The Jinns (hidden magical beings) – I know them !

jinns Many people have heard about Jinn but maybe very few know about them much. Though I myself have never seen a Jinn but I know them more than most because of research and explorations I’ve done into the concept.

Jinns are also called Genies and you must have seen the very famous  Disney Genie in Aladdin. 

If you think Jinn are something in fantasy and cartoons, THINK AGAIN !. After much research I’ve come to conclude that they are real and live around us all the time and every where.

Briefly I can tell you this much about Jinn:

  • They are normal hidden to human eyes (maybe extra-dimensional) (Jinn in Arabic means hidden from sight)
  • They can change form
  • In real appearance they are short statured
  • They have paranormal abilities
  • They are mentioned in religious scriptures
  • They are mentioned in the Holy Quran (there’s even a whole chapter dedicated to Jinn !)
  • They live in families
  • They have wide black eyes
  • They have plastic, grayish (a bit unnatural skin)
  • They have do marriages
  • They probably eat droppings and bone (not sure about this though)
  • They are the second most intelligent beings on earth ! (first are humans – we’re better )
  • They have free will
  • Some are good and help people
  • Others are bad, may be associated with the devil ! Frighten, confuse people.
  • Generally they are afraid of humans, don’t know why (probably because we’re more intelligent).
  • I know of people who can imprison jinns and use them to do seemingly impossible things.

Does some this description sound familiar ?

You’re right ! The biggest thing I’ve discovered is that Jinns and Aliens, UFOs are actually one and the same ! To read my story of how I found that out check this great page I created on Squidoo called Jinns – The intelligent beings I’ve also included lots more that I couldn’t mention here so make sure you see it.

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