23 Well-Made Stormlight Archive Posters\Wall Art

Wall posters are always a high demand fandom item when talking of a movie or book series. Stormlight Archive is a famous epic fantasy book series written by the talented writer Brandon Sanderson. It has a huge fan family who is always in search of cool and eye-catching posters of the series. Here we have brought you a keenly chosen list of posters with characters, symbols, and quotes from the book series.

1. Call to Adventure Stormlight Archive Art Posters

This beautiful art poster is a great choice for all Stormlight Archive fans. The poster is printed on a high-quality canvas, unlike other paper posters. The poster will add some real artistic effects to your living room, bedroom, or other places. Several size options are available for this poster. You can choose a frame for your poster as well. The canvas and color quality is guaranteed.

2. Journey Before Destination – Stormlight Archive Fabric Wall Scroll Poste

This poster portrays a phrase from the famous quote of the Stormlight Archive series; “Journey Before Destination.” The poster is printed on a 100% pure cotton canvas with hard plastic corners for protection. The surface is covered with a heat-shrinkable, moisture-proof, water-proof, and scratch-proof protective film. This high-grade poster can make a valuable gift for any Stormlight Archive fan.

3. YZNA Stormlight Archive Stormfather Canvas Art Poster

This wall poster illustrates Stormfather, a famous spren character from The Stormlight Archive book series. The poster is paper printed with vibrant colors and aesthetic illustrations. You can gift this eye-catching poster to a fan friend of yours. Not only it can make a memorable gift but enlivens any wall it is hung upon.

4. Carwyn Sanderson Oathbringer Archive Brandon Jasnah Shallan Stormlight Cosmere Home Decor Wall Art

This is a very meaningful wall poster themed on the Stormlight Archive book series. It portrays some prominent characters like Jasnah and Shallan from the series and the cosmere world where this epic fantasy story is set. Printed in fine ink on a 200 gsm gloss poster. The advanced adhesive makes the poster reusable without tearing and damaging walls.

5. The Stormlight Archive Bridge 4 Title Wall Art Tapestries

For all the Stormlight Archive fans here is a cool wall art tapestry with the bridge 4 title in a stylish font. The background is jet black. Many size options are available for this poster. The fabric is elegant and silky soft with a great smooth finish. Made from 100% polyester. An excellent choice for room and wall décor.  

6. Dalinar’s Next Step Poster

Dalinar Kholin also known as Blackthorn is one of the main protagonists from the famous book series Stormlight Archive. His words of wisdom are often seen quoted in fandom talks and activities. For all of Dalinar’s fans, this is an elegant poster for your room wall, locker door, or studio. The poster has a black background with the quote written in white block text. Besides, there is a symbolic grey footprint underlying the text. This handmade poster is available in various sizes for you to choose from for your place.

7. Purelake Stormlight Archive Vintage-Style Travel Poster

Roshar, the place where the Stormlight Archive series is set has many mysterious places as described in the novels. Purelake is one of these places in the North Central part of the Roshar. Those who love this setting can print a customized poster with text. Featuring beautiful bright colors this vintage-style travel poster is available at a very reasonable price. The height and width are 24 inches and 18 inches respectively. You can download the digital poster in two PDF files.

8. The Stormlight Archive Knights Radiant Poster

This museum-quality poster will inspire you every time you glance at your wall. Will make a perfect wall poster for your study or studio. The poster has the famous inspirational quote from the Knights Radiant of the Stormlight Archive series. These words of wisdom are printed on a black background with a dull blue, rough font. The symbol is printed in a dull grey undertone to the text. Comes in giclee printing quality on a 10.3 mil thick paper. The color capacity is 94%. Various size options are also available.

9. Horneater Peaks Stormlight Archive Vintage-Style Travel Poster

Customize your room with the Horneater vintage travel poster. The Stormlight Archive fans are usually in high spirits about the illustrations of the Roshar world where the series is set. This colorful poster depicts a view of the Horneater Peaks with a mountain valley. It is available at a reasonable price. The poster comes in a digital form and can be downloaded in two PDF files. The dimensions are; height:24 inches and width: 18 inches. however, you can request a customized dimension for your place.

10. Sylphrena POSTER: Sylphrena watercolor print, watercolor wall art, Stormlight book character

The famous honorspren, Sylpherna who bonds with Kaladin and is commonly known by her nickname Syl is a much-adored and praised the character of the Stormlight Archive series. This is an alluring watercolor wall poster for all of Sly’s fans. The poster is genuine handmade with various dimension choices. Comes as an original Giclee print.  There are two material options; a high-grade 260 gsm semi-gloss finish and a matte premium quality paper with HQ ultra-chrome K3 inks.  Will make a beautiful gift for a fan friend.

11. Urithiru Stormlight Archive Vintage-Style Travel Poster

Urithiru is another place setting in the Roshar world of the Stormlight Archive. For the Radiants fan here is a poster with the illustrations of the City of Radiants. The illustrations do good justice to the description of Urithiru in the novel. It can make a good gift, also, it will look super cool in your bedroom or study. This classy poster is available in digital downloadable PDF files. The poster dimensions will be 24 inches in height and 18 inches in width. Other dimensions may also be available.

