24 Aesthetic Stormlight Archive Phone Cases

The famous epic fantasy book series, “The Stormlight Archive” has gained extreme popularity among the youth since the last decade. With each new book release another symbol, quote or character is added to the fandom. People especially the youngsters have always craved customized items from this series. Here, we bring you some super cool, attractive, and worth buying phone cases with customized designs from The Stormlight Archive series.   

1. Case Phone Stormlight Archive I Am A Stick

This phone case is for iPhone 11 available in all three sizes. It is manufactured from high-quality TPU with a hardback and soft edges. The famous dialogue “I AM A STICK” from the stormlight archive series is printed in animated design on the hardback. Stormlight archive fans would love to have this cool yet simple phone cover for their iPhones. Has a comfortable and non-slippery grip. Protects against scratches, shock, and sun rays. Full four-corner protection with soft TPU.

2. Stormlight Archive-I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together iPhone Case & Cover

This is another super cool phone case for all iPhone 12 series. The black and yellow color combo with the empathic quote from stormlight archive, “I will unite instead of divide, I will bring men together”, makes it a worth buying case for your phone. Made from quality ensured Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It has a flexible grip on the phone and has semi-transparent edges with access to all input ports. Shock absorbent with an anti-fingerprint smooth finish.

3. Stormlight archive iPhone Case & Cover

This phone cover is compatible with iPhone12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 mini-cases. The material is flexible and smooth with a fitting grip to your phone. The design includes a classy-looking trio of famous symbols from the stormlight archive series. Black back cover with white print and semi-transparent edges. effectively absorbs shock and protects your phone during a fall or thud.

4. Shallan – Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

Featuring one of the main protagonists from the stormlight archive, Shallan Davar, this phone cover has a really pretty ink print. Fans of Shallan Davar will be delighted to customize their phones with this beautiful back cover. Also, very practical in terms of protection and safety.  

5. Pattern, Cryptic Spren iPhone Case & Cover

The design and beauty of this phone cover behead many other models of iPhone cases. It features a cool black and white design with the customized Cryptic Spren Pattern for the Stormlight Archive fans. This pattern is a high talk subject in the fandom groups and having a phone case with the spren pattern printed in a matte ink finish will be the coolest item for you.

6. Kaladin Stormblessed Quote – Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

This is another phone cover with a famous and empathic quote from The Stormlight Archive. The flexible back cover has a black background with the Kaladin Stormblessed symbol printed in white and blue ink. The colors are ink printed on a frosted shell surface and are durable. Effectively absorbs shock due to its Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material.

7. Bridge Four Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

For the fans of Kaladin Stormblessed and his group Bridge Four, this is another phone cover with durable ink printed design. The banner of Bridge Four is printed in blue on the white background theme. Does not leave fingerprints on the cover and semi-transparent edges provide protection along with easy access to all ports.

8. I Am A Stick iPhone Case & Cover

We know that many of you out there are in love with the famous stick passage of the stormlight archive book series. And “I AM A STICK” has become a famous fandom logo among the groups. This phone case comes in a colorful animated print of the much-loved theme. Manufactured from high-quality TPU. Also, compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging.

9. Stormlight Archive Kaladin Adolin iPhone Case & Cover

Here is another character printed phone cover for the iPhone 12 series. It features one of the lead and loved characters from Stormlight Archive, Kaladin along with Adolin. The cover is colorful with an ink print on a frosted shell surface. The flexible TPU material grips the edges of your phone while revealing all the ports due to semi-transparent cover edges. Weighs 26g with 1\16inch thickness.

10. Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

This phone case features a sensational design and will make a great gift for a Stormlight Archive fan. The main logo of the series is imprinted on a smooth black finish cover. Durable quality with shock-absorbing capability. Anti-fingerprint finish avoids the greasy look. Semi-transparent edges reveal your phone ports while keeping them safe.

11. Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

 Much like the previous one this phone cover for iPhone 12 series is also super cool and attractive. The black cover gives it a glamorous look and the multicolored cycle logo is sure to attract eyes your way. Will make a great gift for a loved one. The cover is smart with a thickness of only 1.6mm and weighs 26grams.

