Dragons Exist – 5 facts you didn’t know (Part 2)

3. Dragons are actually humans

human dragonGiven the previous account on how dragons might be more intelligent than humans it is possible dragons have disguised themselves or transmuted themselves into a human form.

This implies that dragons could be all around us, you might have even met one but you never realized it ! It is even possible I’m a dragon and I don’t know it yet (well I was born in the year 1988 which is the year of the dragon in the Chinese calender).

In many ancient scriptures and tales there are accounts of Dragons taking on a human form, even of dragon being trapped inside a humans body. In some occult societies it is also thought that perhaps humans who reached the highest levels of magic, intelligence or spirituality were able to transform themselves into dragons.

4. Dragons are actually Gods or Exist in the Afterlife

dragon cloudIn many Asian religions it is believed that dragons represent the primal forces of nature and the universe. Even in western societies they were sometimes seen as God’s judgement sent upon a nation or people.

Some belief systems associate dragons with spirituality and wisdom. They are the keepers of secrets in the universe and bearers of immense power.

The Celts even believed Dragons existed in the Afterlife.

These accounts force us to consider other possibilities as well like perhaps Dragons were (and are) in fact the physical manifestations of Angels or the forces of nature. Or they are the forms Gods (who control balance in this world) take on.

5. Dragons Don’t exist

dragon do not existHaving said and considered all the possibilities of how dragons might exist it is not unrealistic to consider the alternative hypothesis that given anything is possible, Dragons might in fact actually NOT exist ! This whole concept might in fact be a fabrication of human imagination and all the stories and legends were in fact created by human gossip-ness (if that’s a term).

Someone got attacked by a lizard, he told his friend on how he managed to kill that poor defenseless lizard and the next thing you know he becomes known as a Dragon Slayer.

I am definitely not saying that this is the truth but that it is also one of the possibilities.

What a bright eyed human (Djinn or Easter Bunny) choose to believe in and what a depressed, bigoted, mature, materialistic politician chooses to believe in can be totally different and contradictory.

But that defines who we are, doesn’t it.

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  1. In my opinion, just saying there is a God and God is everything, then there are a specific twelve Dragons that created everything we know, and more. Now, these all mighty, powerful Dragons of God are the most powerful beings there is, was ever will be, the closest to God (I’m not trying to force upon you that there is a God, this is just my belief). They made a race of Dragons, that I like to call the Greater Dragons, Dragons who have descended from the original twelve. After these ome the most common, not very widespread, but there are a fair few of them, and these I have decided to nickname the Minor Dragons, controller of elements, because each different race of the Minor Dragons control a different element, e.g, Fire Dragons, Air Dragons, Stone Dragon, Lightning Dragons (or simply storm Dragons), Lava Dragons (not sure if that counts as Fire Dragon or not) and so on. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

  2. yes we do and yes some(me) are cursed in these retched human forms.

  3. If dragons are to intelligent and ancient, they could have long ago evolved into creatures capable of advanced space flight and are now roaming through out the galaxy.(possibly they are what we call aliens)

  4. I wish to be a very strom wizard

  5. Dragon may exist in the olding days but not in this modern days if dragon should exist it will be more usful to man

  6. Dragon’s exist I know because after a joint I saw them fly over me

  7. dragons exist in inner earth!!!

  8. I believe in dragons. Hell i believe i was one in another life, i remember my death being a cold one but, still.

  9. I don’t know if they exist or not & as much as we’d like to know the truth, without any evidence we are never really going to know, I’d like to think they did, people in this life can’t seem to grasp the concept of change & don’t seem to be able to see past the length of their arm, look at evolution itself, things change so dramatically there are things we can’t even imagine so there are things we will never know, dinosaurs were meant to be around millions of years ago, he’ll that’s a bloody long time! Even pure dog breads have had changes in length & shape of their heads etc as years have passed in evolution, fact! Now you imagine a million years with ice/stone/iron ages & things adapting & changing to survive to its surrounding witch actually happens fact! SO YEAH DRAGONS DID EXSIT why not 😕

  10. This was a waste of the article saying all that in fact
    I think that toothless is cute how come they can’t

  11. We dragons do exist. We only hide in human form because we know what will happen if we reveal ourselves to you. You humans only think we don’t exist because you have distorted the truth about us much like the childhood game of “telephone”. But we will show ourselves to your kind when the human race is in danger, which I fear is soon. And when we do, we will have to take control. You don’t realize it, but we are trying to protect you from yourselves. And no we aren’t “Gods”. All we try to do is help, but what I don’t get is why you portray us as evil, greedy beasts, we are nothing like that. We only show to small amounts of humans hoping that they will accept us again. But I may not live to see the day. But with faith, I will try my best for peace to be restored.

  12. If god exist than i don’t see how a dragon could not

  13. well to be honest I have being reseaching dragons for a while

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