12. Fan Art Roshar Map from “The Stormlight Archive” by Brandon Sanderson Fantasy

Here is a very classy-looking Roshar map themed for the Stormlight Archive fans. Roshar is the world where the series is set. It will be a cool addition to the series of addictions. You can also gift it to a friend and will be a unique and precious treat for any Stormlight fan. The map has well-crafted set-up details with an improved edge and color. The text is also enhanced and made readable. The poster is available as a digital download file with a poster size of 24 by 36 inches. The file quality is 300 dpi.

13. Stormlight Archive Roshar A3 and A4 Hand Drawn Paper Map

This is another Roshar map from the Stormlight Archive world. The map is originally hand drawn with pencil drawings. The detailing and clarity of the fantasy map are quite substantial. You can add it to a fan book or your diary. You can also pin it to your work board. In addition to the plain design, you can also choose the weathered theme which gives the map a more realistic and antique look. Available in A3 and A4 paper sizes.

14. Shattered Plains 13″ x 19″ Travel Poster – Way of Kings

This is another travel poster from the theme of the Stormlight Archive epic fantasy series. It features the shattered plains from the first book of the series, Way of Kings. The poster represents an animated picture with vibrant colors. The handmade poster is available in only one dimension; 13 by 19 inches. Has a glossy cover finish.

15. Poster, Brandon Sanderson Portrait Drawing, Writer, Stormlight Archive

Where most fans of the Stormlight Archive are into the characters, quotes, and symbols from the books, there might be some who are in love with the author of this amazing epic fantasy. For such fans here is a poster of the writer, Brandon Sanderson to add to their collections. The poster is printed on durable and high-quality matte paper. You can choose from various sizes to suit your wall. Also, you can gift it to a friend who is a big fan of Brandon Sanderson. Like how cool a gift it will be?

16. Dalinar Blackthorn Poster

Dalinar Kholin is an eminent character of the Stormlight Archive series. He is commonly known as the Blackthorn. All of Dalinar’s fans can now have his poster to pin up on their work boards, bedrooms, studies, dorms, or anywhere else. The poster has a cool illustration of Dalinar in vibrant and eye-catching colors. It is printed on a 185 gsm paper with a semi-gloss finish. Available in small, medium, and large sizes. For framing purposes, there is an extra white border of 5mm around the poster.

17. Dalinar Quote – Stormlight Archive Poster

Here is another poster for Dalinar Kholin fans. It includes a famous inspirational saying of Dalinar, “If I must fall, I shall rise each time a better man.” Pin-up this poster in your dorm, office, study, or studio and keep yourself motivated all-time at work. The poster has a soft blue background and also includes the symbol from the Stormlight Archive novel. It is printed on a semi-gloss, 185 gsm poster paper. Comes with a 5mm additional border for framing. Available in three sizes.

18. Stormlight Archive. Mistborn Poster

The Mistborn patterns have a high position in the fandom groups of the Stormlight Archive series. This is a super cool poster and will complement your room design or dorm very well. It will blow life into your room. The poster has a black background with off-white cyclic symbol representations. The poster will catch your eyes and give your wall a glamorous look. Available in small, medium, and large sizes with a semi-gloss poster paper. Includes a 5mm white border for easy framing of the poster.

19. Stormlight Poster

Talking of Stormlight Archive symbols there is this one from the Bridge Four crew of Highprince Sadeas army. So, if you are a fan of the Stormlight Archive series you can fill up your blank walls with this poster. It has a black background with a black printed symbol in a faded scratch style. The semi-gloss finish will give glamor to your poster. High-quality poster paper with a custom cut is used. Has an extra white border for framing.

20. Spern pattern – stormlight archive – life before death strength before weakness journey before destination Poster

The spern pattern is probably the most famous symbol from the Stormlight Archive novel series. This poster not only has the spern pattern printed on it but the famous wisdom words are also written in a cycle around the spern;” Life before Death, Strength before weakness, Journey before Destination” this is an amazing combination of the most famous symbol and the most famous quote of the book series. Fans will definitely love to have it plastered on their walls and cupboards.  Features include a high quality 185 gsm semi-gloss paper with three custom sizes.

21. Brandon Sanderson Quote Poster

The famous quote written by Brandon Sanderson in his epic fantasy novel in the Stormlight archive series has gained a great liking and appreciation from fans. This is an elegant poster with the saying,” Life before Death, Strength before weakness, Journey before Destination”. Have it mounted on your study wall or in the office or dorm room, and every time you look up there will be motivational energy around you. Choose the size which suits your wall the best. Comes with a semi-gloss finish

22. Pattern (Stormlight Archive) Poster

This poster illustrates the pattern of Shallan Davar, the well-known character from The Stormlight Archive series. Both Shallan and her pattern have a huge fan family out there. So, for all those fans here is the poster of Shallan’s pattern. The pattern is printed in black with a white background. Semi-gloss poster paper is used for the print. Available in small, medium, and large custom sizes. has a 3 by 16 inch. white border for framing.

23. Stormlight Archive I Am A Stick Poster

Talking of the Stormlight Archive series it’s not possible to leave the famous stick dialogue. The phrase, “I am a Stick” from the stick passage in the book is seen printed across various fandom items. This poster also has an animated illustration of the stick with the dialogue box. The background is essentially white with a semi-gloss finish. High quality 185 gsm poster paper is used with a 3 by 16-inch white border left for framing.

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