8 Fantastic Mistborn Posters

In his popular series, Brandon Sanderson describes his characters and surrounding in great detail. This vivid imagery makes it extremely easy to made items right from the Mistborn universe and artworks of the various characters that live the story we so dearly love. Posters are a great way to decorate the walls in your house and can also be used as gifts. Along with posters, there are also a lot of other Mistborn gifts like Mistcloaks or phone cases that can make wonderful gifts for your friends who are Mistborn fans.

1. Luthadel 13″ x 19″ Travel Poster – Mistborn

Just read the Mistborn series and are a huge fan? So are we and what better way to proclaim your love for the series than to have a poster that depicts Luthadel in all its glory? Surrounded by a massive wall with 8 gates, this city is defined as a glorious city with breathtaking keeps that the noble houses maintain. This gorgeously designed poster depicts Luthadel as a silhouette in front of a gorgeous sunset. The high towers of the square and all the tall columns take the center frame. It is sized at 13inches by 19 inches with a glossy cover. It is handmade and printed on 80lb paper. The colors are vivid and sharp and the quality, topnotch. This poster is also subtle enough so that you can hang it anywhere around your house and have it look more like a décor piece than a poster that depicts a world from a book you are totally obsessed with.

2. Stormlight Archive. Mistborn Poster

Just gotten into Mistborn and excited about all the possible posters and artworks out there? Here is one that is perfect if you want some art to show off your love for your favorite series. This Stormlight archive Mistborn Poster is designed in a subtle way to allow you to have art without it being too loud about what it really is. Everyone loves personal touches whose meanings are only known to them and this is a perfect artwork for that. Printed on 185gsm semi gloss poster paper, it of the highest quality. The print is sharp and the colors accurate to what is shown. Furthermore, it also includes a 3/16 inch (5mm) border that allows you to frame this poster without worrying about the frame hiding the poster itself.

3. The Survivor of the Flames Poster

Blank walls are boring and what better way to add personal touches than to have a poster of your favorite series up on the wall. Proudly on display. With a gorgeous print of The survivor of flames on this poster, it is easily the prettiest artwork you can get at such an affordable price. With its intricate designs and attention to detail, it depicts a scene that many might remember from the series itself. This poster comes in a 16.4 inch by 21.6-inch size that is not too huge nor too small. Furthermore, it is printed on high quality 185gsm paper that is thick enough and makes it perfect to be framed. It also has a white border that allows you to easily frame this piece of art


Want something minimalistic yet gorgeous for your walls? This Vin poster is the thing for you. This gorgeously designed poster captures the essence of your favorite capture in a way that is rare. This high quality poster has intricate designs with great attention to detail. Furthermore, the colors are sharp and work beautifully together. It is available in many sizes such as A4 and A3 and more. The paper used for this poster is a high-quality semi-gloss paper that is 260gsm and hence thick enough to frame. They are shipped in high quality packaging to make sure that they remain uncrumpled.

5. Mistborn Gods Poster

Want something to adorn your walls with and are a fan of the Mistborn series? This poster is ideal to fuel your love for the series and is also a gorgeous décor piece to have on display. This high quality print depicts the Gods in this widely popular series. With a special eye for detail and colors that wonderfully complement each other, this artwork is a real masterpiece. It is printed out on high-quality paper that is 185gsm and has a semi-gloss finish. In short the perfect paper to use as a poster. It is thick enough to withstand the ink and to be easily framed if that is what you want to do with the poster. This poster also has a 5mm white border that is perfect for if you want to frame this poster.

6. Mistborn Poster

There are many quotes from the Mistborn series that frankly all of us fans would like to have all over our living spaces and while that isn’t possible, this poster would suffice for now. It has the quote “there were books involved” on it surrounded by the most gorgeous design that is galaxy themed and also has flowers on it. The mix of colors, the paint splatter, and the galaxy design all together make for a gorgeous print that is perfect to be given a place of pride in your house. This poster is printed on high quality paper that is 185 gsm. The finish of this paper is semi-gloss and is hence perfect to show off the details in this artwork and to make sure that the art is true to how it was created digitally. Furthermore, it has a 5mm border that allows you to frame it with ease.

7. Mistborn Vin Foil Home Artwork – Mistborn Art

Fond of minimalistic designs? Then this Mistborn poster is exactly what you need to help show your love of books and have it fit in with your aesthetic. This simple yet detailed poster is monochromatic and uses one color for its design. You have the option of customizing the color. The design can be shipped to you in red, rose gold, blue, gold, and holographic. The backing color of this print is also customizable and you can choose either black or white for it. These prints are made with a shiny finish that allows them to replicate the colors accurately. Furthermore, the designs are printed on premium quality cardstock and the foil used is also high quality. The poster is also laminated and has the option of being frames.

8. Mistborn Poster

Looking for a poster that is not immediately recognized as Mistborn merchandise? Well, this poster is perfect for you. Designed to be Mistborn inspired, it makes use of minimalistic designs to make an artwork that is gorgeous. It pays great attention to detail whole also utilizes minimal colors to form an image that every Mistborn fan is bound to recognize and love. This poster is printed on high quality paper that is 185gsm thick. The finish of this poster is 185gsm and is hence perfect to allow all the details to be printed and show up in high quality. Because every detail missed is a bummer. This poster also features a 5mm white border that assists you in framing this gorgeous poster


People have different styles and preferences but if you are a Mistborn fan, there is a poster in this list for you. From minimalistic designs to highly detailed art, many artists have worked hard to make these gorgeous posters for everyone to buy.

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