12. Lightweaver – Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

 While talking of the Stormlight Archive orders and characters, Lightweavers are famous among the fans. This phone case will be ideal for girls out there with a beautiful misty kind of print, which will glamorize their phone. Available at an affordable price the cover is worth investing in and also ensures quality and durability.

13. First Ideal of the Knights Radiant iPhone Case & Cover

 Being a fan of Stormlight Archive, you will surely be in love with the first ideal of the Knights Radiants, “Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination”. If you are also among those obsessed with this quote you must check out this phone cover designed by Seth Huddles. Features a beautiful ink print on a frosted shell surface to give your phone a classy look.

14. Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

This is one of our favorite design with all orders from the Stormlight Archive Series printed in white on a soft blue background color. The transparent edges add to the look. You can choose to buy a soft case, a snape case, or a hard case as per your liking. Available for many iPhone models. Durable quality TPU material with an anti-fingerprint surface.

15. Stormlight Archive Vintage Travel Poster Pattern iPhone Case & Cover

 If you are fascinated by the various places where the Stormlight Archive series is set, you must look for this vintage style travel poster pattern cover for your phone. The print is very colorful yet the colors are kept very soft to maintain a decent design. It will make a unique and excellent gift for any fan of the series. The quality and durability are ensured.

16. Bridge Four – Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

Here is a phone cover for all the Bridge Four lovers. The cover is customized with the order symbol and the print is very realistic similar to a hand sketch. The material and quality are excellent with great protection against scratches and shock. Compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging and MagSafe charging as well.

17. Stormlight archive iPhone Case & Cover

 This phone case with a customized symbol print from the Stormlight Archive is decent and practical. Available for many iPhone models in soft, 17. This phone case features a decent and practical design with a white printed customized logo from the Stormlight Archive series. It is available for many iPhone models in hard and snaps cases. Shock absorbent material protects from damage during a fall. Also, prevents scratches and fingerprints. Lightweight and slim design with 1.6mm thickness and 26g weight.

18. Bondsmith – Stormlight archive iPhone Case & Cover

 This phone case has a customized print from the Stormlight Archive. The famous order symbol of the Bondsmith is imprinted in an almost self-print fashion which gives this back cover a cool look. The design is simple yet attractive. Protects your phone from shock and fingerprints. Made from high-quality TPU with semi-transparent edges.

19. Stormlight Archive. Mistborn iPhone Case & Cover

 Here is a design with a cool symbol from the series for the fans. The cyclic symbols are imprinted in off-white ink on a frosted shell and anti-fingerprint surface. It is compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging and MagSafe charging also. Lightweight and thin design. Protects your phone from shock and scratches.

20. Shallan Davar : Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

The fans of Shallan Davar, one of the main protagonists from the Stormlight Archive will be delighted to have this phone case for their iPhones. The design is more girly and all the female fans will be excited to have it. Besides the cute character print, it also has an anti-fingerprint finish to always keep your phone neat. Made from high-quality TPU. It can make a great gift for a friend.

21. Willshaper Glyph – Stormlight Archive iPhone Case & Cover

TThe Willshaper Glyph symbol is also very famous and cool when it comes to fandom products. This iPhone case is available at a reasonable price with quality and durability. The design is cool, decent, and attractive at the same time. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material absorbs shock and also protects against scratches.

22. Knights Radiant iPhone Case & Cover

This phone cover features a super cool design themed over the Knights Radiant’s famous quote, “Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination”. The quote is written in a soft and colorful print over a black background. The flexible material strongly grips your phone edges and slots provide access to all ports conveniently. Compatible with many iPhone models and MagSafe charging also.

23. Mistborn – stormlight archive iPhone Case & Cover

 The famous Mistborn symbol from the Stormlight Archive book series is printed in vivid white and black colors on the frosted glass surface of this iPhone case. It is available in soft, hard, and snap case as well. Weighs 26 grams with a thickness of 1.6mm. the durable TPU material of the phone case will protect your phone from shock and scratch damage.

24. Pattern (Stormlight Archive) iPhone Case & Cover

Another design for your iPhone cover is here in a classy and elegant design imprinted on it. The famous symbol pattern is printed in black durable ink on a white frosted shell and anti-fingerprint surface. Absorbs shock and prevents scratches. The semi-transparent edges provide access to all ports.

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