptive or deluding.

    I’ve been calling myself Peter Pan…I don’t fear “Tink’s” and they love me. New here and I’d love to hear your thought on many subjects and I hope I brought a clue to the table…it’s what I’d call my homework, teacher?

    Am I close?

    My name is Jim
    The Mad MATHaMIJition

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